My experience from Hobby to Pro by Dennie Mullette

My experience from Hobby to Pro

by Dennie Mullette

Hello again Steve …

My name is Dennie and I’m from bandung West Java, Indonesia. Sorry if my English is not so good.

I just want to share my experience ever since I have become a pro photographer.  To me, this means “I shoot pictures for money”. The time when I was just a regular employe with some company,  photography was like a theraphy for my brain, a hobby that I  liked very much.

Steve recently posted an article of mine and in the comments some told me that I have to many gadgets that I use, in fact I just get new camera from selling the old one, I dont have all that camera, and that cycle is on and on and I just maybe I enter the wrong zone, the GAS zone … and that not a good move.

I’m became a pixel peeper, enjoying seeing the pic by 100% zoomed, looking for the cleanest high iso out there, must have tac sharp lens, blazing fast AF … and forget what best all camera can do … take a picture.

What I learned is, when I take pictures as a hobby, then I just don’t care what other people say about my pictures, when I said it is good then it is good… like an idealism …

When you enter pro photography, when client says “i dont like it” it can effect my bank account … when client says “yes that’s it”, ok, I can breath easy now if you know what I mean 🙂

so by that … there is no such thing as a bad picture, just a matter of taste … and that I am learning something to becoming a pro photographer …

1. understand the client
2. communication
3. marketing, this is the most powerful, if you have a great skill, and you cant market it, it means nothing

oh yea something funny that I realize

The clients never ask me what camera i use or what lens I shoot with, so its never a problem if I shot with the cheapo 50mm 1,8 yongnuo or the 50mm 1,2 L series

So please enjoy what u have now guys, master it …

This some image from my work … hope u enjoy like i enjoy my work … peace

Note gear :

1. Canon 6D
2. Canon 35mm f2 (non IS)
3. Canon 85mm f1.8


  1. I think pro shooting must be one of the most stressful jobs there is !
    If you have the talent great – but it seems to be more than that.
    Thanks for posting.
    Nice images BTW.

  2. Really nice photos, well done!

    Also, this line is so important:

    “The clients never ask me what camera i use or what lens I shoot with, so its never a problem if I shot with the cheapo 50mm 1,8 yongnuo or the 50mm 1,2 L series”

    This is so true. No-one cares apart from us nerds on photo sites!

    Kind regards

  3. Lovely Photos…My situation is reversed. I shot weddings professional for 25 years and now I only shoot for enjoyment. I never wanted to take a camera out on my days off and now I am enjoying those days off with my cameras. It was important 25 years ago to be able to shoot with all manual equipment. It was important to be able to unload and load a medium format back at weddings or sometimes a 35 mm camera during events that allowed for the smaller format. We loaded film with speed and precision as special moments unfolded all day long and you always had to be aware of how many shots you had left in order not to miss the next shot. I envy and admire all the younger photographers today as there are so many fantastic choices in equipment. I also think that because the equipment has become so user friendly today that competition is certainly fierce…so much more that during my time.

    • Get an Olympus EM1 MKI which is way down in price and whatever type lens is fun for you. This body is so versatile and IS means NEVER a tripod being carried around.
      So many great lens for camera.
      Bob age 78 shooting since,age 15 Nikon, Canon, Hassy, zone VI 4 x 5…. love Olympus more than any other camera.

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