The Sony A7RIV is in stock and shipping now over at B&H Photo HERE. 

Amazon also has it listed HERE

If you want 60 Megapixels of pure imaging power in a 35mm full frame camera, this is the only game in town. I reviewed the camera HERE if you missed it. The images are quite nice I do admit. More in the video below (if you missed it) on this camera.


  1. Steve, perhaps this is the moment to ask you about the advantages or disadvantages of more pixels. You have repeatedly stated that that 24 mp is your sweet spot. This suggests that you do not find any real advantage to more and more pixels, and might even think there is a disadvantage.

    And so we move from 24, to 44, then 61 mp in sony AR cameras at higher and higher price.

    I have always thought that more mp gives more resolution to enable cropping. But if higher mp means pixels closer to one another, doesn’t resolution suffer because of inter pixel static (whatever that is)? Please help- me out here.

    • Hey Jim,

      I much prefer 24MP over anything higher. But that is me, my preference. I like it better as there is lower noise, which means much better low light performance. The Leica Q2 for example, does much worse in low light than the Q1. Since I shoot a lot in very low light, I much prefer 24. I also feel a 24 MP full frame sensor just has something about it..a look. It seems to be, to me, the right amount of pixels for a full frame sensor. Is the new Sony A7RIV a great camera? Yes, and many will LOVE it for that 61MP sensor. Mostly those who shoot landscape and want to print 100″ or something. Some like it for cropping but why crop so much? Why not take the time to get it right in your framing? For those who love to crop, or just like the idea of more and more resolution (why do we want more resolution than our eyes can even see in real life?) a camera like that will be wonderful to them, until they get tempted by 80MP or 100. Some are happy to give up lower light, have more noise and even less DR in some cases for higher MP because some tell us more MP means better. I remember LOVING my 4MP D2hs from Nikon. LOVED that camera, and 4MP was never a limitation. So why would 24MP be a limitation now? Anyway, just my personal preference. The Leica SL for example is indeed my #1 fave 35mm format full frame camera ever. Olympus makes my fave M 4/3 camera ever. Fuji makes my fave APS-C camera. All are between 20-24mp ; )

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