News, Updates, Google +, NEX 5 & 7, E-P3, Mish Mosh of information..

 The image above of me was shot by Ed Tan in Seattle. Thanks again Ed!

Site news, Updates, Google +, NEX 5 & 7, E-P3, and a Mish Mosh of Information…

More Workshops Coming…

Happy Tuesday to all! Just wanted to post and say that I have a bunch of stuff in the works and I am finally recovered from my busy month on tour with Seal and then the Seattle Workshop weekend. The workshop was FANTASTIC and I have been getting feedback from the group, which is great to hear. Thanks one more time to everyone who participated in the weekend. Speaking of workshops, I have plans to set up 2-3 more and once again, will add to them with more instruction, more critique and more hands on/visual things like technique, overcoming street shooting fears, etc. Look out for San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, Southern California, and yes…maybe even Paris. These will be the next locations and announcements will come soon. If any of you live in the Las Vegas, Chicago or San Fran area and would like to help out with hosting, guest speaking, etc then e-mail me. Also…with the help of Roger Paperno and Ashwin Rao we may be doing a week long workshop throughout Europe…sort of a “luxury” workshop 🙂 If this happens I will share the amazing details soon.

But here is a question, and feel free to leave a comment with your answer. If you would be interested in participating in a workshop in San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas or Southern California then let me know. I will schedule these events around interest. Also, no need to shoot Leica to attend! All cameras and skill levels are welcome, just like they are here at this site!

Just a coulpe of  the e-mails I received in the last two days about Seattle…

“Thanks again for opening up your home to us for the weekend.  It was such a great time, the most fun I’ve had in a workshop.   Meeting all of the Leica shooters and learning from you guys was worth making the trip up to Seattle.  My studio is open to you guys when you plan a Southern California workshop, so please let me know when you’re planning your world tour. – Todd Hatakeyama”

“Steve & Ashwin: Thanks so much for hosting and presenting a superb gig (not quite sure what to call it – a mixture of workshop, meetup and pissup (that’s Aussie for good time with beer involved)). I had a great time and picked up many useful tips and tricks. Thanks again. Cheers Peter”

Love that he called it a mixture of a workshop, meetup and pissup! Awesome as that is just what it was 🙂 Lots of passionate photographers who wanted to get out there and shoot with others who are just like them. Here is a page you have to see, Ashwin’s post with his have images from the weekend. Enjoy!

Social Netoworking Insanity…now join me on Google +

Just when I thought I was all set up with Facebook and Twitter, along comes Google +. So yes, now you can join me on Google + which seems like it will be “the place to hang” really soon and it also appears there is a growing community there already of Leica shooters so be sure and get over there and JOIN ME HERE, add me to your circle! Also, if you haven’t already feel free to “Like” me on Facebook! Every “like” helps. All you have to do is go here and press LIKE! It is not a “friend” request, just a like 🙂 Finally my Twitter page is HERE and my YOUTUBE videos can be subscribed to HERE. Oh! How can I forget my RSS feed? See what I mean? All of this Social Networking..INSANITY! Remember the old days before the internet? Hahaha.

More Reviews Coming…

So….right now I have a Canon 5D MKII and 50L that I am messing with. My goal was to do a “Crazy Comparison” between it and the M9/Noctilux/Summilux combo. Ive taken a few shots for this but will be heading on a trip next week for 7 days (Going to visit Chicago) where I will get the bulk of the shooting done. Should be interesting. I mentioned in another post or comment that the 5D files seemed more “flat” or “lifeless”. Well, upon closer inspection, and with some tweaks it is getting closer 🙂


Also, I am going to review the NEW MICRO 4/3 Olympus E-P3 soon and ALSO show a video overview of the new NEX-5 features that were recently added via firmware, especially the focus peaking which in my short experience has been working great. Speaking of the NEX series…what about the supposedly upcoming Sony NEX-7. Did you guys see this one? An EVF included in the body. YES! Looks mighty interesting!

