EXCLUSIVE: The NEW Wotancraft Ryker Bag 2017 – The Best Camera Bag in the World? (Video)

EXCLUSIVE: The NEW Wotancraft Ryker Bag 2017 – The Best Camera Bag in the World? (Video)

A STEVEHUFFPHOTO.COM Exclusive! The new Wotancraft Ryker for 2017 is here and I take a look at it in the video below. BUT!!! This is important!! Wotancraft is NOT done with it yet, this is a prototype based off of what YOU GUYS told  them in my post from a while ago where they were looking for feedback on a new version. They took your ideas, feedback and suggestions and made THIS version. Now it is here, and in the video below I show it off and Wotancraft wants more feedback. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below and they will see them all. See more from Wotancraft at their website HERE. 

Enjoy the video below and the very first look in the world at this new bag from Wotancraft!


From Wotancraft:

We’re excited to finally present this to you, it is our effort to incorporate the ideas from Steve Huff Photo community, and we present it to you and all members for evaluation and final fine-tuning. We truly hope to make this the best leather camera bag in the world. Here are the main features for reference:

larger interior size: now capable of fitting up to Leica SL, will detachable pillow insert that narrows interior depth to better accommodate Leica M cameras. All this is done without increasing the overall weight of the bag.

– internal modularization: the whole interior lining is now velcro compatible, and we plan to develop optional accessories (pen slots, card slots…etc) for different individual’s needs, rather than have them built-in. Even the thick padding can now be detached to allow more space, allowing room for large items like laptops or A4 folders. The fabric will be further upgraded (currently in development), to deliver an even softer hand feel, and have better resistance to velcro hook tearing.

– external modularization: although not built in yet to the prototype, we have prepared a simple and subtle mechanism for modular add-ons, such as water bottle pouch or any sort of accessory… the possibilities are endless, and we are planning to launch these optional accessories (internal / external) based on number of customer requests. When not accessorizing, the mechanism looks natural and unobtrusive, exactly how high-end leather bags should be.

– color-coded elastic slots: front zippered pocket has multi-functional elastic slots, capable of fitting batteries of various sizes, color-coded with thread stitching to differentiated new/used. A corresponding memory card sleeve is also included & color-coded.

– multiple pockets: compartment with dual pockets are available for quick access. Zipper-less pocket can accommodate filters and avoid scuffing.

– shoulder strap: detachable metal buckle hardware is removed to prevent theft. Shoulder pad is now upgraded to “memory foam” material, maximizing comfort.

– Leica color motif: black leather, red lining, both in premium material to match the uncompromising quality of Leica cameras.

What we plan to do is gather final comments and feedbacks from you and the community after you give it a try with your gear, finalize any adjustments needed, and begin our pre-order process EXCLUSIVELY on Steve Huff Photo!



  1. Is the 2017 Ryker out yet?

    I hope the new Ryker is taller by about 4 to 5 cm so that I can top load an EM1 with 12-100 lens. It will also be nice for the new Ryker to have 2 side pockets.

  2. I carry a Leica Sl and Leica Q. It has weigh, If you carry it all the time it can be the heavy on the the shoulder and begin to pull and strain the muscles. I would like to see and find it necessary to have a hand grip to carry the bag also so I can alternate especially if walking through airports and streets. I feel this is essential for average built people*******

  3. Don’t get me wrong I love the Ryker, but when I heard they are making a new one I was hoping for a complete new design. To me this is more like a Ryker S (like iPhone S version) not a ver.2, looks exactly the same with added functions. Personally I think that it’s a really nice bag, but it’s not a necessary upgrade for many current Ryker owners.

  4. Hello Steve,
    Great video review as always.
    I’m a Fuji x-system shooter and, besides being a faithful follower of your site, I’ve been a long time fan of Wotancraft bags and accessories. In fact I have the Avenger vintasge gray with the waterproof insert and the Raven bag. I also have a a number of other camera bags of which the Billingham Hadley Pro had been my previous fave until the arrival of the Avenger. These two bags I like best when I need to travel with my Fuji X and a good number of primes and one or two zooms. However when out and about in the city I prefer a smaller bag where I can carry the camera with the 27mm pancake lens attached (always use this lens for carrying the cam around, It is my camera “cap” and inpromptu lens) and one or two other lenses. The Raven was it.
    Prior to buying the Raven bag, I considered the Ryker but felt that the Ryker was a bit big for my usage as a 2nd bag and could’nt make up my mind. Then Wotancraft released the Raven and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. In fact, when I travel on business (my primary business is not photography), the Raven setup (cam and lenses) goes into my Avenger (which I like to use as a business bag as well). When I get to the business destination, I take he Raven out of the Avenger and after work and meetings, the Raven goes with me to casual dinner with colleagues and for walks around town, especially when visiting mew places.
    With the redesign, the Ryker seems to be getting closer to the functionality of the Avenger so I’ll re-evaluate the need for that bag vs. my Avenger which I know consider my main all-around bag.

