A look at the “HENDRIX” Braided Leather Camera Straps (Video)

A look at the “HENDRIX” Braided Leather Camera Straps (Video)

Hey guys! Just a quick video to give a quick look at the new HENDRIX Leather Braided straps from ROCK N ROLL STRAPS. All new straps, new names, and “Tie Her Up Straps” is now “ROCK N ROLL STRAPS”. I talk about a few other things in the video below. Enjoy! See more on the straps at rocknrollstraps.com 

See the new Wotancraft Bag I show in the video HERE


  1. I agree that Tie Her Up was wise to change their name. While I don’t think their old name was worth getting all bent out of shape over, it would have been a losing battle for them to cling to a controversial name.

    I have to wonder, however, given the litigious times we live in, if Rock N Roll Straps might incur the wrath of the Jimi Hendrix Estate over the name of their new line of camera straps. By itself the name “Hendrix” might not be a problem. But when you’re a company named Rock N Roll and making Hendrix straps, a jury might think they’re illegally trying to capitalize on the Jimi Hendrix trademark. I’m assuming they haven’t actually licensed it from the estate. It’s a great company, and they make great products. I love the Rock N Roll strap I bought last Spring. I hope the lawyers leave them alone.

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