Get A Grip! Make your Sony A9 Feel more “Pro”. The JB Designs A9 Grip Case.

Get A Grip! Make your Sony A9 Feel more “Pro”. The JB Designs A9 Grip Case.

See the Grip Case for the A9 at Amazon HERE 

See the Grip Case for the A7 Series at Amazon HERE

Video overview of the new JB Sony A9 GRIP CASE – $59.95 and BRAND NEW!

Hello to all! I am back again today with a new video and this time with a Sony A9 “Grip Case” made by JB Designs. This is a cool, inexpensive grip/case that makes the Sony A9 look more like a Leica SL with added height and depth and a place for your fingers to rest making it much more comfy to hold. At $59.95 this is a very well made accessory and does what it advertises, adds a nice solid grip to the camera and beefs it up. It’s an easy on and off, can still be used on a tripod and the battery is 100% accessible when on. So never a need to remove it really. Some who have switched to Sony from Nikon and Canon (and yes, there have been many who have with the A9) felt the A9 was. too small. Being used to bug DSLR’s and sizes like the Canon 1Dx, the A9 is small and slim. I LOVE the small size but some think it is too small. If this is you, then take a look at this grip.

Be sure to watch the video above to see it on and off the camera. To order or see more about it you can use the links below that will take you direct to the Amazon page for the A9 version and the A7 versions.

A9 Grip Case at Amazon

A7 Grip Case at Amazon

JB Design grip are and always have been pretty cool. Usually made from wood, this one changes it up a bit with a new material and a great design. It does add some bulk to the bottom so if you have very small hands, it may not feel right but for average to large hands it feels great and adds some stability. It’s new, just launched and I love it!



  1. its soooo urgluy, and i also cannot believe that is improves the handling due to the sharp horizontal “edge”..

    when will you stop this kind of advertising / promotion?

  2. Thank you Steve.
    I am 63 and have been photographing since 1970.
    At last I know what “Pro” means. Regards

  3. The Sony Alpha series does desperately need and integrated grip that is larger and more comfortable. The stock grip makes my hand cramp after extended periods with Sony heavy lenses. The one in this post will not work for me. First of all, it is butt ugly and IMO detracts from the cameras aesthetic appeal (yes a camera must be attractive). Secondly, and much more important is having that lip between my fingers would drive me nuts. It’s got to be a smooth, integrated transition from grip case to camera so that it feels natural in hand. The one I want may be impossible or too expensive to produce but on the other hand, if either RRS or Gariz would design the grip I describe, many DSLR stalwarts might possibly make the jump. In any case, it would sell well IMHO.

  4. Steve, I see 50mm 1.8 lens on camera. I read your former review, but maybe you could share few words about how it works with new firmware on A7RII? In case you have experience with it.
    I’m going round and rounds regarding 50mm AF lens. 55 1.8 is a bit to “tele”for me, other are to bulky, and this 50mm always attracts me with compactness, but I heard terrible things about AF. So how is usability in real world?
    And how AF with this lens it compares to AF with Techart adapter+Jupiter3+ combo? As far a I remember you tested it.

  5. I really JB designs grips. This one isn’t completely new, they’ve made a grip case going all the way back to X100, in fact i think it was their first grip (before the wooden ones).

  6. A quick question Steve about the A9…
    A friend of mine just bought the A9 with the 50mm FE 1.8. Now i hear that particular lens isn’t the fastest focusing. But, when i played with said combo the focus still had that mirrorless camera jitter as it was locking on….is this normal with all lenses on the A9?

    • That’s the lens. A $4500 camera with a $240 lens is not going to give you the performance of the camera. Tell him to slap a 50 1.4 or even the 55 1.8 on, (though I am not a huge fan of the 55 1.8). Tell him to try a 28 f/2 or 24-70 or any G master. You need the lens t o be able to keep up with the body ; )

    • SIZE…some complain the size is too small for their fingers. I am fine with the size and prefer smaller size but some are used to a Canon 1DX size of body and switched to Sony only to have it feel small to them. Spec wise, the A9 is just as good or better than that 1DX but its smaller. So this grip is for those who want a bigger grip/feel. To many, the small size is a PRO for this camera.

  7. It would be much better if they made it compatible with arca-swiss clamps, but I believe it’s some kind of plastic material

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