HO! HO! HO! A $700 Savings for the DSLR Lover – The Full Frame Nikon D600 one day sale & RX1 in stock..

Ho! Ho! Ho! A $700 Savings for the DSLR Lover – The Full Frame Nikon D600 one day sale and RX1 in stock!

ONE DAY ONLY SALE! IN STOCK and FREE 2nd Day Shipping!

Wow, Nikon is on a price slashing roll. Last time it was the Nikon V1 with 10-30 Lens for $299 (still available HERE) and even the full Nikon V1 kit with 10-30, 10-100, Nikon Adapter, Flash, and bag for $799 (which is also available HERE). Now they just slashed the price of the full frame Nikon D600 with 24-85 Lens with bag and monopod AND extra battery AND Free 2nd day air shipping for the holidays! WOW. For $1996 you can have this whole set up shipped. No tax, no shipping and with free 2nd day air.

This is yet another Nikon deal and if you are into DSLR’s, the full frame D600 delivers with the same sensor found in the Sony RX1.



Get the Nikon D600 deal here because this offer ends in just ONE DAY, December 15th.

Also appears B&H Photo just lowered the price of the Nikon V1 with 10-30 and 30-110 lenses to $399 for the entire set! Wow. With Christmas almost here this is another superb buy!





BTW, the Sony RX1 is in stock. At the time of this writing there are 7 of them available from 17th Street Photo on Amazon HERE!





  1. The D600 is at a great price reduction for a great camera. That zoom is a decent everyday beater lens. I still can’t wait until Nikon will release a 24-70mm II… Hopefully VR will be part of it. Canon announced the 24-70 f4 with IS.

  2. The economy in most countries is not great and I believe camera sales overall or fairly flat hence the extreme competition. Great news for us consumers! Canon (whoes products I like a lot ) responded to lower profits by charging more! I wonder when they too will have to start discounting heavily. Maybe it is nikons strategy to get potential canon 6d buyers to switch to Nikon with their very good value D600 kit.

  3. It could be probably that Nikon want to sell of all their stocks of the D600. Could this be the reason why there is such a huge price discount? I’ve never heard of such huge discounts. If Leica could offer one like this, I’m ready for a grab.

  4. Hey Steve, great work on all excellent articles. I would love to see your list of Steve’s Christmas wish list. Maybe a cheap, medium and über expensive categories. I can always send the link to my wife to give her some hints on what to get me for Christmas. Ha.

  5. I bought the D600 in September at 1999 euro (body only).
    Now, at the same shop, regular sales price is 1699 euro (not a promo, nor special action) That’s a difference of 300 euro in three months time.

    Nikon, if you’re reading this: I feel ripped off !!!


    • Kris, I understand why you feel ripped off…but consider this…you had the camera for an extra 3 months…that’s like renting the camera for 300 euros for 3 months…not a bad deal…

      Presumably you’ve gotten many memorable pictures in those 3 months…that must be worth something to you.

      Anytime anyone buys a tech product there is always this risk of future lowered price and/or being superseded by a new model. I have learned to buy the tech I want and need and just enjoy it and not worry about it. It usually all evens out in the long run regarding cost.

      Plus, if Nikon does not offer this deal, you still have the same camera at the same price…so it’s not like you lost anything…others just gained.

      You have a great camera…and still purchased it at a good price…have a happy holiday!

      • Hi Gary, thanks for your wise words. I may seem like a grumpy old men, but that is not at all the case. I really love my D600 and, as you mentioned, the past three months I indeed made some fantastic pictures. And yes, I am very well aware of the ever fastening “Digital Rot”, it leaves me with a bad taste … I mean only 3 months !!!

        But no way, will I let it spoil the huge fun I ‘m having with this fantastic camera ! 🙂

        Thanks, and happy holidays to you too !!!

  6. After reading your reviews I saw the RX 1 monday morning in stock @ Amazon and made a quick decision.
    Camera arrived this Wednesday and since then I have a blast taking picture.
    Even my wife – which was sceptical first – had to admit that the pictures are amazing.
    Now she insits that her christmas present has to be in the same price range .. o-O

    PS Meantime Amazon shows some weeks delivery time again. This camera sells fast !

  7. I wonder why so many cameras’ prices are slashed? It seems many camera companies are putting their sterling equipment on sale fare lower that originally priced! Maybe if we wait a bit (after X mas) we can benefit from even more lower prices for excellent cameras!

    • No it because they want to get rid of the old rx1 so they can start shipping the rx1b with the switch on the front that will allow you to shoot in C or Single mode. How do I know this, because I got mind and it does not have that feature.
      I am surprise that Steve didn’t speak on that feature…

    • I’ve been noticing this as well – it seems there are so many great choices that the perceived losers are getting culled, and with the cycle time for new cameras being so short, the supply chain and sales estimate part of the business is getting harder to manage.

      • It’s not only the amount of choice, it’s that loads of people are turning to their smartphones as their main (and mostly only) camera. Camera sales are down quite a bit – aggressive pricing is the response.

  8. thx for the RX1 info Steve,.btw,. 17 th street photo they told me two days ago they expecting they’re lens ordered from leica coming this week ,the 50mm 0.95 Noctilux,.you may check them ,.thay probably have it right now

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