It’s Friday! WooHoo! Enjoy your weekend and be sure to come back NEXT WEEK!

It’s Friday! WooHoo! Enjoy your weekend and be sure to come back NEXT WEEK!

Hello to all here! It’s Friday and I just wanted to wrap up this week by saying ENJOY IT! If you are in the path of the Monster SnowStorm heading throughout some states in the USA, STAY SAFE, STAY WARM and get some images if you can! I will be here NEXT WEEK with some testing of new exciting gear, reporting from Austin TX and then New York City! So start checking back Monday for some cool news and info.

This past week I have been using my RX1RII more and more and have been really getting into it. My RX1RII has no issues  – at all. It is stealthy, quiet, quick, and provides rich stunning IQ. I bought THIS hood for mine and it’s nicer than the Sony version that costs so much more. All metal too.

Debby as an Evil Clown. RX1RII and PP 


I have also been testing the Leica 50 Summilux Limited Edition (GORGEOUS VERSION OF THIS LENS!) on my Sony A7RII and it is just as lovely using the Sony as it is on the Leica SL for most shooting. It’s got some crazy pop, color and sharpness that is somehow beating my last couple of 50 Summilux lenses. Not sure if they lucked out and had a superior glass chunk for this addition or if they were assembled with more precision or if the housing of the 1959 version helps it. Maybe my last two standard Lux’s were not 100%. Who knows. I just know the last time I had a 50 Lux designed like this, it was also PHENOMINAL (The LHSA Edition many years ago). See more of what I wrote about it HERE. 


I did nothing to the OOC shot below yet look how amazingly sharp it is where I focused. A7RII, 50 Lux. Click for 100% crop at the right size. Keeps the 50 Lux Character as well.






  1. Hi Steve, do you have any plans for a photo walk/workshop in NYC in 2016? Best wishes to you and thank you for a wonderful site.

  2. Steve,

    I purchased one of the RX1R deals at B&H Photo, with optical viewfinder. I freak-in love it so much, it is outrageously sharp even with the ant-alias filter on-board. I still can’t believe what I paid for it, what a steal.
    I use the optical viewfinder in conjunction with the face detect on always (for street shooting) and the auto focus set to auto, at f8 to f11, on manual mode with a shutter of 1/500th to 1/4000th and I let the camera pick the asa for the situation, asa set to Auto 100-3200, and never worry about it just shoot using the optical viewfinder for composition only. I have incredible results. I also tweaked the auto white balance one step to the right for more warmth. And that rich black and white setting is Awesome!

    **I can’t wait to get an A7R MKII, and pair it wit an Nikon AIS 85mm f1.4 for portraits, and the Nikon AIS 20mm f2.8 lens for tight quarters, sweet I’ll be set…

    there is something about that optical viewfinder tho, it’s literally a masterpiece to behold.

    take care-


  3. Nice to know that you’re coming to NYC, enjoy shooting our snow covered streets… Have you received the updated version of the SLR Magic 50mm f/1.1 ?

  4. In my experience mostly using vintage lenses – screw hoods causes heavy vignetting. I’m not sure if this is applicable here. Since I noticed this, all the hoods I bought and a lot stays at home. I also don’t use filters anymore although I wanted to try the yellow filter when I use b&w film.

    I’m so tempted to go back digital because my A7II have stayed on the dry cabinet for a while and I’m so in love with that 16-35mm.

    That RX1R M2 is so tempting. I just need to make sure 35 is for me as I usually use 28 & 50.

    • I never use hoods 😉 or filters on lenses. The 50 Lux has vignetting but Leica M’s and the SL correct for this IN CAMERA (along with CA issues) so you see much less of it. The Sony will not correct for vignetting (or anything) with Leica glass as its not a Leica camera.

  5. Same to you too Steve. Still saving for the A7rII. Hope Debby won’t kill you for that picture, she don’t look happy at all!!

  6. The fotodiox hood is nice. I’ve had one on my RX1 ever since I got it. I also got the fotodiox grip for it which I really like.

  7. Thanks Steve. Glad to hear the RX1RII is quick focusing (I’m assuming that is what you meant by quick). The Camera Store TV guy didn’t seem to think it was very quick. Maybe he had an early production copy.

    That is one scary clown shot man! Nicely done.

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