Some site news…crystal ball prediction, and some new Fuji X100 & Olympus XZ-1 samples!

The Forums Are Going To Get A Major Improvement SOON!

It’s Tuesday, a perfect day for a news update. I will start off with the forums on this site, which were just started 6 months ago. Since then, there have been 5600 of you who registered to the site, which is awesome! Almost 1,000 per month.

Also, in 6 months, not ONE comment had to be moderated in the forums. That says a lot about the great people who come to this site. I love being positive and throwing out the positive vibe and it is so cool to attract positive people here as well!

I will be setting up an all new forum, more functionality, more features, more everything. Easier to use, edit your posts, etc. This will be launching as soon as next week, so stay tuned!

My Crystal Ball

Long time readers here will know about my “Crystal Ball” that I bring out from time to time. It shows me images and tells me of things to come in the camera world. Things that readers here would find interesting. It has a 99.6% accuracy rate to date but today it was REALLY dusty so lets hope it is still as accurate. What did I see when I gazed into the ball today?

  • I saw (what I thought was) an M camera  – something that appeared to be pretty damn gorgeous – classic. It came in and out so quick that I could not really tell what it was as I did not see a model name or anything. It was floating on 6 clouds which tells me a possible JUNE announcement as June is the 6th month 🙂 Could be wrong, you never can tell.
  • I also saw what appeared to be a lens that I never have seen before….small, compact – well made. Looked like an M lens but it could have been something new. Again, the ball was hazy…it was floating on 6 dashes…6-bit? June? Let’s wait and see!

Thats all I saw today but I am happy I took a look. Now lets see what June brings us from Leica, if anything!

The Olympus XZ-1 arrives…

Was out and about today with my buddy Mike and had the Fuji X100, M9, and Olympus X-1 with me. Took some shots and wow, the little XZ-1 is a KICK ASS little camera! It’s in the league of the D-Lux 5, but so far I like it because Olympus added all of the art filters from the PEN series into this little camera. It has a fast 1.8 lens, a huge LCD, super fast shot to shot time, and a nice little design. I will have more on this camera very soon, but for now here are a couple of silly snapshots right out of the camera.

Using the “Dramatic Tone” filter…

and my old fave, the Grainy B&W Filter

More from the Fuji X100

Yes, I am still enjoying the X100. I updated my review with some  new stuff over the past few days but still loving it, even with its quirks. I am finding that the more I use it, the more I like it. If you like it when you first get it, then it gets better. If you do NOT like it when you first get it, use it and use it some more. It does grown on you in a weird kind of way. Me, I liked it from the get go as I learned to get around the quirks of the camera. I am finding the Dynamic Range of the X100 to be fantastic and I love the lens. I also love that it is a fixed 35mm equiv lens. Simple, effective and makes you work!

Here are some shots from today…still loving the color!

More X100 news…This morning I  was sent a new review on the X100 by controversial reader and guest writer David Babsky. Some of you may know David from THIS article, or even THIS one. Are you ready for his take on the Fuji X100? I should be posting it this week, so stay tuned!

The M9! Today I had my M9 with me along with the old 50 Summitar. Talk about classic rendering.

That is about all for today in the news department. Lots more new stuff this week. I also have a GF2 on hand as well as a GH2 from Panasonic and after shooting the Fuji X100, for some reason their output is not exciting me…more in the next few days!

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  1. Do you always drive with a white knuckled death grip on the steering wheel lol great reviews as always steve keep em up 😉

  2. ‘6’ wrote:

    “The camera in the paperboy images is my old chrome MP. The frame advance lever broke whilst we were on vacation. Damn quality control at Leica, what’s the world coming to?”

    Number 6 from the old TV series ‘The Prisoner’ would never have made such a clumsy mistake.

    The camera seen is the Daily Mail photos has no MP/M6-style battery cover.

    What it does clearly have is the optical port for the extra light-measuring sensor of the M9.

    It is not an MP

    Sorry 6, you will have to do better than that!

    To quote the opening of each episode of “The Prisoner”:

    “Number 2: We want information… information… information.
    Number 6: You won’t get it.
    Number 2: By hook or by crook, we will.”

    Be seeing you.

  3. 6,

    That 50 Elcan f/2 sounds amazing. You should give a few photos from that lens to Steve for a Daily Inspiration post. 🙂

  4. `6, when you steal Steve’s M and sneak in the s95, would you mind sneaking his M into my camera bag when I’m not looking? I think everyone would win, then. Thanks in advance!