Even more NEX coming soon. I have been shooting with the new SLR Magic 28 2.8 NEX E mount lens and will even be giving this lens away in a contest at the end of this week. Ill be posting my review soon, again, I need more images to evaluate it. Also, you heard it here first…something super delicious is coming soon…something really cool. Damn, thats all I can say 🙂

So the Canon/Leica comparison, the E-P3, the NEX-5 Focus Peaking, and the SLR Magic 28 2.8 all coming REALLY soon! Hoping I can get the new Oly 12 f/2 to test as well. In many ways it looks interesting, and in some not so much so.

So there you go, the latest happenings here at the site and in my home! Haha…be sure to check back a bit later today for a really cool Daily Inspiration! Until then, get out and shoot!


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  1. Hi Steve,
    I follow your reviews for a while from Bangkok where I live ( I design furniture and have a factory to make my dreams come (almost) true 😉
    I am a Sony user. Started with a A350 (now in a cabinet until I give it to a kid who will show some serious interest in picturing), then went to the A77 (I love it) and have added a Next7 (I love it too).
    These 2 last jewels make me feel I can, some lucky times, be a kind of acceptable photographer…hehehe!
    Your last posts about the Alpha 7 and 7r start to make me feel like hungry again. Full frame, size, details…
    I would like to thank you for your work and your way to transmit your passion for photo.
    anytime you pass by Bangkok, you have an address here 😉
    Please forgive my poor English. I am a Frenchy born in Bordeaux.
    Claude Berger

  2. Looking forward to the 5D + 50 review!

    Also can you please please please (many pleases ) do a couple comparison shots with some of your other gear without saying which image came from which camera and then open it up to voting? I would love to see what people think of images without their relative brand-tinted glasses clouding the issue.

  3. Still not able to join the google plus, it only open for limited people…
    BTW, can’t wait for the Olympus E-P3 review….Wait to see if I want to trade my NEX for E-P3…

  4. I’d like to see the camera equivilent of a “cage match” with the Fuji x100, the Oly E-P3, and the Panny G3.

    Rules are:

    No flash use, all outside
    “Street Shooting” around 125th sec and f5.6- f8
    100% crops of similar shots
    Color Rendition, sharpness, etc.
    All shooting with Pancake lens of similar focal length

    Are you up to this challenge?

    • I didn’t care for the G3. I tried it out briefly but didn’t like the feel, the look or the menu system. Seems like Panasonic, at least IMO, is dropping the ball and letting Oly overtake them in the best of the M4/3 bodies.

      The E-P3 will kill the X100 in the AF speed dept, but not in IQ due to the sensor size. Street shooting though, with the Oly 12 or new 25 Lux…may go to the E-P3 due to its speed.

    • With my GH1, i dont know what “menu system” means, as i never use it
      i find the camera more ergonomic and faster to use then my eos 40d,
      and i find the G3 much nicer&smaller package then e-p3+evf,
      oh and that twilttable lcd just sweetens the deal, not to mention the superior Panasonic g3 sensor

  5. Hello Steve, I will spent the first two weeks of October around SF, SoCal and Las Vegas. So I hope that you will organise a workshop in this time. Otherwise maybe your Europe-Workshop fits my needs.

  6. Steve,

    Chicago would be a hit! I’m going to the Leica Akademie in a few weeks and I know it’s already sold out. I wonder if anyone here is going? Anyway, I’m sure your workshop would be a hit!


  7. Hi Steve,
    Looking for your advice, I’m thinking about getting a 50mm M mount lens for my sony Nex-3. Debating between either the Zeiss f/2 and the f/1.5. I’m looking for two things:
    1) Smallish
    2) Would work great on a M8 (hoping to get a couple M lens and then a used M8 some day).

    Any help would be great!



    • The Zeiss f1.5 has focus shift issues. Check out Steve’s review of the lens, as he goes over this.

      The ZM 50mm f2.0 is stellar, and cheaper. Keep in mind that 50mm equals 75mm on the NEX, which is more of a specialty lens length.

