Upcoming Reviews…stay tuned. Mavic Air, G9, New Bags, More…

Upcoming Reviews…stay tuned.

Hey all! Been a slow week for reviews. Nothing really exciting happening in camera land, IMO. Well, I will be checking out the Panasonic G9 VERY soon as I am interested to see how it is vs the EM1 MKII. So look for a Panasonic G9 review soon. I will also be reviewing the DJI Mavic AIR which arrives to me on Tuesday. I have bee enjoying my Spark but the Air takes it to a new level, and IMO, is the best drone you can buy FOR THE MONEY today. Of course I am going by specs and what I have seen from DJI, but will have my hands on first look and side by side with the SPARK next week.

Also I have two new bags here to review, and both are fantastic. One from TENBA and one from WANDRD.

So coming VERY soon will be the Mavic Air 1st Look, the new bags and the Panasonic G9. Soon after I hope to review the Leica SL with new Summicron lenses. Just have to get a hold of review samples from Leica ; )


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  1. Really glad that you’re planning on reviewing the Lumix G9. As someone who is in the process of going from FF Nikon to either the Olympus OMDEM1.2 or the G9 I’m really interested in your take, especially as a stills camera.

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