Canon EOS-R, Lenses for sale!

Canon EOS-R, Lenses for sale!


Hey guys, just a note that I am selling my Canon EOS-R that I have owned since it was released. I used it 90% for 1080P live stream video shooting but since I now have the Panasonic S1 for my photo duties (and the S1 impressed me so much) I have found it does what I need for my livestream 1080P video duties as well. Since I have a dedicated studio video camera as well, this Canon EOS-R is not getting used. When I no longer use a camera, I sell it off and usually at a great price as I am not a collector ; ) Being a guy who reviews cameras for a living, I offer up things for sale a couple of times per year but this camera has been bulletproof and never had one issue for me. It’s a great system from Canon.

I am selling the body, with box. The box is the KIT box but it does not come with the 24-105, just the body only with two (official Canon) batteries, charger and strap. The body and the lenses I am offering below are in perfect condition without any issues or flaws in operation or cosmetics. I will also include the Canon EF to RF adapter so you can use EF lenses on the R body. This is a $100 adapter. 

The body only sells for $1999 at Amazon.  I will sell my body with two official Canon batteries and again, will come in an EOS-R kit lens retail box (but no kit lens as I sold that after I bought it) and all accessories like charger and strap as well as the Canon EF adapter. My price $1500 plus $50 shipping within the USA for the Camera Body.


I am also selling my 16-45 L Lens which is the f/4 with Image Stabilization. This lens sells on Amazon for $999  but I will sell mine, which is brand new and used ONCE in my home, for $700 plus $25 shipping. In the box, as new.

I also am letting go of one of my faves, the 24 1.4 L II. It sells on Amazon for $1549 and is also like new, used for video indoors for the last few months. In the box, perfect condition and will sell for $1050 plus $25 shipping.

ALL of this gear was used indoors, and is in perfect condition with boxes. 

If you want the entire kit, I can sell the EOS-R camera body with mentioned extras (extra battery and adapter) and both the 16-35f/4 and 24 1.4II lenses for $2950 plus $65 shipping within the USA. This is a $4700 value if bought new at Amazon. So quite the deal for the entire package at about $1800 off of that cost.

I will split PayPal fees with you so payapl fee will be 1.5%

If anyone wants any of these items or all of it, EMAIL ME HERE. First come, first serve. 

Thank you!





  1. Wheewf, so glad the Canon experiment is over. As for the S1, now that is a camera that deserves to be in the conversation … well done Panny! 😉

    • Well, we will have to see if it is truly a 1dX in RF mount. If so, it will be amazing. If not it may fall flat. It has to at least be as good as the S1 in regards to the sensor and EVF. I never owned any RF lenses, used them and tried them and almost bought a 28-70 but did not order it in the end. I am keeping my 50L as it’s the one lens I use often in that mount, but now use it with the S1. But I have high hopes for a pro RF.

      • Did you ever try the Panny G9? You have all the M43 lenses and it’s like a mini S1.

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