Hey all! Just launched a new site design today that should speed up the load times DRAMATICALLY. The previous version of this website was loading insanely slow for some users on some browsers. For some it loaded fast, others not so fast and some not at all. So it should all be fixed today with this new simple and fast loading design. It may take a few reads to get used to it but I will be tweaking and setting it up all week. Just wanted to give you guys a shout out to let you know why it was changed.

Thank you all and much more to come over the next few weeks!



    • I would use WordPress. That’s what I used for the last 9 years. Easy to use, and many themes available as well as customizations. As for hosting, I have been with the same host, on a dedicated server for 9 years as well so I am not the one to ask for hosting solutions as there are so many to choose from. I run another website using a shared host, GoDaddy at some ridiculously low price and it receives 100k visits per month, and never has a slowdown or crash. That’s on a cheap go daddy plan. This site receives anywhere from 700k to 1.2 million visits per month and has had issues with slowdowns and crashes, and I pay A LOT more every month between hosting, security, and other services. I am hoping that is now all settled (the slowdowns and crashes). I do not foresee any further issues.

  1. On mobile, this site is completely polluted with advertising. Just way over the top. I understand the desire for income, but I won’t contribute to it anymore.

    • Then feel free to leave. It is a free site, that relies on income to stay alive. Without ads, it would not be able to live, so unless you want to pay a yearly fee and have no ads, it will have to have ads in place. I do not place the ads, google does. But no ads, no website, no free info.

  2. I really like the new design: the “past article thumbnails” noting the category make it so easy to find one of interest; but the best new feature is the “back to the top” button in the lower right – so nice! Next? – make the “category box” a button that brings up a listing of the articles in the category. Thank you!

    • Hmm that is odd as it is now instant for me, no matter what machine or internet connection I use. Maybe 1/2 a second to load. You should not have that issue at all, maybe clear your cache? I am seeing no slowdown at all on the server either but I will look into it, Thank you for letting me know.

  3. Faster but if I dare say: a much more generic look.
    It might be a good or bad thing according to your point of view.

  4. What a relief finally! As you know, especially since beginning of 2017 the upload of your site was extremely slow, sometimes not at all, there were days I had to give up,- only “handshake, statistic, fonts” etc. uploads and then … nothing further, only the endlessly spinning wheel. I’m glad you were aware now of this “inconvenience” … and fixed it! Thank you!

  5. It looks better and is faster. It looks narrower but is very easy to stretch to fill the screen on my iPad Pro. A big improvement. Thanks.

  6. The new layout looks fine and this page loaded quickly on my pedestrian internet connection. It does look a little skinny though, using only half my monitor width by default. That seem odd, though it’s not really a problem.

  7. I often read the articles on your website on an iPod Touch (switching to an iPad when items interest me) and it was indeed very slow. Much better now. Thanks!

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