Daily Inspiration #289 by Giovanni Pascarella

Dear Steve,

I’m an italian researcher living in Japan. I’ve recently bought a Fujifilm X100 after reading and trusting your opinion; I’ve being playing with it for over a month now and I’m enjoying it everyday more.

The least I can do to thank you is sharing my work with you and your readers, I hope you’ll find it inspiring.

Here’s a link to my tumblr page about my experience in Japan:


(Pictures posted before october have been exclusively taken with a Canon S95, apart from some Polaroid scans).

I’m usually shooting in aperture priority, with Auto dynamic range ON and Auto ISO set to a maximum of 1600 (and 1/40s) although 3200 is fine as well most of the times. I keep all other parameters (color, sharpening, etc etc) set to Standard. I’m shooting JPEGs because, as somebody said, “life’s too short for shooting RAW” 🙂

Thanks again!

Giovanni Pascarella

P.S.: A tip for comrade photographers living in Japan or planning a trip here: MAP Camera shop in Shinjuku has tons of second hand X100 in like-new conditions, I’ve bought mine there for a super-reasonable price…check out their website if you’re interested in this great piece of camera!


  1. From what I’ve read so far about the X100, one would need that kind of educational background be the able to understand all the mysteries of this particular camera……. 🙂

  2. Just took a look at your “tumbir” site – In my opinion 75% are super – – The bamboo walk should be on a poster. Keep burning up those electrons, man!!!!

  3. Hey, Steve, the photographer and my fellow citizen’s name is Giovanni (male) and not Giovanna (female) as posted. By the way, very nice shots! Saluti da un italiano a Istanbul!

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