B&H Photo will now Pay the Sales tax for You.

B&H Photo will now Pay the Sales tax for You.

B&H Photo just launched a new credit card which helps combat Sales Tax. They are calling it PayBoo. Basically when you use the PayBoo card you get an instant credit on whatever you purchase equal to the sales tax, hence, you are really not paying the sales tax! This could come in handy on large purchases.

So if you are interested in this new and unique credit card, you can read all about it at B&H Photo HERE.

I first saw a blurb in my email and it seemed B&H Photo sent this out to anyone who has shopped with them in the past. With laws now saying online retailers must collect tax, when we have been so used to not paying sales tax online, it’s a bummer to see our high dollar items go even higher with tax added in our online shopping carts.

So if you do not mind a new credit card, and shop at B&H Photo this is a no brainer as for some of you it can save you tons of money at checkout as B&H charges the tax but at checkout basically gives it back to you, so the sales tax amount…you never pay. It’s almost as if you are getting an instant discount equivalent to the sales tax. Either way, it’s a no brainier kind of thing.

All the info is HERE so you can read up on it over at B&H Directly. 


    • The APR is consistent with other store credit accounts which are not associated with Visa or MasterCard. As with any credit account, if the balance is paid in full on time there’s no interest charged. — Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video

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