Leica M10 and M9 Monochrom travel to Thessaloniki Greece by Dan Bar

Leica M10 and M9 Monochrom travel to Thessaloniki Greece

by Dan Bar

Hi Steve,

Flew to Thessaloniki Greece for 4 days, with the M10+ M9M.

What a lovely city, not as beautiful as Paris or Rome but a city with a lot of character , small roads wonderful food and great people.

Thessaloniki was once a Jewish center that was almost wiped out of the face of the earth by the Nazis ( 55,000 murdered ). There is still a small community with a synagogue, and a Jewish museum where I found two walls with all the names engraved on them. I even found my wife’s family names!

To some happier things I wad Savva’s guest. He leaves outside Thessaloniki ( 6 Km) but was so kind and never let me take the taxi, Even though he is much younger we became good friends.

I have also become friends with Alexandros who left work to show me the city and take photos together. We too finished great friends.

It was very hot 33-34 Celsius every day and shooting in such a heat was not easy, still I only came for 4 days.

The Greek people are so nice  very hospitable , and don’t mind being photographed. They love restaurants , pubs and LIFE!

As always I had my M10+ 28 Elmarit and the M9M+35 Cron with me. Carrying both cameras at the same time is a bit too much for me so I only carry one camera at a time.

The easiest time to shoot was late afternoon and night and that meant the M10 as the M9M which is a fantastic camera is basically a day time camera ( Max ISO – 800). Anyways I had a great time there and would certainly come back!

Have a great day!



  1. Alexandros is a wonderful person with a very big heart. On top of that he is a very good photographer and all who visit Thessaloniki should stop by and visit him!

  2. I’m glad to see a post about my city but I believe this photos are not representative of Thessaloniki.

  3. I really like the pictures. Very edgy with a great feel when looking at them. I know they difference is only 7 mm but what lens did you like better for composing, the 28 mm or the 35 mm? Thanks for sharing.

  4. This series brings a tear to my eye.

    I was born in Thessaloniki and love the city from the bottom of my heart. I still have relatives and friends there, and my mother travels there often.

    And you avoided the cliche images of the White Tower and Megas Alexandros statue on the esplanade. Although I do still find that part of the city very charming, with the large wooded park I played in as a small child.

  5. You gotta make ’em bigger! The photos almost all, become superb!
    Interesting view, one that in a way is a new viewpoint of quick captures.
    Few cameras are as fast as a Leica-M, accurate in focus and ease of framing.
    I thought here we go again with Danny, “Prince of darkness”!
    Wrong, wrong, sorry Danny.
    The last one is one burned into memory..

  6. Great series of photos, Dan! I had to get used to your style, but meanwhile I really love it, although it does not work for me(!) in all situations. However, I am always looking forward to new posts from you 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. Some nice shots here, but most of them would of been better if properly exposed… I know it’s his preferred style so I’m just offering my 2 cents.

  8. I enjoyed viewing these street scenes slice-of-life photographs. I’m liking Dan Bar’s dark exposure style more with each of his posts even though it is taken a little too far for my personal tastes. The main thing is the shots themselves are interesting as is the play of light and dark. They definitely benefit from taking the time to tap them to view larger. Thanks for posting and providing a unique viewing experience.

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