The Leica SL2 Leaked? Here is what it may Look Like and some Specs.

The Leica SL2 Leaked? Here is what it may Look Like.

So the long awaited and anticipated Leica SL2 has leaked, or so it seems (about a week ago). Japanese photo rumor site Nokishita has leaked images and some specs of the new Leica. Keep in mind, these words are based on these rumors.

According to these rumors, the SL2 will feature a 47MP sensor (just as I and many of you guessed) and well, not much else is known about it besides 24FPS 4k Cine Mode, of which the current SL already has. It looks nice, not too far off from the original. It seems the EVF and Sensor and Body have seen some updates. It’s also compatible with the Leica Photos app.

If this is a real image, and I believe it very well may be, the back of the SL has changed. I prefer the old design with the unique four button control system, but I am sure some will prefer this traditional Leica basic control system even more. THIS is beautiful and simple. 

If this is what it is I think it looks great, and will be fantastic. I also feel they should keep the original for sale and lower it officially to $3995 as some of us may find the original more to our liking (It is a classic after all, and took years to catch on).

Me? For my personal use, I will stick with the original as I much prefer 24MP to 47 and see no issues with the current model. But for those who have been wanting more megapixels for landscapes or 100″ prints (or cropping, or pixel peeping) will likely be happy with this rumor. In fact, I know MANY Leica fans will be ordering this camera as soon as they announce it, due to the larger MP count. If it handles and shoots like the original, or improves on this experience it will be wonderful.

I think if they keep the price at $5995 (which is the retail price of the current SL, though they can be had for $4500 new, even USA models from authorized dealers) it will be nice but the only issue I see is the direct competition from Panasonic with the S1R. I prefer the original SL to the S1 though it is close and the S1 is MUCH less expensive. I still feel the sensor in the original SL, along with the color signature and build beat the Panasonic. But for the general camera buying audience, how will they see this? Similar bodies, possibly the same sensor, same mount, same size… much different price points. I know the Q2 suffers in low light due to the new sensor, so hope we do not see the same with this new SL in low light.

I will say this. I was invited to a massive Leica event in October. I had to SADLY turn it down as I had a prior obligation for the same exact date that I could not get out of but my guess is that it will be for the SL2. Then again, who knows! Maybe they will surprise us with more or something else entirely. I did not sign an NDA so I have no clue if it was for the SL but with the leak… it all points to a new SL being available this October ; ) I have a TON of Leica SL posts here from over the years, you can catch up with them all HERE. 

What do YOU think of this new leaked rumor? I usually do not do rumors here but this seems legit! 


  1. A great camera and a nice companion to my current SL. I do not really need 47 MP in daily work, but it’s nice to have and I am looking forward to doing still live with 187 MP. A good opportunity to use the brilliant real SL lenses. I love the horseshoe shaped front element of the SL2 – it reminds me of my first R4. Somehow a timeless design.

  2. I agree, 24MP is a great compromise between low light performance and file size. Although the nickname of the new SL2 is Vadder I dought it will outperform the SL1 (or A7 III) in low light.

  3. It will be amazing!
    Looks like the same size of the Sony a7R IV.
    So, the wait is over: A Leica Q with interchangeble lens… IS HERE!

  4. Oh whatever. I’d rather they launched a new CCD based camera. At some point ALL these cameras will have the same sensor. What is the point in changing the shape of the camera, if your output stays the same. I’d rather have a new M with a CCD than another deliberately crippled Sony sensor that will play wannabe to the A7/9XX.

    • Who says the SL2 is using a Sony sensor? Leica has been known to have their own sensors designed and use TowerJazz. The original SL doesn’t use a Sony….
      Besides, even if the SL2 DID use a Sony sensor there is much more to the output such as the rest of the imaging pipeline. One thing for certain, the Leica will have a thinner filter stack that will play nicer with M glass, that is just one example.

      As for CCD sensors, move on man that ship has sailed.

    • Just this past week an interview with Stephan Daniel was published by a French web site. In that interview, Mr. Daniel was quoted saying he gets requests all the time for a new CCD M. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The technology has moved on and there are no vendors making a CCD that would be compatible with a current digital camera or produce the output that current generation CMOS sensors are producing.

  5. I keep reading 24MP is my sweet spot or 47 50 61 Megapixels are for landscapes or big prints only. The assertion that high megapixel cameras are for landscapes and big prints only is rubbish to me and many photographers do agree with me. I won’t bother going into all the excellent benefits having those extra megapixels provides except to say that cropping and down-sampling in post are enough of reason for most and provide the photo-maker with a high degree of file versatility and recovery. Attempting to dumb down high megapixels cams doesn’t make any sense to me though I do acknowledge older equipment can be choked by the large files 😉

  6. Hey Steve!

    I love my SL and first and foremost love to use it with my M lenses, but have to admit, the SL lenses and their APO designs are quickly growing on me. I’m primarily an M10 shooter, but pair it with the SL as quite a powerful combo. As I shoot the SL lenses more (24-90/35/75… and have shot the 90-280) I do get excited about what the larger sensor might do to get even more from these outstanding optics.

    However, what I’m most curious and potentially excited about is not just how the new SL2 might get even more out of the native SL lenses, but if it is indeed a smaller form factor to the current SL and the Panasonics. I’ve tried numerous times to want to like the Panasonic S1 & S1R, but they are just too SLR like and BIG. That and I feel like I heard somewhere they are not as good with M lenses, or at least not as optimized.

    Either way, I’m excited to see where they net out. The potential combination of the larger sensor (to get even more out of SL glass) and smaller form factor would be very compelling.


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