It’s Election day, so get out and VOTE! Plus the Olympus 25 f/1.2 Review…

It’s Election day, so get out and VOTE! Plus the Olympus 25 f/1.2 Review..coming soon..


Here in the USA it is Election Day!!! After a year and a half of being flooded with both sides and their campaigns on TV, radio and everywhere it is finally just about OVER!! But as Americans, we MUST exercise our right to vote, using our voice and our power so please get out and VOTE if you are capable! No matter who you vote for, no matter if you are democrat, republican or independent or green, voting is the power of the people, it is our power. This one may be a nail biter or it may be a landslide, and can truly go either way. So have a great Election day here in the USA!

I will be out and about shooting my Olympus PEN-F and new 25 f/1.2, which I am seriously in love with. 😉 My review of the lens will be up by end of the week! Until then…

One quick detail shot with the 25 f/1.2 at 1.2 on the PEN-F. Look at the detail wide open, the bokeh, the color… This lens is GORGEOUS and seriously makes M 4/3 that much more desirable to me. You must click the image to see it larger! THIS IS AT f/1.2!



  1. Why do you often choose the Pen F over other Oly bodies you own? What’s special about this camera body?
    Bob in Chicago

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