Some “NEW” Used Leica Deals…get ’em while you can!

Some cool used Leica deals!

Was browsing the used section at B&H Photo this morning and noticed quite a few “new” used Leica items…so tempted to pick up that Zeiss Sonnar myself! B&H is closed for the holiday but are accepting orders that will ship when they re-open on Wednesday. I’m guessing the Zeiss lenses will go quickly, so if you are itching for one of them, act quick. I’ve seen these go fast and the Sonnar has been a tough one to find lately.

GET IT QUICK! Used Zeiss 50 Sonnar 1.5 for your Leica M, under a grand! This is one of my fave 50’s ever – SO classic!!!

Used Leica M6 Mania – Here, Here, Here and HERE! – There is also a black classic in the classifieds here on this site for $1200!

Another great Zeiss ZM – The 35 F/2 Biogon, great deal!

LEICA 90 ELMARIT 2.8, Used Deal!

Used – LEICA M7 TTL, .85, Black 8+

A used Leica M8 with Handgrip, black – $2449

Dale Photo has a few cool used items as well…

Leica 90 Macro f/4 – GREAT little lens guys! $2000

Leica 50 1.5 Summarit – Old school chrome! – $700

Used M8 with a black dot!

BTW, the classifieds on the site here are rocking with some great gear…check it all out if you are looking for some great deals!


  1. Thanks Steve ! Isn’t the 90 Elmarit priced at $1300 a bit too much for a used 8+ rated lens ?
    – and not coded I am sure – for $400 more you get a new coded summarit….

    I thought the average price should be around $1000 ? no ?
    what would be a fair price in your opinion ? Thanks


    • Actually I sold my old 90 Elmarit for $2500 less than a year ago. I had two of them. IMO, the Elmarit is a better lens than the Summarit. Id take an Elmarit any day as long as it is the latest version before they stopped making them. Im not sure which version of the Elmarit B&H has here but if its the latest, its a good buy.

      • Thanks Steve ! Luckily I just found an elmarit (latest) in Europe as traveling that the guy is selling for $1100 Almost new and coded ! I guess this is a great deal 😉 even with a dollar worth nthing in terms of euros !


  2. Steve…you’re killing me here… A little less than a year ago you posted a used M6 with some serious scruff marks but in perfect working condition…and I picked it up. And now the Zeiss 50 Sonnar? *sigh*… Yup. It’ll be shipped to me after they reopen. 🙂 Then again, you started me down this long long path of shooting film…so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks for the tip!! 🙂

      • I will. I’ll try to shoot both B&W and Color portraits and landscapes. I know the 50 Sonnar is…”dreamy” wide open. Not unlike the 35mm Summilux pre-ASPH that I usually shoot with. I had the 50mm Elmar-M too but that’s attached to my Voigtlander that’s on an extended loan to a friend so I was itching for a 50 for my M6. I heard people complain about how it’s soft and such but…I like it 🙂 Thanks for the head’s up!!

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