What was your favorite camera release of 2011?

With all of the camera releases of 2011 what was your favorite one of the bunch? Listed below are some of the cameras that appeared in 2011, mostly ones I covered or talked about. If you do not see your favorite on the list below you can add it in. I know my favorite, what was yours?

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  1. Nice selection of camera’s. I don’t own any of them. I guess I would like to go for the Fuji X100 if I was to buy one. Maybe a Leica when the lotto number’s come in.

    I’m still using my Bronica ETRSi for most of my photography. Still love film.

  2. from all the camera listed..

    though I own a not so populer GF2..

    my heart and brain , somehow goes to Fuji X100…

    Love the design…
    The good optic..
    the price .. is quite reasonable for my case… M9 is still far away from reach..

    Nex… been handling some Nex..
    I dunno… I cant get along well with the grip and shape

  3. I voted with my wallet… M9-P.

    Of the other cameras the NEX-7 vaguely interests me because it solves most of the problems I have with my NEX-5 and I was one click away from buying a Pentax K-5 but QC issues and rumors of the Sony A77 made me hold off (ironically rumors of the A99 and what’s coming from Leica in 2012 is holding me back from the A77.) X100 was great at concept but I rather put $1200 towards a lense for my M9 or M9-P… Same issue I had with the Leica X1 really (too limiting a camera for the money for me but at half the price I would jump on it.) but I think it beats the X1 up and down the highway for what it offers and the price. I own Micro 4/3 stuff but it’s all Panasonic… Never warmed up to any of the Olympus offerings though for myself although the EP is a nice digital addition to the PEN family.

    • If the Fuji mirrorless system does the same with the M9 what the X100 does to the X1, …..just thinking. Should I sell my M9 and all Leica lenses now, before prices tank? πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m a little bit surprised as I’ve got my K-5 in November of 2010 – how come it’s in ‘release of 2011’ list? I suppose it must have been released later in US.

    Anyway I’ve been deciding between NEX-7, EP-3 and X100, and finally the latest got my vote. Mainly because of how different it is from the rest also being wonderful camera.

    Merry X-mas Steve! Thanks for your work.

  5. after years of using the beautiful ricoh grd 1 i finally upgraded to the grd 4…and i am in heaven!
    super fast,super small and great iq for the size of it and it’s always with me in the front pocket….not many cameras you can do that with…
    thanks steve for the superb work you do and i look forward spending hours in front of the computer reading your blog in 2012!

  6. Once this poll is closed, any chance to compare the results with the sales figures for each camera. That could be even more fun and down to earth (Or should I say money ?) πŸ™‚

    Happy holidays to all !

  7. The Sony NEX System revolutionized the photography industry, I said 6 months ago, and now testing the nex-5n, and nex-7, and I can assure that next year will see powerful cameras. My choice is undoubtedly the NEX-5N, and NEX-7

    • Really? In what way? Photography is not about electronics only. There are not even traces of revolutionary or disruptive innovation visible from Sony’s lens department, unfortunately.

  8. Such polls are fun every now and then. I had alot of fun reading all the comments above.

    My brain says the NEX-7, but my heart went with the x100. The combination of retrostyling, a bright viewfinder, handling, IQ that matches or even beats entry DSLRs, is pretty groundbreaking in my opinion.

    I bought an Epson Rd1 after the x100 to see what the fuss about M-lenses and rangefinders were all about, and I was quite impressed with the image quality (those m lenses really are outstanding), and the latitude of adjustment for the epson raws are surprisingly high.

    But after making myself shoot with both cameras on a trip and a few weeks after that, I find myself returning to the x100 almost every time. Somehow the controls for the x100 just makes sense (although the software menus still suck :p).

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  9. I like every camera on the list. But the one I own and my very favorite Is the Nikon V1.

    Have a great holiday Steve. I hope 2012 is as good for you as 2011 was !

  10. Already have the M9 but for me the X100 even with it idiosyncrasies has got to be the best street camera on the market. love it

  11. My K-5 is an absolute dream and the camera is also very versatile. Excellent “character” pictures with the help of the FA43 limited, FA77 limited and 24* F2 (still missing the FA31mm limited but next I’ll get it). And a 18-135 WR for the outside sports and quick focusing.

    Thx for the review that made me fall for it Steve!

  12. I know the Fujifilm X100 is going to run away with the title, but for me it has to be the Nikon V1 which surprised many with it’s qualities, and proves that Nikon are no mugs when it comes to building cameras.

  13. I’ve used/use/own/owned the X10, X100, NEX 3/5/5n, K5, and V1. No M9p, but have the M9. My vote went to the X100 because of its awesome IQ in a small package. If Fuji could just stick the AF system of the V1 into the X200 …

  14. X100 by country miles:). Brilliant hybrid VF, great sensor output, excellent optics, form factor, premium build. Some of the compact large sensor cameras are painful to use but deliver excellent IQ (NEX5N with m-lenses, Leica X1, Sigma DP), others are fun to use but produce mediocre files (EP3 and other mft). The X100 is the first of breed which excells at both.