  5. I agree on what 6 says about the X100 and Leica design. The X1 is simpler, and gets out of the way of having to fiddle with settings, menus, etc. You just shoot. It’s all personal pref. I still love the X1 for what it is as its IQ ad lens is fantastic, as is its design and beauty. Still, after daily use of the X100 as my only camera, I have learned its quirks and it can be as speedy as any other camera. Both are great, and you cant go wrong if you want a nice everyday camera.

    If you own an M9, the X100 will NOT be a replacement. No way, totally different cameras. I LOVE my M9…it’s my match. The X100 will be staying in my collection due to the Fuji colors that I personally enjoy sometimes, and the built in VF.

    As for the Canon S95, for some reason I have never been a fan of the S90 and 95 though many are. I much prefer the Olympus XZ1 which still fits in my pocket and has a faster lens, takes fantastic video, has cool art filters and is super speedy. Also enjoy its super macro setting.

    There are so many cameras out there these days and ALL are good. They really are. What it comes down to is what features you want – size, quality, video, usability, etc.

    But the M is the camera that will always stay with me until I can not shoot anymore. I’m saving for something new coming along soon and 6 knows what it is as he has one already 🙂

    • Yeah, interesting Steve.

      When speaking to Stefan D in FL (wish you were there), I swapped him the X100 for product ‘X’ that he’d brought for me. He used it for most of the day and his comments were pretty much in keeping with ours, nice camera with some innovative aspects but a Jack of all trades, master of none. The fact that it’s master of none isn’t really the problem, it’s more that it’s trying to be a Jack of all trades which is where it got sticky for him. It was funny because I could see the apparent differences in culture between German’s and Japanese. He looked at it and just couldn’t compute why he couldn’t just shoot it. He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t immediately aware that he’d turned it on and what all those different screen option modes were on the back or why he’d even be interested in said modes….what did they have to do with him essentially taking the picture?
      He thought the hybrid VF was very cool but again not as straight forward or well implemented as it could’ve been i.e when pulling the leaver it doesn’t change the modes unless you do it two or sometimes three time depending on what mode you are in.

      I concur.

      I like the X100 and in fact I just found one for a friend but I personally will not be using it again for the reasons you stated, I have an M therefore it is of no further interest to me. Although I have a feeling that even if I didn’t have an M I would probably go for an X1. Yeah, I know the X1 has slow focus and whatever but it just takes pictures and does so exceedingly well without getting in my way. It’s the countless sub menus that I cannot deal with in the X100 and like you I know the camera pretty well now having discovered it’s quirks but unlike you, it has NOT become second nature, it isn’t quick and it still gets in the way of my photo making flow. For all it’s shortcomings I prefer using the X1 if I had to go there because at least it’s seamless. All of the things that I guess we feel we need or have been conditioned into thinking we need will come in future Leica products but my guess is that they will come with cultural differences, they will be characteristically Leica in their simplicity, they will be undeniably German.

      I’m not surprised that you never got into either the S90 or S95. It’s Canon and I don’t know if it’s me but the big dog seems not to be taken seriously recently or maybe people are just bored of them being good for so long…I don’t know what it is. But as you know I have all of these cameras mentioned here so I’ve no axe to grind and in fact, I remember it was me telling you that I’d just purchased this new camera called the XZ-1 and how great I thought it was. I still do but compared to the S95 the latter wins for me. The size of the S95 is a big plus and then of course there’s the design which is flawless by anyone’s criteria….yes, I did say that…it’s that good and should win a design award for it’s ergonomics and overall operation. I have been walking around with it over the last couple, together with my M9 and it’s just perfect as a little picture taking box that happens to make great 720 hd. It may not have the cool filters that the Olympus has but I’ve even grown weary of those. I’ve gone back to using LR3 recently and getting into building my own presets and understanding what the controls do on an advanced level. In that regard the S95 RAW’s are superior to Olympus’ and I prefer it’s grain structure. The Oly can get a little mushy in a hurry which I do not like. Yes, the Oly has a fast lens, f/1.8 compared to the S95’s f/2….really? I shan’t be losing any sleep over that spec.