    And to update: I’m a bike fanatic and just placed an order for the Wotancraft Night Rider with the camera insert. The Night Rider will replace a backpack where I forced fitted the Billingham insert when I wanted to carry some of my photo gear. I sometimes commute to my local office in the bike and the Night Rider will not feel out of place.

  5. Hi,

    I want an all high quality soft leather bag, but also a light weight one. Really want in navy blue.

  6. Hi,

    My main concern with any leather bag is that I cannot use it on a daily basis, especially not for traveling since they are not water resistant.

    I really would like to see an option made of water repelling, rugged material with weatherproof zippers. In addition to that some anti-theft measures, like cut-resistant straps would be very welcome.


    PS: A Surface Book should fit in a bag of this size. ;P

  7. Steve, given that you have many of the camera systems that we readers do, if you have time, a follow up video(s) showing how different systems can fit would be helpful. For myself, I’m interested in how the EM1-II and a few Oly lenses fit.

  8. I think they should change the design of the shoulder pads. I have one and as expected it is not the best. It should be fixed.

  9. Hi steve, I love the Ryker and I have the brown one and this is my suggestions to Wotancraft on the upcoming Ryker II:
    1- Wider, wide enough to fit a 13″ laptop easily.
    2- Thicker, thick enough to fit sony a7 with a 50mm lens attached and two more lenses a 28mm and an 85mm.
    3- Bigger front pockets.
    4- I love the extra external bag for an extra lens or flash so they should keep it.
    5- Remove the belt that hold the bags cover or make it adjustable.
    6- Color suggestions: black leather with sapphire blue interior and the same brown old color but little darker with red interior.

  10. Hello! I am happy to order Ryker – but I wish it would have the locking carbine system/spring hook

  11. Ok, the new one is nice one too but I hope that the production model will be only a model in terms of leather quality. What I see is cheap scarred tissue and I would never ever buy a bag from this kind of leather.

    Steve, I wish you a healthy 2017!

  12. Lovely bag no doubt
    I use the “R” quite often . I love the bag and understand Steve’s enthusiasm, and yet I never take my “R” on long trips as I find it too HEAVY, even without a camera and lenses inside.
    I understand ,leather is heavy, so all I am wishing for is the same beautiful bag with lighter leather, if such wish is doable

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year Steve to you and your family


  13. It’s a wonderful bag.
    Just I never used bags for traveling my gear. No grips or things like that. A camera with its lens. That’s all. A small tight leather bag to fit just the camera these last times. Becoming old, lol.
    But I like it

  14. I never comment on the topic of camera bags but because I now work for an organisation that helps tourists who have been victims of crime I will make an exception. We as photographers can especially empathise with anybody who has had his or her precious gear stolen so I say this: Photographers please do not go about with a bag that screams ‘expensive camera and lenses within ” Try an old scruffy worn camera bag or a normal back pack.
    You can of course own a lovely bag for your gear but just use it to bring your gear from one safe location to another safe location.
    Happy Christmas and new year
    Keep shooting….

  15. I love my Ryker. Great bag and looks like the new one will be even better. One thing I miss is a carrying handle. When you take the bag off your shoulder, put it back on your shoulder or want to carry it by hand there is nothing to hold onto except the should strap which is seems awkward.

  16. I’m currently using the Ryker Brown (absolute beauty) and I’m seriously in love with it. Its really hard to upgrade the bag to the next level without compromising the current sleek classy functional design. While size upgrade for large cameras like SL is most welcome, the bag thickness should not go overboard as it will loose it sleekness and adds clumsiness to it. But if Santa exist and Wotancraft really wanted to push the already near perfect Ryker to perfection, then i would suggest the following:

    1) A lens cap holder on the strap pad area, keep it simple, minimalist, concealed.
    2) A tripod holder option, of course you will immediately lose your “Sleek” factor but is very useful for those “you desperately need a tripod but you refuse to hold it by hand the whole day” occasions.

