First shoot with my new (to me) Leica M 240 by Isi Akahome

First shoot with my new (to me) Leica M 240

by Isi Akahome

Hey Steve,

Thanks to you, and all the awesome Leica posts on your site I went and bought a used M240. I got a used Zeiss 50mm 1.5 sonnar because I’m still recovering from the cost of the body. The lens focuses perfectly for me. I had a simple shoot with a beautiful lady I met in a restaurant last week, and I attached a few photos from the shoot. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m enjoying the process of shooting with a rangefinder.

Have an awesome weekend,



  1. Awesome photos!!! Amazing what that quality of gear and an inspired artist can create! Did you do any work in post?

  2. There we are! A used camera leads to a beautiful woman encounter…imagine what a new M10 would lead to…!?

  3. Fabulous pictures…. you are spot on with the focus and sonnar is my favourite lens too (in fact the only one with the Sony A7ii I use!)

  4. Looks like you clicked with the camera and the lady!
    I’d say the first two are “street” in style rather than portrait so I enjoyed the framing

    No. three is a really pleasing image – brilliant
    Looking forward to the next ones!

  5. I really like the picture but they seem a quite noisy, especially the first one for ISO 200. Is it the post processing? Filter?

  6. Wow ! first you get a beautiful camera,then a beautiful girl ,worth the money I would say.

  7. Dear Isi. That is awesome. I have a Zeiss Ikon C 2099 in perfect condition which I bought some 50 years ago. I have all the lenses and implements available then including a Contameter, camera case and holding pack case, all leather and the instruction manual. I haven’t used for a long time but I manipulate it very often to avoid malfunction. I love it and would like to know how valuable is. Could you possible please tell me? I would appreciate it very much and thank you in advance for your advice and time. By the way, it is a Contax camera, I forgot to mention it by presumption.

  8. I don’t know if there is something about (beginning) shooting with a rangefinder that tends unconsciously towards centre placing of the subject. IMO, these shots would be much better if you had used the rule of thirds – left placing in the first two and right placing in the third.

    • Fair enough but I would argue that the C-sonnar is lens that does best with the subject in the center when shooting at f/1.5

      Things get soft quickly as you move away from center.

  9. 2 things – where is that restaurant, and second i have seen some wonderful shots with the M240 and the Zeiss 50 Sonar these also are wonderful.

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