Hmmmm. Leica Instant Camera to come? Photos…

Hmmmm. Leica Instant Camera to come? Photos…

A reader just sent these in to me showing off a new Leica INSTANT camera in the October issue of LFI…seems the Photokina leaks have begun! Next week I will be at Photokina to see all of the new goodies that I can. Reports will be posted here daily!

The most important features of this Leica Instant Camera translated:

Lens: Auto-Hektor 1:12,7/60mm lens (34mm equivalent on 35mm film)
Three focusing zones: Macro(no distance in the info)/Standard 60cm-3m/Infinity 3m-infinty
Will take Fuji-Instax film (62x46mm pictures)
Price: under 300€
Shipping in November
Three colors available: white, orange and mint




  1. So Photokina has become a toy fair for Leica yet again meeting the needs of rich kids. Oh well, the only reason for covering up the famous red dot now is to stop people laughing at you.

  2. I love instant film images. I used to have an Sx70 polaroid back in the day.
    Would love a instant with a good lens and build quality.
    Loads of people like them from artists looking for something different to people at parties and weddings. Could be a shrewd move.

  3. Steve – It has to be time for one of your ‘Crystal Ball’ predictions… 10 year anniversary of the digital M coming up at Photokina, what do see Steve… what do you see????

  4. Could this be a Leica-rebuild of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90? The lens certainly has the same specs… So, if that is the case, it’s just cosmetics/design. Buy the Fuji for 1/3 of the price….

    • It looks exactly like my Instax 90, with identical specs.
      B&H, (please click on the link on Steve’s site) sells those for $129 for the brown pleather version. A really fun camera.
      In case people did not know, Fuji sells more Instax cameras than all their other cameras combined. A whole lot more. Funny that it is only their film camera that is profitable!

      If Leica ‘makes’ this camera what would it be called? A Leijica? Leitax? Fujica….

      I’ll just by a red dot from DAG and stick that on my Instax..

    • As an Instax 90 user, this was my first reaction also. The layout looks nearly identical to the 90. If there are any more manual controls or the optical quality is more what we are used to from Leica, I’m interested but if not, it seems like a rather sad entrance for Leica into a market that it could easily impress if a fully Leica designed product were offered.

  5. I have been waiting for an Instax camera with decent glass for many years. This could be it. The instax film can produce very sharp images, but up to now, no consumer instax camera (fuji nor lom) could deliver them, only diy-projects with converted old cameras.
    If only Leica would make an Instax Wide camera, that could be a real killer!

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