New Fuji X Interchangeable Lens leaks

New Fuji Interchangeable Lens rangefinder style camera leaks…

Fuji will be displaying and announcing its new X camera at this years CES next week. This one appears to be an APS-C (but no one is certain yet) and is sort of like a “pro” X100 with a new line of interchangeable lenses. If this has a solid body, quick operation and fast lenses then I feel Fuji is once again taking aim at Leica like they did with the X100 vs the X1. I am betting this will have the hybrid EVF (maybe even an improved version) as well as some fast primes at launch. All I know is that next week it will be revealed so this is pretty exciting news! As soon as I find out the details they will be posted here!

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  1. I’m sure there’s going to be a full frame version to follow. no crop factor focal lengths as indicated and goodbye Leica, until they clone it

  2. Wells fargo is a phishing .

    Lens rumour prob accurate.
    But sensor ?
    Fuji only put EXR wiht small sensor (recent & latest Fseries & X10) not APS-C.
    X100 does not have EXR.

    There is thus hope X1 sensor is Organic.

    • Ken Rockwell has removed the para where he says its phishing.

      I thought established names as Ken Rockwell were to be relied upon & not give false info on their website.

  3. Lets, see, lets see, myn GF1 is up for a change….but if Fuji enters the M4/3 market, well Fuji is a more then excellent lens designer (at least they are for medium format). So lets see, lets see.

    Greetings, Ed

  4. Aww what the… I just ordered the X100 and is arriving tomorrow… Well if it is announced next week and everything is legit, I may just return it… We will see…

  5. Paris, I`m afraid they (Fuji,SONY and others) DON´T listen to what people have to say about their interface and quick acces and control to most vital functions. One of the issues we debated her, years ago was MF of X-100. Nothíng changed. If they disregard people like Steve Huff or Michael Reichman advices don`t expect they`ll listen to us. They try to challenge Leica M9 which is good but do not study it`s simple, from photographers viewpoint, interface which is bad if not downright infuriating.

    • And remember Fuji! M mount bayonet native or adapter ready (there are thousands of new and old exotic lenses waiting to be tried on it) and shutter caping the sensor when changing the lens!!!!

    • Years ago ….? The X100 has only been on sale for just over a year!

      If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a MILLION times – stop exaggerating!!!!!

  6. Seams to me the real competition will be between this new Fuji X and the Sony NEX 7.
    The Sony EVF, Tri-Nav controls, in-camera HDR and panoramic sweep will be a handful to beat. For me it will depend on Steve comparing the two as far as IQ at high ISO.

    • Nahh, photograpy is as much, if not more, about lenses. The computers/cameras with heir gadgetry attached to them come and go as technology develops and improves. Sony has no remarkable lenses for the NEX and releases a NEX(T) every other few months. So the NEX7 is just a short episode, forgotten in 9 months. Fuji knows how to design and make excellent glass.

      • And Zeiss doesn’t? I agree that sony is late with the release of good lenses for nex but for example sony/zeiss 24mm 1.8 has very good reviews everywhere, 30mm 3.5 macro is a very good lens, very sharp, contarsty and very smooth bokeh. Sony also made great lenses with zeiss for alpha cameras, their 135mm 1,8, 85mm 1.4 and 24mm f/2 are top notch lenses and they make some great zooms (24-70 2.8 and 16-80).

        With regards to nex7 being just a short episode, with every new reiteration Sony significantly improve on their previous models-just have a look and nex5 and nex5n, it is a big difference and this can’t be said of Olympus for example. Nex 7 is a unique camera for what it offers, it is also the most preordered camera right now. It will be a short episode for gear heads who compuslively need to buy every new model, but just because a new model is released it doesn’t mean that previous one is bad, no one is forcing you to buy new camera.

        There is a great deal of snobery when dismissing sony as a camera maker beacuse it is electronic giant and doesn’t have a long tradition in making photography equipment. People ignore the fact that Sony a850/900 are a real photographers no nonsense cameras with great, wel thought thorugh menus and external controls and the same sensor as in 5 times more expensive Nikon D3x. In my book camera maker that makes cameras that can produce professional results in the right hands at price that is avaliable even to students (speaking from my personal experience) should be commended for that. If there were only Leica and Hassy only handful of people with deep pockets would be able to afford cameras and sony and some other makers make it possible for almost everyone to realize their potential as photographers, if they have potential that is. If they don’t they’ll just buy every new toy hoping that talent will come with their new purchase

        • I hear you, but we are talking about a company which rained about 6 different NEX over the market in 15 months and a tiny trickle of e-mount lenses, of which none is really remarkable. The 24mm certainly looks like a good lens, but it’s not up there with the best. But this discussion is is about the Fuji and these guys have shown how to excite the enthusiast community, X100, X10 and now the Fuji X, great job.

