First shoot with my new (to me) Leica M 240 by Isi Akahome

First shoot with my new (to me) Leica M 240

by Isi Akahome

Hey Steve,

Thanks to you, and all the awesome Leica posts on your site I went and bought a used M240. I got a used Zeiss 50mm 1.5 sonnar because I’m still recovering from the cost of the body. The lens focuses perfectly for me. I had a simple shoot with a beautiful lady I met in a restaurant last week, and I attached a few photos from the shoot. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m enjoying the process of shooting with a rangefinder.

Have an awesome weekend,



  1. Fabulous pictures…. you are spot on with the focus and sonnar is my favourite lens too (in fact the only one with the Sony A7ii I use!)

  2. Looks like you clicked with the camera and the lady!
    I’d say the first two are “street” in style rather than portrait so I enjoyed the framing

    No. three is a really pleasing image – brilliant
    Looking forward to the next ones!

  3. I really like the picture but they seem a quite noisy, especially the first one for ISO 200. Is it the post processing? Filter?

  4. Dear Isi. That is awesome. I have a Zeiss Ikon C 2099 in perfect condition which I bought some 50 years ago. I have all the lenses and implements available then including a Contameter, camera case and holding pack case, all leather and the instruction manual. I haven’t used for a long time but I manipulate it very often to avoid malfunction. I love it and would like to know how valuable is. Could you possible please tell me? I would appreciate it very much and thank you in advance for your advice and time. By the way, it is a Contax camera, I forgot to mention it by presumption.

  5. I don’t know if there is something about (beginning) shooting with a rangefinder that tends unconsciously towards centre placing of the subject. IMO, these shots would be much better if you had used the rule of thirds – left placing in the first two and right placing in the third.

  6. 2 things – where is that restaurant, and second i have seen some wonderful shots with the M240 and the Zeiss 50 Sonar these also are wonderful.

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