      Also, if you’re looking to buy an M8, a 35mm lens will be more useful because of the 1.3x crop factor. A 35mm becomes a 50mm (approximately) on the M8.

      So your best bet may be the Zeiss 35mm 2.0, which is every bit as good as a Leica 35mm Cron ASPH, IMO.

      • Thanks David!

        I’ve read and re-read Steves reviews. I’m worried that the f/2.0 won’t give enough shallow depth of field.

        I might pickup a 35 after I get a M8, but personally I perfer a bit longer focal lengths

      • Oh, also how does a manual lens focus shift? I understand how this could happen with auto focus where it focuses wide open then stops down to the specified apature. But with a manual lens isn’t what you see is what you get, espically if you’re using live view to focus (i.e. on the nex)?


          • I’m still not following, my main misunderstanding is i thought the focus shift was from the changing of the apature, so if your apature is constent, shouldn’t the image that hits the rangefinder still be correct?

          • Oh also if you ever wrote a “tips for buying used leica gear” article, it would be much appericated by us who are current lusting after one ;).

            Glad the Seattle workshop went great! Keep up the great work! 🙂

          • Many fast lenses have focus shift issues. The 35mm Summilux had it until the most recent ASPH version. The Zeiss Sonnar is a classic design that has always had it. The lenses have to be “optimized” to shoot either wide open or at a given f-stop, usually 2.8.

  8. I vote for Chicago or Paris!

    Steve… I heard that Leica will be getting into the micro-4/3’s arena and they are announcing exactly how in September! What do you know? 🙂

  9. Chicago would be great! I’m going to the Leica Akademie on August 6th (I believe it is sold out). I’m sure your workshop would do the same.

    Anyone from here going to the Chicago Leica Akademie workshop in August?


  10. I’ll be waiting for your E-P3 review. I’m sort of torn between Micro Four Thirds and Fuji X100. X100 seems to be the clear winner in terms of image quality, but micro four thirds lens lineups are starting to look very interesting. Beside, I find myself printing photos less and less, and so if E-P3 offers very good quality, the flexibility might, just might make me buy one (Fuji X100 have that special look/feel that’s always making me want one). Now all I need is a real job (Recent grad) and i’ll be buying a camera ASAP.

    • I’m eagerly awating your EP3 rewiew as well! Debating EP3 or & the EPL2 + another lens on my wish list. Wondering if EP3 is worth the extra $. Seems like it might be. Clearly this girl needs a bigger shopping budget.

      • The E-P3 and 12 f/2 arrive to me tomorrow and I am excited to try it out. Always had a soft spot for the PEN series and this little combo looks great on paper. Also getting the kit zoom with it so Ill see how it goes. Ill be shooting with it in Chicago next week and the review will follow.

        • I just shot with that combo for the first time today. I can already tell the 12mm is going to be one of my all time favorite lenses. Outside of the Pentax DA Limited’s I don’t know of any other AF lens that feels so nice. As far as the E-P3; that AF speed really is unbelievable. If I wasn’t totally convinced that I no longer need a DSLR I am now. Now Oly just needs to hurry up and make a PEN with a built in EVF and make a few more primes like that 12mm. I can’t wait until I get an entire set. We may finally be on the verge of having a digital Contax G2!

    • I moved it over more to the left but it appears if using a low resolution or small display (maybe iPad?) then it gets into the content. Let me know if it is still doing it, of so I will come up with another solution. Thanks

  11. OMG
    Nex-7, peaking,12mm oly, and hearing how the 50L compare to leica,
    you just summed up all the gear that interestes me 🙂
    looking forwared,
    also it wasnt clear if the “suprise” product corresponds the “NEX” system or else

  12. It is not obscuring content for me, it is in the blank grey area on the left of the page, outside of the content page. What size display are you using? If using a small screen or low res it could squeeze into the content.

  13. I am getting an irritating Like/Tweet/Google Plus count thing on the left of this page, obscuring content. I am using Chrome 12.0.742.122 on OSX.

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