      I’m also finding myself getting less hung-up on small sensor quality issues and focusing more on the box’s picture taking ability, focus, handling etc because pretty much ALL of these modern cameras nowadays do a brilliant job. I figured it was time for me to finally lay the peeping to rest because I can make spectacular looking prints from any of them.

      When we resume our Euro excursion I’m going to bring an S95 with me for you to use. I’ll sneak it in you camera bag when you’re not looking,maybe steal your M temporarily thus forcing you to use the S95 to cover the whole tour….video and all!! Hahahah……


      • Seal – I get the complaint that the X100 isn’t the intuitive shooter that something like an M9 or X1 is and I have wrestled with the complexity of the X100 myself. But, like many, I don’t have the luxury of owning an M9 myself. So if you want an AF camera with the option of shooting Optical (yes!), EVF, or LCD all built-in, with best in class build quality and arguably IQ, is there a better choice?

        Man, I wish I could say that the M9 was my camera of choice, hopefully in the future, but for us mere mortals, the X100 represents a tremendous value.

        That XZ-1 looks good but all those current crop of small sensor compacts (S95 and LX-5) seem interchangeable. They all do great big DOF or shallow macro but none of them perform like the film compacts that can render a nice shallow DOF for standard shots. Hopefully we see something the size of the X1 (or smaller) with a fixed FOV fast lens and optical viewfinder in the future. I recall seeing a rumor about the X200 being a smaller point and shoot camera – maybe a digital Natura S f/1.9 or how about an X2 with OVF, a real proper digital CM!!

        • Hey Chad, I desperately want the X100 to work out because I have a vested interest in it. I have been shooting with a manual film camera for quite some time and have been wanting to buy a digital camera. I have shot with various digital cameras ranging from the GF1 to Canons 5d. Very competent cameras but for some reason I felt I was spending too much time in the menus and missing that tactile experience that I so enjoy with my Nikon FM2. Plus, because of the nature of my work, I cannot lug around a DSLR with multiple lenses. Given this, the X100 seemed to be an excellent option. I looked forward to its functional simplicity and high image quality. For me at least, both of these are equally important. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to try out the camera therefore cannot discern the extent of the AF and other issues that users have described, but these are big issues for me. If I am going to be spending too much time in the menus and figuring out focus, then this defeats the cameras back to basics philosophy. On the other hand, these seem like issues that can be easily fixed by Fuji and I am sure that they will do so soon. Once that is done, I have no doubt that this camera will be one of, if not the best, value for money cameras on the market.

          • Hi Chad,

            you did read the bit where I said it was “a great camera” right? I understand the appeal and for many I can see this camera being the answer to what they’ve been waiting for. I think you know by now that although I joke about being a Leica disciple I really do appreciate great product and innovation no matter where it comes from. I want to love this camera but for me personally it falls short in the long run. It comes down to fun and I don’t have fun using it. As I stated before, it gets in my way and it does this with something that could so have been avoided….the menu system and silly things like the tiny menu button ( I have fairly big hands). Anyway, good luck and congrats to those who are loving it, Fuji deserve your hard earned dollars.


          • No worries Seal. I wasn’t questioning your take on the X100. If I owned an M9 I don’t know if I’d even bother with it. Wait, scratch that, forgot I’m a camera geek 😉

            I have a feeling that as soon as a manufacturer comes up with a true compact with a large sensor and built in OVF – the modern Contax T3 – I’ll be selling my X100. That is the camera I’m waiting for and my “crystal ball” tells me it is going to happen!


            Like you, I enjoy working a manual camera and for me the X100 works best in this mode (minus the MF). Adjusting the aperture ring and shutter speed dial on every shot brings me closer to the manual film experience than I ever have – again, I don’t have an M9! The biggest complaint is the close focus. It isn’t that it can’t be done, it’s that you have to think about it, taking you briefly out of that image making zone. So, I’m working to make it all second nature and I’m just about there. For the money their simply isn’t a better solution out there for a camera that replicates the manual exposure, OVF experience. And yes, I’m sure Fuji are working hard to improve that experience. Hope you enjoy yours.

