1. Steve- really curious what your opinion will be on this. I really think Canon got this better than people initially thought. The new lenses seem amazing. I love my M10, but i’m ready to pitch my Nikon D500 and switch the this for my second camera

      • I’ve been using canon and Sony for years and I just got this fella Tuesday and I really like it. I really hope people can look past the lack of specs and realize how solid of a camera this is. I’m real stoked to see Leica and legacy glass on this camera.

        • Most who have one seem to really enjoy it. These days, and I have been guilty of it as well over the years, many reviewers nitpick small things and some go overboard for views on videos and page hits on websites. While the R is not for 4K shooters (the silly crop for me is a 4K dealbreaker) I see it as a great option for those who want a mirrorless and own canon glass (as I do) and take photos or shoot in HD 1080 (as I do). Yep it lacks in body IS but so does the $7000 Leica M10. So does the wonderful Fuji X-T3. So does the film camera I shot 15 years ago. The Sony has in body IS but Sony shooters know it is not really effective for video, at all. I have gobs of shaky A7RII video using wide angle lenses. Anyway, my R has arrived that I preordered so will get to shooting it this weekend with the 24-105 and my three EF lenses. If it works for what I do (low light clubs, HD video, and some vlogging) then I will be happy. I will have a first look soon!

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