The Updated 2017 Ryker by Wotancraft. My Favorite Camera Bag of All Time gets YOU and IT’s HERE!!!

The Updated 2017 Ryker by Wotancraft. My Favorite Camera Bag of All Time gets YOU and IT’s HERE!!!

Many of you know my rave after rave of the Wotancraft Ryker bag. I had a black one, then acquired a tan/brown but it has been in use by me since my initial review (see it HERE, and then the one year update HERE). A while back, I posted an article HERE asking YOU to help design the next generation Ryker.

Well, Wotancraft asked me to ask my readers for help, and help you did. They read all of your responses and got to work creating the next gen version of the bag. Well, they sent me  the prototype and I will show it to you guys this week…BUT Wotancraft…they are not done with it just yet.

After I show it off to you next week, they want more feedback..well, read what they said about this new Generation Ryker below:

Yes, it is hidden in the bag for now. Will show it off this week via a video!


We’re excited to finally present this to you, it is our effort to incorporate the ideas from Steve Huff Photo community, and we present it to you and all members for evaluation and final fine-tuning. We truly hope to make this the best leather camera bag in the world. Here are the main features for reference:

larger interior size: now capable of fitting up to Leica SL, will detachable pillow insert that narrows interior depth to better accommodate Leica M cameras. All this is done without increasing the overall weight of the bag.

– internal modularization: the whole interior lining is now velcro compatible, and we plan to develop optional accessories (pen slots, card slots…etc) for different individual’s needs, rather than have them built-in. Even the thick padding can now be detached to allow more space, allowing room for large items like laptops or A4 folders. The fabric will be further upgraded (currently in development), to deliver an even softer hand feel, and have better resistance to velcro hook tearing.

– external modularization: although not built in yet to the prototype, we have prepared a simple and subtle mechanism  for modular add-ons, such as water bottle pouch or any sort of accessory… the possibilities are endless, and we are planning to launch these optional accessories (internal / external) based on number of customer requests. When not accessorizing, the mechanism looks natural and unobtrusive, exactly how high-end leather bags should be.

– color-coded elastic slots: front zippered pocket has multi-functional elastic slots, capable of fitting batteries of various sizes, color-coded with thread stitching to differentiated new/used. A corresponding memory card sleeve is also included & color-coded.

– multiple pockets: compartment with dual pockets are available for quick access. Zipper-less pocket can accommodate filters and avoid scuffing.

– shoulder strap: detachable metal buckle hardware is removed to prevent theft. Shoulder pad is now upgraded to “memory foam” material, maximizing comfort.

Leica color motif: black leather, red lining, both in premium material to match the uncompromising quality of Leica cameras.

What we plan to do is gather final comments and feedbacks from you and the community after you give it a try with your gear, finalize any adjustments needed, and begin our pre-order process EXCLUSIVELY on Steve Huff Photo!

So be on the look out next week for my 1st look at this new bag, and be ready to comment on what YOU would like to see fine tuned. Wotancraft has proven themselves to LISTEN to YOU, the photographers who USE this kind of gear day in and out. This is going to be great!


  1. if i order one now, does anyone know if i will get the new version or if that is being released later?

  2. Hi Steve,
    I just wanted let you know I’ve pre-ordered one based on you prelim- review. Your sight is very informative!

  3. Two weeks ago I bought a Leica T with the Summilux 35/1.4. I plan to acquire a long tele and a macro. So what I am interested in is a bag for 3 lenses, at least one body. I am not sure if the Wotancraft bag is available in Belgium. Any other suggestions ?
    I am looking for a halfcase now. Preferably leather: I contacted Angelo Pelle but he told me the neckstrap cannot be fitted due the particular Leica attachment pins. I also contacted Luigi but he doesn’t answer, maybe out of business? I tried the Leica shoulder holster but don’t feel comfortable as the camera once removed from the holster might slip frm my hand and also doesn’t leave my hands free.
    Any advice.

  4. I have the black Ryker and love it, it’s also my favourite bag.
    The only thing that I’d like to change is the weight, but not if it comes at the expense of quality or longevity.

    I will definitely be interested to see the updated version, but sure I’ll be happy with mine for a long time.

  5. The original looks beautiful, a real work of art. The new one, from the pictures above only, looks cheap and horrible.

  6. Sounds like a great collaboration Steve, I appreciate companies that take the time to listen to their users and not their marketing department. My only concern is the size. I know Wotancraft released the Raven in response to photographers asking for a smaller Ryker, but I definitely wasn’t one of those. Really I need a Ryker that’s a fraction larger, to accomodate an iPad Pro or 13″ notebook. I know they make the Thor, but in my opinion the Thor is very unappealing – not nearly as neat and tidy (and well made) as the Ryker, at least not in my eyes, and the jump in price is staggering. I can only hope they introduce a slightly larger Ryker in the future, which doesn’t cost close to $1000 USD.

  7. I bought a similar looking all leather bag for less money. I just took delivery on mine. Lovely bag with room for all my Leica T gear including three lenses.

  8. i wish these guys had a local retailer where i could check them out in person, i am on the fence between the ryker and raven (not sure if raven will hold my gear) but with no way to try it it’s a lot of money to roll the dice with.

    do you think a raven would fit an a7rii with batis 85 plus an extra lens (loxia 50mm) and a couple batteries?

    • Don’t know about raven but I use ryker for my A7 and wouldn’t change it for anything smaller. That said I mostly take body with lens plus 2 other lenses with me with various configurations. Not all setups will fit comfortably even in ryker though, for example bulky Batis 18 plus Sony 35 1.4 only allow something smaller like 55 1.8, 28 2.0 or Loxia and it will be tight.
      So, I guess if you plan to expand beyond 2 lenses I would go with ryker.

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