Daily Inspiration #84 by Pierre-Luc Bernier

I was browsing through my submissions folder and when I saw these they just felt right. I love the compositions and colors here and here is what Pierre had to say about them:

Hi Steve!

I’m a photographer from Montreal, Qc, Canada who discovered your website a while ago when searching information on the CV Ultron 28mm F2. I bought my first Leica, a M8, about a year ago and your website gave me a lot of inspiration.
Today, I’m sending you three images taken on the streets of Montreal with my M8.

1st shot: Kid playing
Caption: A kid is playing through the broken plastic window of a car pulled by horses on a winter day.
Metadata: Leica M8, ZM 50mm F2 Planar

2nd shot: Montreal’s Canadiens’ fans
Caption: Three dogs with vintage Montreal’s Canadiens hockey team suits.
Metadata: Leica M8, CV 35mm F2.5 Pancake

I’m glad to be part of your community that, I hope, will continue growing.

Pierre-Luc Bernier

Thanks Pierre! Lovely shots!


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