Hittin’ The Road…with an Iphone?

Hey guys! I am hitting the road in 20 minutes for my 4500 mile round trip road trip! I am heading from IL to AZ to NV to CA over the next 7 days mainly as a vacation to visit family and friends but also to get some great photos (I hope). I am bringing along the Leica M7 with an 18 Elmar, 24 Elmar, and 50 summicron. The Olympus E-Pl1 is coming along with its kit zoom and 17 2.8 and I am also bringing the Leica D-Lux 4 with the 82 Televid to see if I can get anything cool with that combo.

One other thing I am bringing along is my Iphone loaded with a VERY sweet App called “Hipstamatic”. If you have an Iphone, love photography and want a super fun way to get some vintage looking shots then you MUST BUY THIS APP! Its only $1.99. Just go to the App store and search for “Hipstamatic”. It’s pretty cool and the best camera app I have come across for the Iphone.

I will be using the Iphone on the road, at stops and shops and hope to upload some to my facebook page HERE. If you are not yet my friend on FB, go to my page and add me! I will also be updating this site while on my trip, at least once a day so be sure to check in to see what is new.

Here are some shots I snapped with the Iphone just a few minutes ago….updates will come later (or tomorrow) from the road!


  1. Steve ! your aprouch to phtography inspire me a lot !!! Thanks i don;t want a Leica but i always take a look to your site before hiting the road to take pictures !!


  2. My iPhone photo recommendations:
    True HDR: you can make good, decent photos that aren’t blown out. It is a legitimate HDR creator.
    Hipstamatic: Ability to “swap lenses and film” makes it fun for photogs.
    Autostitch: A very legitimate pano maker. Just make sure you expose each photo the same. (Tap to focus and expose in the same light source)

    Use all of them together to make even better photos!

  3. Hey guys! Still on the road! I will try to have an update to the site in the next 24-48 hours!!!


  4. Hipstamatic is pretty cool, but I find the interface a little cumbersome in daily use. “Best Camera” is a nice alternative. I find it easier to decide how you want the photo to look after you take it, than before.

  5. Have a great trip, I know you guys will take bunches of great photos and share them with us when you return. Enjoy your time away, and happy snapping.

  6. I fully agree, the Hipstamatic is fantastic. But don’t forget to also get the Autostitch app for your iPhone. You can make amazing panoramas with this app in 1 minute.
    I will travel on Wednesday with my D-Lux 4 and iPhone and still not sure if I should also take my Digilux 2 (I want to travel light by train with my
    Have fun on your roadtrip

  7. Just coming back from NM with my Leica outfit but found myself also playing with the Hipstamatic. It is by far the best photo app on my iPhone. Looking forward to your growing Hip album and curious to see what “film, lens, flash,” etc. you like best with the app.

  8. Very cool. We’re going to Switzerland & Spain on the road soon taking Leica M9 & maybe Olympus E3 & the little canon S90

    yep we like road trips & photography too have a fabulous trip!

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