The 7 Artisans 35 1.4 Photoelectric Lens on the Hasselblad 907x. Wow!

The 7 Artisans 35 1.4 Photoelectric Lens on the Hasselblad 907x. Wow!

Hello again everyone! Today I have a short post for you with some samples that I shot with a $429 lens on the Hasselblad 907x. This is a Leica M mount lens made by 7 Artisans. They are known for their “cheap” M mount lenses but IMO, they have been improving their quality over the last few years, while the prices stay low. No, you will not get the exotic glass, or perfect sharpness but this is a decent lens for the money and offers a fast manual aperture lens that feels and looks like a Leica for much much less. I converted it to the Hasselblad using THIS adapter. You can read more about this lens or order one HERE. A few sample images below along with a video presentation on the lens.

I hope too test this lens on a Sony and possibly Leica M soon as again, it is meant for full frame. I just placed it on the Hasselblad to see how it would do and I feel it did pretty well!

Enjoy, and have a wonderful rest of your week!

My video for this combo…

All of the images below were shot on the Hasselblad 907x with the 7 Artisans 35 f/1.4 M mount lens. You can click the images for larger. ALL have been cropped besides image #2. You can see the darkened soft corners but this is because this is not meant for such a large sensor, rather a full Frame 35mm sensor. I will test this on a Sony and possibly Leica M soon. 


  1. I purchased the m mount and the lens. All it shows is “No lens found.” I checked physical installation and every electronic setting I could find.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Artisan is also making a 50mm F1.1 in Leica M mount (have you tried it?) ‘should be funny wide-open on a 44x33mm sensor !?

  3. Thanks for this review! Preaching to the choir my boy… I shot Hasselblad film cameras (literally thousands of rolls). I picked up an X1D fall of 2019. Have the Hassy VMount adaptor. I am truly in love with this camera and wholeheartedly concur that everything about it feels right. Your review is messing with my mind!!! I may decide to sell my X1D and move to the 907. Have you been able to try the back on a V system body? The files I have pulled have been just magical. My D850 comes close, but not that close 🙂

      • I’ve used a 907x with a 501c/m and 80mm f2.8 Plannar. The results are great – I actually prefer the colours reproduced off the old Zeiss glass as compared to the new XCD (that’s just me) but the resolving power isn’t quite as good. Many prefer the old glass for portraits from what I gather, although I’m mainly a landscape shooter. If detail and sharpness is paramount for you stick with XCD. I’ve got a 40mm Sonnar I’ve yet to try with the 907x back on.

  4. I love the rendering with the 7artisans. Did you took every pictures wideopen? Do you think that the first version of the X1D is worth it this days? Thank you so much and really happy to see you here again

    • These were all wide open, I may add more later stopped down. I should, so I will. The original is fantastic, same as the II besides it being a little slower to start up, no built in GPS and a little slower menu/touch. The II basically refined the I.

      • I find really crazy how it’s sharp in the center and the rendering, I really like it. I think It could be nice to use M-mount lens on it, good to know.
        I’m a M240 user so if it’s 2-3 seconds, it’s OK for me to start up but is it more? I guy sold an X1D for 3300 US dollars in my country, that’s why I can be interest to the X1D and why I ask you a question, thanks you for your answer.

    • @Cedric

      For photography under $3K I would X1D Mk1.
      I far prefer X1D design and build compared to Fuji GFX.
      X1D Mk1 has same colour signature, dynamic range, low light high ISO as X1D Mk2, 907x
      : sharing same sensor.

      I have no interest in Full Frame any longer for my way of photography not even Sigma fp:
      got the T-shirt many T-shirts.

      (Videography my primary focus these days is another matter).

      • Thank you for your answer OnceUponATime. Like I say before, I’m a Leica 240 user and I would like maybe to take an other camera for my landscape and go out photography but I’m only an enthusiastic and amateur photographer so I don’t know if it’s a really good idea to buy the X1D with some lens or not? I like to take my time for the good picture with the nice point of view and took maybe 100 pictures when I go out and shoot for a day. If I go for the X1D, I have to buy lens and it’s not cheap or maybe only with the 45mm f:4 for the beginning?

        • @Cedric


          I think renting X1D then with adapter mounting same Leica lens on X1D and 240.

          Or perhaps purchasing X1D online from store with 14days returns policy.

          One thing about 240 is range finder calibration. I think this one reason Steve found SL the easiest 35mm digital Leica with its EVF.

  5. Hello Steve. I’m about the bite the bullet and get an adaptor for my Cfvii50c as well. I want to hear from you in terms of the shooting experience. Do you use your right hand to focus and then pressing the shutter? Stability-wise is that an issue?

    • Hello, actually my left hand cradles the lens barrel and I focus with that hand. The right hand holds the body and my finger is right at the shutter button and dial. It feels great but I do have my strap on at all times, just in case I were to drop it.

  6. Steve

    I would say this lens / camera combination is worthy of further experimentation. Have fun with it.

  7. Hello Steve, it is so nice to see you back from your long sabbatical. I remember you have written a review on the 2nd generation Voigtlander 35mm f1.4. I would be appreciated it if you could make a comparison between these two 35/1.4 lens. Thank you.

  8. Looks great to me and the new Hasselblad is gorgeous for sure. But, I will have to vicariously enjoy such gear as it’s beyond my ability to justify. I’m still just using a 5 year old Olympus OMD EM5 II. Speaking of Olympus, would be interested in what you think of what has happened with them, as I know you’ve really enjoyed their cameras in the past.

  9. Great review Steve. Sure is temping to get the 907. The camera is a beauty with silver trim and the menu system is so simple. Your review is so inspiring I will be on getting the 907 in the Spring with the 45P. I don’t mind slowing down like you. As far as the 7 Artisan goes What effective length would the 35mm on the 907 or a 28mm and 50mm ? Your images coming from the Artisan look great. Hope you can review more Hasselblad lens.

    • The 45 gives us a 33mm equiv. The 35 would be more like a 28. To get 50 you would need the 65 2.8 XCD, which is a beautiful lens (rented one to try it out). Thank you.

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