          • Good to hear that you are enjoying your Fuji — I am truly envious. I definitely appreciate the manual controls, thats what attracted me to the X100 in the first place, but the complaints about unreliable AF and almost unusable MF have put me off a bit. It may be one of those things that is a non-issue once I actually try the camera. Some people tend to be pickier than others, hence at times complaints may be a bit exaggerated. After all, the biggest advantage of digital is that one has the luxury of reviewing ones shots and making the necessary corrections on the spot- this should take care of X100s issues in most situations. I have seen some great images from this camera and have no doubt about its potential, even in its current imperfect form. However, since purchasing the Fuji will require a substantial marshaling of my meagre, soon-to-be-student-again resources, I want to make sure that I get the latest and greatest version.

    • If you check you’ll know why you just gave away what the new Leica M product is:

      “But the M is the camera that will always stay with me until I can not shoot anymore. I’m saving for something new coming along soon and 6 knows what it is as he has one already.”

      Seal spotted with an MP with no rewind lever eh? Couldn’t be an M9-P/MP-D could it?

      • Actually Mark,

        the camera in the paperboy images is my old chrome MP. The frame advance lever broke whilst we were on vacation. Damn quality control at Leica, what’s the world coming to?


  6. i am stuck between the olympus xz-1 and canon powershot s95.
    look at minaiture mode,why when you are using miniature mode on the xz-1 it is a slowed down efect like 5 fps or so when you move the camera.
    is this to do with the diferent image stabilisation used by the xz-1.
    i find pictures taken by the s95 to be sharper than the Lx5 anyone agree.

    • I have an s95, an LX3 and the XZ-1. If I were to buy one it would be hands down, the S95.
      It’s small and has great results. If you like the idea of the Art Filters, the XZ-1 is compelling but in a larger package than the S95.

      • Ralph, I couldn’t agree more. The XZ-1 is a great camera and you have to love Olympus for it. I’ve been messing around with the Fuji X100 (which btw, I’m so over) thinking it would be the additional camera I’d be taking with me along side the M9. But when I actually thought about what I’d need another camera for I decided against it. As a backup camera (whatever that means…I’ve never been entirely sure) it’s no M and is big plus I’ve never had any of my M’s digital or analogue breakdown or give up on me. So now we’re talking about a camera that will be an alternative to my M9…why?

        A secondary camera for me needs to be as small and fuss free as possible and this is where the S95 wins and beats just about everything else in it’s class. It has good performance for it’s sensor size, it’s ergonomically brilliant, it has just enough features (one’s that you want/need) and none of them get in the way of making pictures. Throw in a fast lens and good zoom range and what you have is a perfect point ‘n shoot.

        So the European tour followed by our annual family vacation will be recorded with my M9-? with the 24 f/3.8, 35 f/1.4, 50 f/2, 90 Macro f/4 and the S95 as my ‘I don’t want to carry my M9’ option.

        Credit where it’s due, Canon have created the perfect point ‘n shoot camera in the S95 and I have seen nothing to date that can compete with it ‘all things considered’.


        • 6, I think your kit for the European tour is spot on. I do a lot of shooting and it is amazing how many pro shooters I meet that always have an S95 in their pocket.
          I am always amazed what the little guy can do. Interesting that you are already over the X100.

          • Hi Ralph,

            One change to my Euro kit. Instead of taking a normal 50 Summicron, I forgot about this wonderful little lens I bought in Vienna along with a very rare M4 which was made for the US military, it’s a 50 Elcan f/2 which is kind of like a Summicron except these were calibrated for the military so they are extra sharp (if you care about that sort of thing) but they render beautifully much like a Summilux. This is due to having 10 aperture blades creating a more circular diaphragm. This lens is so beautiful not only in the way it rendours, but also in that it is tiny which is saying something seeing as normal 50 Summicron’s aren’t exactly large. I have 50 Summilux’s that I could and probably should take seeing as they are my favorite lens of all time but I’m on a tiny kick at the moment which is why I’m going for the slower but much smaller wides. and the 90 f/4 macro.

            Yeah, funny about the X100, it’s a GREAT camera but now that I’m back using the M it became glaringly obvious why I couldn’t love it…’s way too fiddly. All I want to do is make a photo and I find that the X100 gets in the way with it’s quirks and temperamental AF. Now before people start getting upset, I said it’s a GREAT camera….just not for me. The honeymoon period ended and I’m back to the purists choice. I now see why despite it’s innovation, some people prefer the X1 over the X100. Leica just have that aspect of design sussed. They don’t do too much.


