Carmel market by night with a Canon 6D by Ziv Zad

Carmel market by night with a Canon 6D

by Ziv Zad


My true passion is street photography lately I was at The Carmel Market in Tel Aviv it is a wonderful place which during the day hours is full of life, smells, colors and a lot of noise. The market is crowded with buyers, tourists and sellers who loudly announce their merchandises.
When the evening goes down, the place takes on a different character, a lot of garbage, vegetables, fruits are thrown all over the ground. Passersby rushing to their homes, some cleaners try to clean the mess, some eccentrics and homeless looking for food or place to stay the night.  On the other hand, there are small pubs between the market alleys full with young people enjoy sitting, smoking and drinking.

I took the photos with my canon EOS 6D camera and canon 40 mm and 17-40L lenses.

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  1. Hallo, great images. I imagined being there myself using a solid DSLR in my hands rather than being careful with a flimsy system camera:)Thank you for sharing.

  2. Just there a couple of months ago, but during the day. Filled with life. Great shots and a different way of seeing it.

  3. This is a great photo-essay. There is a real sense of movement in most shots. Nice use of colour, too.

  4. These are very good and capture the atmosphere well. The colours just seem, well, natural. Compliments!

  5. These are great “after hours” photos and a great depiction of what humand leave behind that usually goes unnoticed by society. Great work.

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