Mirrorless Central – A new hub for your Mirrorless camera fix

A new hub for your Mirrorless camera fix – Mirrorless Central

The new breed of digital camera is starting to take over the digital world and for good reason. They are small, sleek, sexy and getting better with every release. I have been a fan of these cameras since day one and have written quite a bit about most models. Since this website is a blog style site, these articles may be hard to find unless you want to spend all day searching every article on this site, and I know that none of us have the time for that 🙂

You can also check out the entire site index HERE but still, there are so many articles it would be tough to find the ones you want to see. I made a new page here on the site that is called “Mirrorless Central” and this will be the area of the site where all Mirrorless camera reviews and useful articles will be posted. Only the good stuff!

Want to find info on the NEX series? The PEN series? The Fuji X series or even Ricoh? Then head on over to the “Mirrorless Central” page and see if there is something you may have missed! You can access the page at any time by using the navigation bar at the top of any page. It is listed under “Reviews & More” and then “Mirrorless Central”.

Anytime there is a review or cool article on a mirrorless camera I will also list it on that page so you can find it quickly and easily. Also, don’t forget there is a search bar at the top right of any page as well! Enjoy!



  1. STEVE, well looks like you have both when can we expect a battle royale between the 23mm Magic vs 24mm ZEISS review ?? Everyone just wants to know to see if we should wait for SLR Magic or bite the bullet and make sure to give everyone cheap xmas presents this year so we can afford the zeiss.

  2. This is great, especially when I see the Nex 7 is camera of the year in Pop Photo! I have been looking at all the rumor sites in anticipation of what Fuji and others have up their sleeve. What I would really like to see is a larger version of the NEX 7 that is full frame and can take Leica M lenses for $2300 or so. For legacy glass owners, this would be a dream come true! when will it happen? I do not know. The technology is here right now and we are not getting younger, so I really hope Canon, Nikon, somebody realizes that if they make such a camera, they will open the door to its users the ability to use any lens ever created for 35mm format (you could use Medium format etc,, too with adapters) with the appropriate adapter.

    Maybe they do not want a camera like that so they can continue to sell new glass. Who knows. Someone will make a camera like this eventually, maybe a company like RED etc,,, but someone will, and it will be noted on any mirrorless rumors and news. I will be watching!

  3. Thanks. Very helpful and, not so helpful. So many choices and so many more coming no doubt. I’d like that EP-4 with built-in EVF. Santa?

  4. Steve, thanks SO much for this update. I’m ready to pull the trigger for a NEX5, but just waiting for the post holiday sales. Missed a really good deal in Portland OR for a NEX5k with two lens, but oh well.

    Really enjoy your site and your tips.

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