The Fuji X100s and X20 announced! Hands on at CES coming next week


The Fuji X100s and X20 announced! Hands on at CES coming next week!

Just what the Dr ordered! The new X100s puts fast AF as it’s priority! See my old Fuji X100 review here to see what this camera is replacing.

Finally! The FujiFilm X100s has been announced and it looks to be a pretty nice improvement over the aging and slow-ish X100. How so? Well Fuji is claiming the worlds fastest Auto Focus! What?!?!? FUJI? Worlds Fastest AF? Well, they say that the new Fuji X100s can AF in as little as 0.08 seconds but they also give a disclaimer saying *under certain conditions” which tells me that it will AF pretty fast in good light but not so much in low light, just like all other cameras on the market today. The addition of Phase Detect AF will surely help Fuji’s claim. Pretty exciting if you ask me.

All in all my guess is the X100s will AF much faster than the old sluggish (but beautiful) X100. It is good to hear that this camera has gotten such an update as the AF was the weakest link with the X100.

The X100s also gets the new X-Trans APS-C CMOS II 16MP sensor. I am guessing this will provide excellent IQ as Fuji IQ is always stellar and if you really want to know my thoughts, I would bet that this X100s will provide better IQ than the X-Pro 1 just due to the new processor and matched prime lens. This X100s appears to have the same f/2 lens as the X100 (which is the 24mm) that will give us a 35mm equivalent due to the APS-C crop. As for aperture you will have the light gathering capability of an f/2 lens but for Bokeh freaks, the lens will not give you the depth of field of a 35 f/2 but of a 24 f/2. So in 35mm terms it is more like a 2.8 when it comes to depth of field.

Also look for the digital split image feature which is a first and a new way for you to manually focus for Fuji. It also seems that Fuji has added some sort of Focus Peaking as well along with some new filters. We still get the Hybrid EVF with an OVF/EVF included and better high ISO capabilities.

It also seems that Fuji improved the startup and lag times and all in all it appears to be a nice upgrade from Fuji. In fact, my guess is this will be the little jewel in the Fuji line. Fastest AF of all X cameras, best high ISO performance, most responsive of all X cameras and sleekest and best looking of all X cameras. I think Fuji has a huge hit as there are many who love the X100 and would jump at the chance for a speedier version with better IQ thrown in to the mix as well. The X100 had plenty of “soul” and the X100s appears to have it too. Fuji is looking good lately!

I will be at CES this week so I am hoping to get over to the fuji booth for a hands on with the new X100s. Look for a video soon. No price yet but I am guessing it will come in around the same as the X100 was at launch or maybe $100 more at around $1299. I could be wrong of course but this is usually how it goes. 

The new X100s features and specs. 

·                  16.3 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor

·                  EXR Processor II

·                  High Definition Hybrid Viewfinder (OVF / EVF)

·                  FUJINON 23mm f/2 lens

·                  Intelligent Hybrid AF (with the world’s fastest AF speed of 0.08 secs (*1))

·                  Start-up time of 0.5 secs (*4)

·                  Shutter time lag of 0.01 secs

·                  Shooting interval of 0.5 secs

·                  High-contrast and wide viewing-angle 2.8-inch Premium Clear LCD (460K dots)

·                  Super Intelligent Flash

·                  Burst shooting rate of up to 6 frames per second at full resolution (max. 29 frames)

·                  Focus Peak Highlight function

·                  Digital Split Image display

·                  Artistic filters

·                  Full HD movie recording (60fps / 30fps)


The new Fuji X20, a nice looking upgrade to the X10 that looks gorgeously retro.

my X10 review is here


Woohoo! Fuji has updated the X10 with the new and handsome X20 which now comes in black or silver. Say goodbye to the white orb issue of the X10 as this guy packs in an all new X-Trans 2/3″ CMOS II 12 MP sensor that has cured the issues that plagues the X10 (though I never had the issue during my X10 review period, it showed up in certain lighting conditions).

Upgrades from the X10 are cosmetic (color) as well as the promise of 20% less image noise so it will be better in low light. The X20 will also retain a zoom lens which is a 28-112 f/2-2.8 lens with an all new coating to minimize flare. There is also the same optical VF but this time we get a panel overlay onto the VF which shows the cameras settings. The VF still will only give us an 85% field of view.

The cool thing is that this camera also gets Phase detect focus much like thew new Sony NEX-6 and 5R which means the AF will be pretty fast. Fuji is set to take on the Sony RX100 for the title of “Best compact” but let us wait and see what lies ahead. I am hoping to handle an X20 at CES this week so look for a hands on report if this happens.

These two Fuji releases look like winners. Let’s hope they deliver the goods! I have no doubt that they will.



  1. Looking forward to an X20 review soon. As someone who already has a DSLR and doesn’t want to commit himself to another “system” for a take anywhere camera but likes some manual control, a camera big enough to hold and the option of a viewfinder on occasion this one would seem to suit.