  15. Well, I may catch some laughs with this one, but I added in the Canon Elph 100 HS. I am a retired professional, and after years of being concerned with IQ at larger sizes, I wanted something cheap (so if I sat on it or it flew off the top of my car on the highway, I wouldn’t have a stroke). I carry it in my pocket, no case, and I don’t worry about “fuzz”. But you know, for $109 on sale at BestBuy, its IQ is pretty darn good at smaller sizes, even 8x10s!

    Merry Christmas to all, and thanks Mr. Huff for your valuable help and info!

  16. For me it had to be the Fuji X100. I believe it will prove to be the ‘game changer’, I think it will have woken up a few rival manufacturers like Leica and believe it influenced the Sony NEX7. The hybrid viewfinder for one is simply amazing. Yes the X100 has its quirks but everything else about it, outweighs these and I for one can’t wait to see what the interchangeable lens Fuji due out in 2012 will be like. Look out M9 you better have the M10 ready and waiting!

  17. I completely fell in love with the Olympus Epl3. The tilt screen, balanced controls and clean look melted my cold, dslr hating heart. I want used Epl3 bodies to start hitting the market so I can buy a couple more. Is that a sickness?

  18. Hi guys, Hi Steve, I see some small sensor cameras in this list, so maybe we could add the ricoh grd IV. It won’t be one of the highest challengers here, but I know there are serious photographers using this camera.
    By the way Steve, you promised us a review of this new grd some weeks ago, no ?? ;o)

  19. I would have voted for the NEX-7, but as I haven’t actually held one yet, I couldn’t. Also, as it hasn’t actually been released in Europe yet, I couldn’t vote for it. So, the 5N got my vote.

  20. M9-P, and she is ordered. Let’s get ready to rumble…
    But I’m still waiting for a camera that combines everything that is important for me and remains affordable. The M9 is nearby, but not perfect – maybe the M15 in 2025…

  21. How can you lump the Sony NEX3/5/C3/5n together? They are all different, especially the 5n with the optional viewfinder!

  22. For me the X100 was ground breaking; amazing photos, vivid colors, brilliant low light performance, a great lens and a classic retro look.

    Not only is the X100 my choice for Camera Of The Year on its’ own merits, but I also like the warning shot Fujifilm fired at Leica … The X100 has M9 looks and great performance for 1/10th of the price.

    Leica will have to raise the bar on their inevitable M10 … and pray Leica’s X200 (or whatever name Fuji gives the heir apparent) doesn’t go full frame with an M-mount.

  23. I would have like to have voted for the Nex-7, but since no one knows when we can even get it, how can you vote for it? I am thinking of canceling my pre-order, I am so fed up with not knowing anything! I got the 5n to tide me over and it is very nice to use. May just keep that!

  24. A few months ago I would’ve said the NEX-7, but then I visited this website and learned about the X100 and it was over…

  25. So Steve, it looks like you failed to mention your favorite of 2011. Myself, I’m torn. I was lucky enough to get my hands on both the e-P3 with the 12 and 45, as well as the x100 (and Santa aka the wife, delivered my leciatime leather case yesterday πŸ™‚ They’re two totally different camera for two totally different purposes, but I am very pleased with both. The e-p3 is better for pics of the kids, but I feel more artisicly motivated when using th x100 (partially because it requires more planning and forethought to get what you want).

    Thanks for all the work you do keeping this site up, and good luck in 2012.

  26. Only the K-5 and M9P are of interest to me, supporting “traditional” viewfinders and focusing. The “P” is only new skin, so I ruled it out. I have both K-5 and M9, and while there is a lot to like about the K-5, I reach for the M9 90% of the time.
    Now if Pentax would do a ff dSLR optimized for manual focus and exposure (like the M9) – I’d jump at it. (Since Leica won’t do an R10.) Simpler is better.

  27. The M9-P is just a M9 with a face lift – not cool

    The X100 is new and fresh, and I bought it, so it’s the coolest! πŸ˜€

    I’m just kidding, I would be very happy if Santa trade my X100 by an M9-P (or a M2 or M4, that would be awesome!)

    BTW, merry christmas Steve πŸ˜‰

  28. Has to be the M9-P, as that’s the only camera I’m buying. Only two more days and I’ll be driving down to the factory in Solms, Germany, to pick up the black M9-P and 50 Lux! Yes, I’m excited, whoooohoooooo!

  29. Agreed. K5 is fantastic, though low light/incandescent focussing is a bit hit and miss….The X100 could have been amazing, and while it was solid, it was a bit underwhelming for me…The M9-P was a rehashed M9, which was, to me, the greatest announcement of 2009….Steve’s got me thinkin’ of the Nikon 1….hmmmm….NEX-7 could be cool too, but, dude, where is the GXR M mount, on this list, I know, module, and not camera, but heck that was the best purchase I made in 2011….

  30. Hi Steve:

    Just voted by adding Panasonic Lumix GX1 but it went to the “Other” bucket. Would be nice if you later open & disclose the “Other” category contents. πŸ˜‰



    • I totally agree. been loving my k-5 100%. The best apsc slr on the market hands down. if only people could look past the nikon d7k

      • I also loved the K-5 and the small (compared to Nikon) lenses unfortunately I had to send it back to B&H because I couldn’t get a sharp photo if my life depended on it. I was afraid to try another one. This is coming from a person who has been shooting for 30 years, has used about every camera system on the planet and has had over 10,000 images published. I was depressed for two days, really!

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