The Leica M10 and M9 Monochrom visits Romania by Dan Bar

The Leica M10 and M9 Monochrom visits Romania
by Dan Bar

Just got back from Romania and as always brought the M10 attached to the 28 Elmarit and the M9M with the 35 summicron, Two beautiful tiny light lenses which I learned to love and appreciate.

Romania is a beautiful country for every kind of photography,  People usually welcome you to take their photos which is nice, unlike here in Israel. 

My friend and I decided to shoot in a gypsy village not far from Bucharest.  Boy, that was some adventure! After some time kids started throwing stones at us and in order to save our lives we had to run from there as quickly as we could, but we knew we had to visit their farm again so the next time I found a lovely gypsy lady who agreed to take us to her village, so we payed her and with her there was no problem what so ever.

This time I converted many shots taken with the 10 to black and white and although I think the M9M does a better job on B\W I still think the M10 b\w photos are not far behind.

The first three images are from the Leica M9 Monochrom

The rest are from the M10

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  1. Dan, Your content is there but the exposures are killing your work. I am speaking as a newspaper/wire photog/editor with over 30 years in the biz. Maybe you don’t care to change, as it IS YOUR work, but it could be so much better.

  2. Underexposed no? Seems its your style, but there has to be a standard surely? If this was in an exhibition, I cannot help to think that the average person (to the average eye) would think this way. Anyway, depends who you appeal to – the average or the unusual…

    • It’s an artistic expression, everything doesn’t have to be perfectly exposed, there is NO stanadard in photography, In fact in my opinion there is nothing more boring and dull that people who perfectly expose their images, maybe because that’s what they have been taught is “correct”? if that’s the case then everyone should leave their camera on Auto mode.

      Take a look at Magnum photographer Matt Black’s work, dark, often under exposed, but one of the most progressive & interesting photographers out there, Paolo Pellegrín – one of the best photojournalists of his generation, James Nachtwey, the list goes on, these photographers show that you can still take interesting images even if you go against the “norm” of the dull & mundane 99% of technically correct photos out there.

      Try it you might find it liberating, I certainly would rather see images like this hanging in a gallery than if they were perfect on the histogram.

  3. hi Steve, Hi Dan
    just wondering if you had a link for Dans’ work…just googled him but only came up with your site
    love to see more of his work

  4. finally a guy a takes street pics, thanks for sharing

    Steeve, learn how to. after years trying, you should have this level, at least.

    Lucky we have Dan Bar!

    • I haven’t had an interest in Street photography for over 5 years or so. I used to post some great street shots but it’s no longer my thing. Maybe you should learn how to and post some? ; )

  5. I’ve been to Romania and was looking forward to reading your post. Unfortunately, your photos do this developing but beautiful country no justice at all. Romania is a lot more than a gypsy village, and even that was poorly portrayed. Dark and dreary can be beautiful and interesting, but this is not the case here.

    • I been living in Romania for over 3 years. And yes this is also Romania. Why does the poster have to show all sides of Romania? Is not like he is an ambassador of Romania. Does Romania have much to offer? Yes it does, tons of beautiful places that look like from a fairy tale, with lovely and beautiful people, but does it have also what has been portrayed here, yes also. Funny how those who are not Romanian are the first ones usually complaining…. it happens to me also very often with my pictures, and not even once it has been from a Romanian. I do find them a bit to dark, but that’s Dans style.

  6. not a fan of these kinds of images…not the content, mind you but the massively underexposed images.

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