    And of course, BROWN OPTION is a MUST~!!!

    A Great Christmas & Happy 2017 to your family and yourself Steve and all readers out there!


    The brown Ryker & the Paratrooper are my favorite bags ever. Lookwise, the Paratrooper is the sexiest bag ever but I still find the Ryker to be more functional & roomier in design. As a result, I end up using the Ryker more.

    1) 25% Paratrooper* & 75% Ryker
    *Keep leather & design but make it resemble the Paratrooper bag a little. Make it look like it’s from a war. I want to be able to wear formal & informal clothes with it.
    2) Bottom tripod strap
    3) Wider interior from back to front
    4) Dual zippers at top wrap too far back
    5) No more flap for the interior velvet pocket
    6) Hidden pocket(s)
    7) Waterproof treatment or cover
    8) Add ability to add a padlock on zipper
    9) Dual stitching
    10) Knife-proof interior lining
    11) Leather color: Dark truffle brown
    12) Keep current texture of leather (pebbled)
    13) Interior fabric color: Blood red or wine red

    • *** UPDATE ***
      Option #1:
      Exterior soft leather: Dark truffle brown (rustic espresso – see the ONA Bowery Dark Truffle color)
      Exterior hard leather: Walnut
      Interior fabric: Sapphire blue

      Option #2:
      Exterior soft leather: Faded English tan (see Loake tan shoes)
      Exterior hard leather: Sapphire blue
      Interior fabric: Sapphire blue

  18. I own amongst others 2 Billingham’s and 2 Foggs plus an original Ryker. Love them all but especially the Wotancraft. It is for me is the perfect day bag where less is more than enough: for my Leica M-E and 2 or just occasionally a third lens. It balances perfectly on the body and never seems heavy. I can shoot for hours hardly noticing it is there. Workmanship is immaculate. Like the more subtle upgrades on the newer model especially relating to the front pocket. Feel the size of the original is already perfect but can appreciate others might like it to be slightly larger for cameras like the SL. Either old or new the Ryker is special…….Thanks Steve for your review of the original which was a major motivation for my buying it. Have a great Festive season.

  19. I really like the variety of pockets and pockets within pockets. The interior material looks very good and should be easy on gear.

    I would like to see:
    -A canvas/leather option. All leather bags are too common and have weight to match.

    -A removable insert like the Oberwerth bags have. This insert is handy because I can take just the insert (with camera/lens) and place inside my airplane carry on bag. The main bag travels in my checked suitcase.

    -This is a double entry bag: the main leather flap and the zippered flap. I find it inconvenient to open 2 flaps to retrieve gear. It would be nice to keep the zippered flap open and out of the way so there is an option to simply lift the leather flap for access.
    I know the main leather flap can be flipped behind the bag but: the bag now looks like a camera bag and loses what little elegance it already has.

  20. I echo a previous statement of hoping for a brown version like the current bag. More specifically the same brown color as the current bag not a darker brown or like a tan but that medium cognac like brown of the current one.

    • And a nice sapphire blue would make a good interior color for a brown version either that or chocolate brown although the reds alright I guess.

  21. Curios to see you standing with the closed bag hanging then removing the camera like you would for taking a photo. Will the metal zipper scratch the camera or gear? That is my concern.

    • Agreed on the zipper. However, it looks like the zipper gets pushed out of the way somewhat when opened. Either way, removing a camera from between 2 rows of metal teeth is a disaster waiting to happen.

      • not too sure about the zipper. it could get pushed out and scratch the gear, handling a camera near the metal teeth is a catastrophe. I am for plastic teeth.

  22. I know it has a top zipper but the fold over top does not give rain protection at the ends. No doubt this can only be done at the expense of including pleats and creases (a la Billingham etc).

    Is this only a fair weather/fashion/city bag?

    • Wrong…it closes 100% – the top zipper closure. No rain would get in. The top flap then goes over with even more protection from the elements. Again, the top flap opens, and you have to UNZIP the entire top to gain access. It closes completely when zipped. In fact, it offers much more protection from the elements than a billingham. That leads to the question..is a Billingham a fashion fair weather city bag?

      • Just returned from the Western Highlands and Outer Hebrides, with the well-used Billingham “Digital” and “Press Top” (plus Avea).

