Is it April Fools? No, but it feels like it. New special editions…

Is it April Fools? No, but it feels like it! New special editions…

The Sigma SD-1 Wood Edition – $13,800 body only

Just saw this today and laughed. I mean…I get it. I understand the luxury market as it appeals to all of us, even those of us with no cash flow. I am a Leica camera fool and even though it is way above my means I found ways to own an M9 and M9-P. Not the smartest thing in my situation but you only live once right? Lol. But sometimes I think things can be taken over the top. For example, the Sigma SD1 “wood edition”. Only 10 are being made at a cost of $13,800. They are being offered to the German market though. Will they sell? Hell, I was not even aware that the standard SD-1 was selling! Below you can bask in the goodness of the SD1 “wood edition” made of Amboyna Burl root wood. Very exotic looking but how does that puppy feel in the hand? It can be yours for $13,800, body only of course! Oh, and it is a snap on accessory. You can take it off when you want to go shoot.

The new Leica Red Leather M9-P – $16,000

For a mere %16,000 you can pick up a Red Leather Leica M9-P with 28 Elmarit lens. For a $500 up charge you get a grip, a strap and red leather covering. Only 30 are being made and these will be available in Japan. Now, this one I can get into looks wise, but the cost? No. Well, not for my budget anyway. If I were loaded with serious cash…maybe this one would tempt me. Then again, the chrome and black M9-P are sexier so….

So what do  you guys think of these? The Sigma is a bit odd to me but maybe someone else would see the beauty in it. Maybe?

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  1. Some sweat or moisture and the Sigma will be extremely difficult to hold. Does it come with a wooden box? Hah… camera with a woody. LOL

  2. The best thing about this is the irrational rationalization that the Leica folks offer up.

    M9-P, hammerblah, blah, blah. It folks weren’t shelling out money, it would be funny. Now its just sad.

    Thanks Sigma. You’ve shined some light on a ridiculous situation.

  3. Heh,

    I have a Canon 5D MkII and the first thing when I got it was fit it with a black neoprene strap.
    More preferable to the bright red inch wide CANON 5D Mk II RICH FAT TOURIST type of strap.

    And I don’t possess a Hawaiian shirt

  4. Sigma is an example of good technology being driven off the path by bad marketing and business decisions. It is sad because the sensor is something interesting. But it is not interesting enough to compensate for these foolish product directions. They need professional help.

  5. We know that it’s only to make people talk about but in a wrong way I think !
    Sigma should make a DP2 like mirrorless with interchangeable lens mount (and adapters), with the Foveon sensor and thier knowledge in lenses, should be interesting…..

  6. It’s too bad that Sigma has taken what some call the best sensor to be created and placed it in one of their out-dated, slow camera bodies. Not to mention their price point. They are attempting to market an APS size sensor as if it were a medium format digital camera. Am I missing something? It just goes to show how a genius like Steve Jobs can take a great product and take it to the next level while others can drag a great product down by poor management and decision making.

  7. All the talk about how unobtrusive the Leica M’s are and you want one with a BRIGHT red cover! Yeah, that will not make you stand out in a crowd. My D2H with the Nikkor 35mm DX would be less noticeable!!!

  8. Sigma needs to get a clue….period….

    Their sensor rocks….their strategy …leaves much to be desired, and much to deride…

  9. Meanwhile at Sigma HQ:

    -We have this wonderful sensor, which might rival MF digital backs in terms of dynamic range.
    +Excellent, this means we can put this in a camera and price this just cheaper than a MF camera!
    -I don’t know if that’d be enough. People buy medium format cameras for a larger sensor, high quality lenses and such things. I’m not sure a mediocre body with an aps-c sized sensor in it coupled with medium quality lenses would “rival” a medium format camera.
    +Why don’t we put some wood around the camera? That’ll give it a view camera-ish look! We can rival everything!

  10. It’s because its made from real leather from a special breed of red cows that only leica can clone in the back of the factory. BTW, ralph gibson would love it! Hahaha

    Ibe ready for the red leather/ black paint coming up for $18000, just because they have to take the chrome off and use paint. And body only. Having the option of adding any lens gives you more freedom and there that freedom has a price.

  11. Wow, that Sigma is hideous…and I thought German porn was in poor taste!

    The leica is better, though still not my style. It does, however, make the price of the regular M9P seem more reasonable — and I guess that’s probably the point.

  12. We’ve had the M9, M9 Titanium, M9P, and now a red leather M9P. Seems like the usual Leica fare. M10 probably isn’t all that far off ;-).

  13. that wooden grip looks slippery, not to mention fugly. The red leathered M9 could be a DIY for a lot less than $16000.

  14. SD-1 looks like a tank in an egg shell , it can only be used as a surveillance camera in a natural history museum .!!

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