Dec 172009

I snapped this image today using the M9 and Zeiss C-Biogon 2.8 lens. I am hoping to have the review up later today or tomorrow at the latest. Until then, here is one that will be in the review. I could not  think of a name for this one, so it is untitled. Also, click on the image for a glorious 1500 pixel wide version. Goes to show you that you do not need crazy expensive glass to get good results with the M9 :)

M9 – Zeiss 35 C-Biogon at F4 – No sharpening – Converted to B&W with COLOR EFEX PRO


I will also have a few full size out of camera samples from this lens in the review so be sure to check back!

  3 Responses to “Pic for the Day – A B&W with the M9/Zeiss 35 C-Biogon”

  1. Great photo steve. I recently picked up the 25mm Biogon and absolutely LOVE that lens. Great work on your site, I appreciate the info.

  2. Hey Doug, thanks! No, I actually used the B&W convert feature in Color Efex Pro for this one. For some reason, sometimes I prefer it to SIlver. Thanks


  3. Great shot, Steve. Thanks for putting it up. One thing, though, don’t you mean converted with SILVER efex pro?


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