        With autumnal weather throwing quite a lot at these two bags, I can surely report that there were no cities, lots of intermittent rain and wind, but dry lenses and bodies.
        As for fashion, only the gulls, eagles and otters can judge that and they’re saying nothin’.

  23. It looks like a really nice bag. I just wish it was a little slimmer and laid a little flatter against your side when it’s slung across your shoulder. Even empty the bag bulges likes it’s full. I would like to see them redesign the front and rear pockets so that its profile is a little slimmer when carrying less gear..

  24. The new version looks good.
    – I hope it is just as high or even a tiny bit higher
    – A small pocket/window on the inside of the top flap for business cards/ID would be nice
    – I hope there is an option for a clip on handle like the original had
    – On the video, the magnets don’t seem quite right
    – They need an option for a longer shoulder strap for tall people (I had one custom made for my Ryker)

  25. As per my Wotancraft Avenger/Ranger, a pocket on the inside of the “top-flap?” More significantly, one of the design elements that I really like about my Fogg B-Laika [and all Fogg bags], is the shoulder strap passing around the bag, which seems to lend stability. With or without my small contributions suggested here, the newly redesigned Ryker looks great and I’ll try one when they become available. Thanks Steve and Wotancraft for the opportunity to be a participant in the project! [I utilize an M system – M240 with grip, M6TTL with an original photo-equip grip, and an assortment of M-lenses – usually 21, 28, 35, 50.]

  26. Would you know by any chance if a 13” inch Macbook Pro would fit in? I’m desperately looking for a bag that I can use as a daily work bag (I need to carry my MacBook Pro every day) but that can also fit my Sony 7rII so I don’t have to have extra bag for that one

    • Tumi messenger bag, Billingham insert. That’s how I do it. Every day, laptop, D810 with prime fitted.

  27. Really like the Ryker. Looks like some nice new improvements.

    I hope they will also have the brown version for this like they did in the past.

    I like the purple (or was it blue) interior of the previous version. This merlot or burgundy color is not bad, but I think I still prefer the other color before.

    does the magnets on the flap need to be stronger? my initial impression it seems they don’t make contact and hold with just the magnets..sort of need the band that runs across.. might need to check that to be sure the magnets are actually functional and useful.

    The pillow insert is a nice idea to take up some extra space to make for a more custom fit for smaller cameras such as the Leica M or any other mirrorless (Fuji, Olympus. etc..)

    Regarding the pillow or any other custom insert for the bag to configure it the way you want.. I’m not an expert on design, but in the past, I feel the inserts were a bit oddly shaped or offered limited configuration on how they could be used.. I’ve gotten creative with them, pondering many hours to configure them optimally. But still I find when using Wotancraft bags which are tall or deeper than my camera, such as the Fuji X-pro2, the camera will either sit on the very bottom and there’s all this space above it unused, OR, I use the divider to subdivide and create a space below with a divider being mounted maybe somewhere halfway up so my camera can sit on top of it… BUT, the only trick is that divider is fairly secure with velcro on both sides so I have to pull one side of the velcro to open and get access to the storage space I made at the bottom half of the bag.. it can be done not too hard, but it’s noisy when you have to get to stuff that secured below the divider like that.. you know how noisy separating velcro can be. And I always wished there was a way to more easily open and create a compartment with inner doors or flaps to cover which are easier to access.

    I feel that there should be a way to compartmentalize the inner pouch better with padded dividers which have a door or flap that is “useful”.. They have had some that have this, but again, I personally find they are oddly shaped or configured that don’t really allow for them to be utilized fully, if at all. This could and should be considered not only for this new Ryker, but their other current (or possibly other future) bag designs.

    You said it was a little larger than the previous Ryker?.. that’s good.. I feel it couldn’t hurt to make it a little larger like they seem to have in this new version.

    I don’t know if it might help or be useful to have a pair of staps on the bottom just to tie on something light like a mini tripod or even to hold a rolled up light jacket underneath?

    Will it come with that lens holder pouch you have on the strap?.. kind of doubt it, but it would be cool if it did just as a bonus accessory and option if you wanted to carry another lens which you can’t cram into the bag itself.

    i hope they send you their new bike style bag, the Easy Rider (canvas/leather) and/or Night Rider (full leather), .. it’s similar in size to the paratrooper, but different enough… maybe you could review it and give us your thought on that one as well. they just added a camera pouch insert to be used with it also.

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