1. Wait for the next Leica “M”, the current “240” is already loosing steam because it is not a big step up from the M9 for most people to upgrade. If Leica can make a similar camera like the A7R, that can use Leica R glass, it may get some old school photographers excited enough to buy one. The R adapter with the “240” is a poor attempt as a “R” solution.

  2. Looks like the M is sold out again.

    I guess the customers didn’t get the memo that they should be buying something else.

  3. I have a M9 and love it and have ordered the M240 and been waiting for over 9 months. When the Sony A7R come around, I have tested it with my Leica lenses and I think I just keep the M9 and cancel the M240 order and go for the Sony. Now I am very happy that I have cancel the M240. The money I save allow me to buy another good Leica lens.

  4. It’s funny how the moment Leicas become available, people say it is because the demand is no longer there due to whatever new camera hits the market.
    Then, a couple of weeks later they are all sold and the waiting list is back…

    Until some other manufacturer makes a full frame optical rangefinder digital camera that takes Leica lenses (without adapters that lessen the quality), Leica does not have a rival in its little but profitable niche.
    It really is as simple as that.

    I really wish that someone would step up, and if anyone could it would be Cosina with a digital version of their excellent (but sadly discontinued) Zeiss Ikon ZM camera.

    • Huss, I agree completely. IF the A7, A7R Nikon DF et.al. were available sooner, I still would have chosen the Leica system, M9 & M240, primarily because of the optics and accurate rangefinder focusing. Nothing else comes close and now with the addition of the tethering capability with the MF adapter for the M, this small, high-quality system comprises 90% of my shooting, with my Canon system relegated to the remaining percentage. I don’t want this thread to get into a p – – – ing match comparing systems, but I could’ve gone for the 1Dx body for about the same $$ as the M. I don’t need the 10 fps, the extra weight, the slightly smaller chip, dual-card-slots, 25 ways to get accurate automated exposure and/or focus and more heavier zoom lenses. So I’m paying extra $$ for traditional simplicity, accuracy & stellar optics; couldn’t be happier.

    • I agree Huss…and I think Cosina/Zeiss is the best bet. Heck, even if they made a digital ZM Ikon with profiles for just Zeiss ZM lenses I could live with that….and so could a lot of other people.

  5. I actually think they blew this roll-out a bit. I had a 240 pre-orderd but I ended up canceling because I got distracted by the Sony/Nikons of this world and realized I am perfectly happy with my M9. I may break down and buy a 240, but now I feel like there is no reason to rush given the other options coming out.

    The “hard to get” marketing worked for the M9 because nothing like it was available, same for the summilux and summicron APO.

    If I end up buying the M240 tonight, you can disregard this post 😉

  6. Sony A7/A7R and Nikon Df effects in less than two months. Most of the people cancelled their pre/post orders. The waiting list disappeared.

    The Leica M has better build quality. But with the high price most people have to sqeez their wallets to buy one. Now with less money you can get sometging similar or better. The choices is very obvious.

    • Nikon DF as an alternative to an M?


      Or the A7[r] for that matter, which doesn’t work properly with a large number of Leica lenses?

      I’m pretty sure it’s more to do with the initial rush being over, and Leica now being able to keep up with demand, ratehr than because everybody has decided to buy a completely different camera, in a different system at a different price point.

  7. I love my M (& my M9); use both to make the majority of my income, which is also beneficial. I can’t help but wonder is the M’s availability is due to increased production, or a diminished demand due to many of the issues related to the M’s feature-set, and competition from much less costly alternatives. I would hate to see a diminishing of the brand, which would slow future development of the M system.

    • I read somewhere that it costs Leica $750 to make one of these. I don’t know if thats true but if it is they have a little room to drop prices if demand slows.

      • Actually it costs quite a bit more than that and unfortunatley Leica will never ever lower prices on any model. They never have, never will. Instead they will most likely raise the price if sales slow. That is how they work.

        • Agree with Steve, not to mention they have to re-coupe massive capital investment in new production infrastructure. Also, Leica aligns strongly with the enthusiast market, which is where the focus for this kind of camera will firmly remain, in my humble opinion. Thanks Steve, keep up the great work. M

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