  7. WOW, been playing with my XZ-1 for a week and I think it is worth the price of admission just for the Art Filters. This camera is a blast to use and has elements of the s95 and P300 with fast glass. As you show in your samples, the Dramatic Tone and Grainy B&W are great, but the Pop Art is cool as well. You will need to read the manual to get control of it since the menus are confusing, but it’s good fun to easily create eye popping photographs. The multiple exposure is interesting and you can use the Art Filters with the video mode. It’s not cheap and it’s not a toy, but it might as well be considering all the cool effects it turns out. I’m still waiting for my X100 to ship so thanks for the updates..[img]/Users/ralphliniado/Deskto/Users/ralphliniado/Desktop/RLiniado.jpgp/RLiniado2.JPG[/img]

  8. Oh yeah? Well I dreamed that Leica would announce the A9 (A for Affordable), Basically an M9, but mostly made of polycarbonate, assembled in Viet Nam, and priced at US$850.00.

    But I always have weird dreams when I eat pepperoni pizza with hot sauce right before bed.

  9. A new M would be perfect. I hope they name it M10. 🙂 I was about to buy an M9 but after reading Steves predictions I will wait a little longer. I have waited more than a year so I can wait few months more.

  10. Steve, or whoever, what is your take on the opinion of some that the Olympus xz-1 employs excessive, uncontrollable noise reduction even at low ISO and is a big disappointment in low light?

  11. Steve, put the Oly EVF on the XZ-1 before you go shoot. It totally changes the idea of a pocket camera into a serious photo tool. I hate shooting at arm’s length, so this gets the camera back up to your face where it belongs.

  12. Hrm the bokeh from Summitar is quiet busy, and unpleasant to look at! Maybe it’s just in this photo… dunno! Olympus looks great! As for the “new” Leica stuff well I’m not so interested in it. Nice to read about it but that’s where it all ends for me.


  13. I think you should have a forum. While there are plenty of other sites with forums it is always helpful to a visitor to be able to search a forum or post a question. Forums, if lively, will also increase your hit rate, drive eyes to the site, and increase your ability to attract advert $ to support the site.

    • The whole XPAN thing intriged me when it first came out and I think that a digital one would get me past my doubts as far as processing and printing are concerned. (Remember that it was introduced before digital became mainstream so printing was an issue when you’re not near to pro labs) I would be quite interested 🙂

    • now there’s a camera we need! personally i don’t need a new M9.whatever… first. i don’t want mine to become obsolete and i think it stills delivers. i don’t think a cheaper M is coming as they have done this in the past and people just didn’t want them. and there is a x100 sensor sized leica M, it’s called the M8. i too think that they should pick up on lens production and the hassy depends more on fuji than hassy. that would be a sweet camera!

      • Jorge, I agree with you, the XPAN came to mind because it was basically the same camera as the Fuji TX – I am not sure how close a relationship the two companies now share, but the X100 opens up a range of possibilities for similar collaboration. I have never actually had the pleasure of owning the XPAN but from what little I experienced, it was as good as the Leica when it came to build quality and optics and had a very decent price to quality ratio.

        Anyway, I am glad to see others excited about this concept. Hope it comes through..

  14. I hope it’s an X100 killer but I’m guessing an M9.2, extra 1 or 2K on the current price and a 6 month waiting list.

    rather than making new toys why don’t Leica just make what people have on back order, I mean an 8 month waiting list for a 50mm Lux, just crazy

    • Tyler, I waited about a year for my lux, but it finally arrived. Just be patient, which I know is difficult, especially when Steve waves on in front of your nose every now and again. He doesn’t mean it, really.

  15. Hi Steve,

    It would be really helpful if you could write a post to describe your workarounds for some of these “quirks.” I have seen a lot of individual efforts on the web that give tips on focusing as well as other stuff, but I have yet to come across a comprehensive “idiots guide” if you will. I know youre probably busy as hell but this will add a lot of value for the readers of this site.

    I just hope the Fuji guys come up with a detailed firmware update and add the finishing touches that this gem rightly deserves.


  16. I don’t think you should worry about the forum. I think I’m one of the few people who tried to kick off a topic here and there, but more people seem to track comments as you mentioned.

    You’re doing some nice work with the fuji, good job!

  17. Greetings Steve!

    I posted two days ago about the same you saw in your crystal ball on – cause in the last issue of the LFI-magazine the too “announced” Leica-News for already the first half of the year 2011 – and of course that’s not so far away. More to be read in the next issue on June.


