Is the SONY A7S III Coming Soon? My predictions!

Is the SONY A7S III Coming Soon? My predictions!

By Steve Huff

Just for fun on this lovely Sunday afternoon!!! I feel the Sony A7SIII is coming soon, and I am excited about it (if indeed it is coming soon). I LOVED the A7s and A7SII and the III, I feel, will offer some very cool upgrades. The new battery alone will be a breath of fresh air. In this video below, I go over what I think the A7SIII will be about, when it will be released and how much I think it will cost. Just my gut instinct as I have ZERO inside info. I could be 100% wrong here but something tells me it is on its way..soon.

My thoughts and predictions on the possibly up and coming AS7III from Sony


  1. Thanks Steve, I also hope for a relatively low resolution sensor, to keep the pixels large and I hope it will be a BSI. I use A7s for photography (I don’t ever do video) and it’s spectacular. It has something about the aesthetics of the image that my old 2005 Canon 5D had.

  2. I love my a7s. Only occasionally do I run out of pixels and would certainly consider an upgrade if an a7siii had more dynamic range and a few more pixels, I am not botherd about battery life or dual slots as I shoot tethered/connected for all the low light stuff and usually pull images directly off the camera with the Sony remote apps. Hope your predictions come true Steve.

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