      • Yes, it is all about the lenses, the sensor, and the image processing. I wish I knew what mount(s) and what lenses Fuji will offer for the X. Both the X and the NEX should be able to take advantage of a large selection of legacy lenses. However, sometimes I suspect that legacy may not be able to match the Q of the latest in glass and coatings produced today.

  7. I’m a skeptic. Much as I want to like the Fuji’s, they contain things that just don’t make any sense to me, at least. I only hope that they “get it” with the new EVIL. Not sure I want another system though. Already have EOS, M, M43 and NEX.

  8. Interesting news – IF they can manage to make the body small, maybe even a tick smaller then the X100 AND, very important, quite small, fast lenses…THIS really would be a game-changer.


  9. The way this photo was done (deliberately showing nearly nothing) I think it was a planned release than a true leak. The sensor is probably APS-C as it looks quite small (I do not expect Fuji to come up with anything smaller) and there is obviously a shutter of some sort in front of it a. In any way – I am looking forward to EVIL from Fuji.

  10. If Fuji’s smart they make the camera APS-C (or larger) and either M-mount or a proprietary mount (most probable) but with a good M-mount adapter. That’s the easiest way to appeal to the retro-/leica-/quality crowd and they’ll sell a bunch of cameras extra just by making it a “poor mans Leica”! Just by going reading forums you can see that almost everybody is excited and ready to buy and those who aren’t generally say: “If it’s M-mount I’ll most likely get it!”

  11. Exciting times in general I would say, several manufacturers now producing exceptional cameras has got to be good news for us consumers…..more GAS. Hopefully Fuji will get this right and hit the ground running, they are certainly going for it quite aggressively. Not great news for those of us with a rapidly depreciating X100 but its par for the course.

  12. Grrrrrrrrreat!

    I was so close to buying an X100. Now I will just have to wait and see. Hopefully it’s an APS-C sensor.


  13. X100 will be cheaper, I guess, especially the used ones.

    Let’s not forget the lenses, if Fujifilm will introduce couple of fast primes and a wide zoom at the same time, also price itself at sub $1,000, the GX1 and the soon will be released Pen Pro will be facing a very serious threat. Kinda feel bad for Olympus though, never catch a break.

  14. I have an X100: like the size, the lens and the images, but not so much the strange user interface, redundant buttons and knobs, and annoying “mind of it’s own” changing of parameters without consulting me.

    I really hope that Fuji have learned from the X100 experience and made the controls on the new camera more efficient and user-friendly. Maybe they could just look at a Canon/Nikon/Olympus?Panasonic/Whatever, and copy that.

    • Don’t feel so badly. The X100 will continue to be as good as it is now and just think that even if you buy the new camera it will allow you to buy other lenses and you to use the X100 as an “independent” 35 mm.

      • And at least it seams that fuji isn’t releasing a 35 mm equivalent lens, so if you’re into 35mm focal, stick with your x100

  15. Looks like an M9 killer to me. I absolutely love my X100 but if the price is reasonable for this one, and the sensor is an APS-C or larger, I’ll upgrade in a heartbeat. To echo Zlatko’s sentiments, Fuji is doing amazing things lately!

    • M9 killer ?? No way! Owning a Leica M9 is not about screen IQ. It is about timeless design, superior built quality (did you see the sales rep standing on it ? – video at youtube) and the world’s best lenses….

      • I bet he was trying to push sell the $ 50 grand Limited Titanium edition super limited ! I don’t need a camera that can survive a tank roll that costs a gizillion bucks ! I just need a classic that will take timeless photographs and wouldn’t break the bank – period !

    • If it does, I might be interested.

      But the Ricoh GXR has a better overall interface than the X100, in my opinion, having owned and used both extensively.

      The X100 was fun and cool but had a lot of things that needed fixing. Will they get to it in this camera or pull an X10 and keep sluffing off the refinement work?

      • Michael, I agree. I bought the X10 and was disappointed with what they got wrong.

        Unless it’s stellar, it’s not going to unseat the NEX for now.