  18. The Olympus cam has me interested. Wonder how it compares to lx5 and Sony nex 5. Also I hear it’s huge for a compact, bigger than the lx5. Can’t wait for a video and IQ review. Love the simple design but so far for the price, get a ep1 instead. Either can’t wait for the review.

    • The Oly is nice, really nice. HAs the potential to beat out the LX5/D-Lux 5 as my fave “compact-ish” smaller sensor camera. So far, so good. It’s VERY fast to AF, and it’s very responsive. Fast lens is great but not quite sure the IQ can beat the LX/DLUX yet. It might, but the filters are really cool and the design is nice and thin. Could use a grip…wait…this is not my review! More soon!

      • I thought about the Oly, but after watching the review of it on youtube (Digitalrev), and my listening to my dealers comments on it, I went for a GF1 instead. It’s quite large for a compact.

        • I am not a fan of the S90 sensor, and the S90 ISO performance. I think the S90 was the most overrated compact of 2010. The XZ-1 seems to be a great camera for what it is, a compact. It does indeed fit in my pocket and it’s fast, accurate and fun to use. Much smaller than a GF-1 and lens BTW, but also will not compete with a GF1 due to the sensor size diff.

          Different class of camera – XZ-1 and any M 4/3.

          • ARGH! I’m dying for that review, Steve! As I’m just about ready to pull the trigger on a new compact-ish cam to go with me on a 2-month sea voyage (accompanied by the trusty M3), the Olympus has really caught my attention. But so have the E-Pl2 and D-LUX5. Quite different flavors of the Oly & Leica vs. the m4/3s, yes, but…. Both types are very transportable and carry-able.

            Any thoughts?

  19. I do hope that you restore the forum in some form. I found it informative since from time-to-time it provided me with answers to questions I had pondered (and sometimes to questions I had not thought of).

  20. Steve, the old 50 Summitar is incredible. Would really like to see more of that.

    Your site really ROCKS! Thanks for keeping us well informed and also your candid comments.

  21. New M…nice….M9.2 is my guess, as it is about that time for a refresh (sapphire glass, chrome instead of steel grey, vulcanite, black dot, new framelines from the Titanium)….that’s my guess…

    If so, well…I ain’t budging….if it’s the digital CL, with a APS cropped sensor like that in the Fuji X100. Given that Fuji borrowed from Leica, how about a little role reversal…A X100 sized cropped sensor lower priced Leica M camera for $2,500ish…that’s my wish for June!

    • “A X100 sized cropped sensor lower priced Leica M camera for $2,500ish.” I have a feeling that Fuji is going to beat them to it — Leica has a lot to catch up ,technology wise, with Fuji. Sure, Leica has better lenses, and they can leverage that with a smaller, cheaper M system, but it will take them a while to match the OVF/EVF functionality of the Fuji. In any case, I am not sure if any other camera makers will be able to replicate the hybrid viewfinder system even if they could, because of Fujis patent on this innovation.

      Also, I doubt whether a M “lite” at $2500 is going to do them any good. Most people find the Fujis $1200 price tag too expensive, and that is even though it is coupled with an excellent, custom calibrated lens. If I am a photographer who has always wanted to own a Leica (which I am), a $2500 M with a smaller sensor will still be out of my reach because I will have to shell out another 1000 to $2000 for a good Lieca or Zeiss lens. Even with that, there is no guarantee that the IQ will be as good as the Fuji because the lenses and sensors will (may) not be calibrated to optimize performance.

      I have beaten this horse to death so I wont start this debate again, but I really feel that Leica needs to rethink/ broaden their product portfolio and reconsider their pricing (i.e. lower it dramatically). The M9 isn’t going to keep them afloat for too long.

    • Ashwin, are you sure you don’t have a crystal ball too? Might need a little polishing but it does sound like you have one. 😉


    • I’m guessing a minor M9 update, more aesthetic than anything else. Sapphire glass, no dot on the front (neither red nor black, just classic engraving on top), silver chrome.

      Seriously doubt there’ll be the new frame-lines.

      Black chrome would be nice, as I like it for practical reasons, but it’s currently not very ‘in’, so I’m not holding out much hope .

  22. the M camera you saw floating on six clouds might mean it’s atleast $6,000 which is floating high above what most of us can reach.. ^_^

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