Leica SL is $600 off at B&H Photo!

Leica SL is $600 off at B&H Photo!

After writing todays post on the new Panasonic S1 I was browsing the Leica SL at B&H photo and low and behold, a $600 instant coupon! The SL is not cheap at $5995 (was originally $7495) but now with $600 off it is STILL not cheap! But hey, $600 is $600 and this brings the SL to $5395 and in the case of the SL I do feel you get what you pay for. Yes it is $2900 more than a new Panasonic S1 which has a newer sensor, even better EVF, 5 Axis IS and uses the same mount but it’s not all about that when it comes to taking beautiful photos.

See the SL Coupon Deal Here

Why would anyone want an SL TODAY? Well, I would take a current SL over the S1, so for those who are nuts like me, now is the time to get the SL it seems ; ) Also, and SL2 is surely on the way soon, but expect a much bigger price than $5395 and an all new design.

The SL still rocks and is still one of the best made and feeling cameras I have ever touched. It is also so so cool to use with M mount lenses. My full review is HERE. Follow ups are HERE, HERE and HERE. Oh wait, also HERE, HERE and HERE ; )



  1. Side by side the SL stats look very good next to the Panasonic S cameras… I depend on mine as a workhorse…..would have to be a healthy upgrade in features to switch to a newer SL version… no need at this time to even consider the P S1R

  2. S1 > SL: 2.25 lb > 1.86 lb Seriously? I really wanted to get the SL a while back, but the weight, size, and need for an M adaptor convinced me to stick to the M10. Couldn’t be happier . . . But I still like the images I see coming out of the SL. How could they allow the S1 get up to 2.25 pounds?
    I am really happy to see this movement towards the Leica L mount, and to some extent the new Panasonic S1 price and new viewfinder, and all the available lens adapters make it look appealing as well.

    • Just to note, I prefer the SL to the M when shooting M lenses. It’s an awesome experience with that EVF and with M lenses it doesn’t feel too heavy at all, nor is it too large. A bit taller than a Sony A9. Feels great in the hand. The S1 is heavy, but my guess is that it will feel pretty good with M lenses as well.

  3. This is a little confusing. Leica already has a $600 trade in credit for any SLR you send in at time of purchase. Is B&H knocking another $600 of in addition to the Leica promotion? That would reduce the price to $4795. That would be a good deal unless you want to wait out the SL2 release sometime this year.

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