  16. Just a pity the image quality, which is the most important for cameras, isn’t and will never be as good as Leica. It’s like you wrote before, Steve. The image quality of the X1 is better than the X100. Happy New Year everyone and Steve in particular.

    • You can pixel peep all you want, but the two are so close it really comes down to the person operating it. So for $800 less than an X1 you can get a camera that pretty much matches it in IQ…with a view finder included. That’s an easy choice for me.

      This new Fuji supposedly has their new organic sensor in it. DOF differences aside this new Fuji will most likely have better high ISO than and M9, just as much resolution and dynamic range, all in a package 1/4 the cost. Well, that is if you believe Fuji’s marketing mumbo jumbo.

      Plus, it won’t have the same focal length restrictions the M9 has. While I love that Leica has the guts to keep on making a camera as simple as the M9, IMO they should probably consider making something similar to this Fuji for the modern digital world. To accomplish the original purpose of a Leica M with current technology I would do exactly what Fuji is about to do.

    • How would you know that when the camera hasn’t been announced yet? Just another fanboy, putting down others without giving them a shot.

    • Yea Leica is great, nothing can beat it …. yadayadayada!

      Personal opinion is individual. You may think the X1 beats X100 but that’s not everyone’s opinion.

      The big test is how it stacks up in the market – i.e. high volume SALES. If it’s good enough, it will sell enough.

      Not something Leica (with it’s ‘restrictive, aficionado-only’ production policy) can demonstrate.

      • I’ve never been particularly excited about the M9 camera but the Leica glass really is pretty amazing. I’ve never felt other lenses with the same creamy and yet tight action. They really are spooky.

        I’ve often thought that if they could give me a digital equivalent of my Nikon F3 HP, I would never need another camera. Forget the rear screen, forget autofocus, just give me a proper lens and a focus reticle and let me do the rest.

    • “Will never be?”

      Why, because the laws of physics state that a camera has to be a luxury brand in order to take good pictures?

      Perhaps a Gucci camera is what you need.

  17. Did we already “know” that it didn’t have the same centered built-in flash as the X100?

    In any case, I’m ready to pre-pre-order. Love the X100 but after shooting with one since last May, would really love an interchangeable lens version.

      • It is identical to my G3 mount. Even to the placement of the all the screws and contacts, and claws, and sensor size in the box…. It just might be… It rumored to not a m4/3, but, it looks like it every detail. Time will tell…

        • Here is what I think if it is an APS-C sensor:

          The mount lock is on at 7:O’CLOCK, not 3:O’CLOCK…. That can make a difference

          the overall pattern is VERY similar to a M4/3 mount…
          The sensor (what we can see of it), does look like a 3:2 ratio though.

          It may be that the Body (modified a bit) with a m4/3 mount may be an Olympus offering. That would not detract from Fuji IMO…Could the Fuji Body be an APS-C Camera that as an accessory M4/3 adapter with FULL Electrical functions, while Fuji develops their lens line…. That would be Brilliant! You have the few Intro lenses + m4/3 lenses from 8mm to 300 (m4/3)… on a APS-C 12mm-450mm (35mm = 16mm – 600mm)…. So, IF …. this mount can use m4/3 with FULL functionality with a Fuji>m4/3 adapter….. WOW…..

          What do you think ?

          • Since every other rumor and statements from the Fuji guys themselves state it will be APS-C. and images leaked of a model under production included the three primes at launch, I doubt very highly that Fuji’s new camera will slum it with m4/3rd lenses. That is just a pipe dream

  18. Fuji is really out for blood! They want to make a big mark on the entire industry and then might just be able to pull it of.

    • Really!

      I’m sure they do, but so far they’ve only given us two cameras, which to me are flawed. I don’t have experience of the X100, but hear that it has its problems. I took a punt on the X10 and this confirmed that although Fuji do a lot right, they also “don’t get” certain things.

      • I had a chance to play with an x100 and the autofocus is really a trouble spot. Really unfortunate as the rest of the camera is a real beauty. When the focus is tight (and what you were expecting) images are amazing.

  19. Yes! I love my x100 but being able to change lenses is even better. Hope they add some better battery performance and redesign the charge

    • If the earlier leaked photos were accurate, there will be no tilt view screen. Basically, x100 with interchangeable lenses. Be interesting to see if they up the ante with better video capabilities, real manual focus, dependable autofocus and maybe even GPS functionality. I’m really looking forward to learning about this.

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