  2. i’ve used my x100 with a trigger flash as a second camera to my 1Ds Mk2 at weddings and i got fantastic results. Big and expensive doesn’t usually mean superior. it’s the photographer, not the camera. that being said, the x100s will positively prove to be a beast of a camera and i’m already trying to hock my x100 to a friend to fund it!

  3. I can’t wait for the X20 reviews! It’s even more interesting to me than the X100s because the sky is the limit on how much it can improve with that small sensor and modern sensor technology. There’s a huge opportunity here for a camera with excellent value.

  4. Hi Steve, thank you for this great website. I’ve been searching some informations about the new focus peaking function but there is something I don’t understand : is it a software or a hardware update ? In other words, will the X100/XE-1 be capable of focus peaking next time that their software is updated ?
    Thank you very much.

  5. Fuji has been listening, I like the changes to operation of the camera:

    – changed order on the focus selector (MF, AF-C, AF-S)
    – swapped Drive and AF buttons (now changing of AF point is easy)
    – standalone Auto ISO in ISO menu via Fn button (min and max ISO, shutter speed)
    – new finger print resistant coating on OVF
    – dust proof OVF
    – better throw on the MF
    – Q menu

    And on top of that we get:

    – X-Trans II and EXR II
    – focus peaking
    – digital split image
    – film simulations from X-Pro1
    – new high resolution EVF

    And all that for the same price and all accessories work with new model, definitely buying one but I’m keeping X100, sentiment 😉

  6. Steve, does the X100s handle the same batteries and accessories like the X100?

    I’m just asking so I know if I should sell just my X100 or the whole caboodle 😛

  7. Always loved the X100 for its IQ and ergonomics, just felt right in the hand, and small enough to wear around the neck all day. Tried many other cameras though like the m4/3, Xpro, NEX etc to have a bit more speed of AF etc, but as good as they were, they never really were quite as much fun to shoot as the X100.

    If the X100s keeps everything that was so great and fun about the X100, but makes it a far more responsive camera its going to be a very winning combination.

    Sure EM-5 et al, have some more bells and whistles, more focal length options etc, but there is just something about working with a little fixed 35mm with OVF that makes photography feel a lot more fun.

    • Funny how we are all different. In sold my x100 after 3 months for the OMD and love it. In did really enjoy the x100 but 35mm just didn’t gel with me. If it had been maybe different story.

    • I agree. The X100 has been very liberating for me despite the fixed prime lens. Probably largely because of it, in a strange way. I don’t have to think about lens choices because I only have one option when I have that camera with me. So instead my mind wanders to how to best compose a scene, which is always a much more valuable thing to spend time doing than twitching a zoom ring.

      The only time I miss zooming is when I simply can’t get to where I want to be. But then these are cases when a 4x zoom wouldn’t help me much (cropping usually takes me to at least 2x on my X100), but when I’d need something more like a 150-300mm equivalent. Basically superzoom or tele scenarios, and then I’d be underequipped regardless camera if this was a time when I intended to travel light. So I try to not feel too bad about it, and rather focus on what I can catch instead.

  8. This “evolved” X100 is nearly exactly what I was hoping for! Same form factor so all my accessories – Gariz case, Thumbs-up etc – all fit which isn’t usually the case with when manufactures churn out a new model. The faster autofocus and updated EVF resolution (I’ve been spoiled by my NEX-7) are the two main things I was hoping for… But it would have been great to have a f/1.4!
    It’ll be interesting to see what the new sensor brings and I hope the Magic Flares still happen with the S.

    I’ll be sad to see my trusty X100 go, but this is a case of acquisition syndrome I’m fine with.

  9. does anyone know when I can actually purchase the x100s ?? in the market, love the x100 i’ve been borrowing, but might as well waight for the upgrade.

    any idea on specific date?

      • Wow – so exactly twice the price of the current x100 in the UK. That AF upgrade better be pretty amazing…

      • I don’t think so. X100 was £999 and two weeks later £949 and month later £899 (that’s what I paid for it). Fuji UK prices actually are in line with US prices with exchange rate and VAT on top

  10. Hey Steve,

    Thank you for this awesome news man! Really nice to know Fuji is coming with a new model of the X100(a bit too late because I just bought mine)

    Now, with this new model, I hope Fuji comes with a conversion lens which will be equal to a 50mm. Then it would be my only camera!!! Do you think we can expect that to happen? I really hope so. Also new firmware for the X100 would be great.

    • Absolutely! But there is no denying the fact that in 2013, it is indeed in the “aging” category when it comes to AF speed and performance. Facts are facts.

  11. I love the X10 but my only real gripe was that the filter thread was a 39.5mm diameter with an odd pitch. This is not supported by the filter manufacturers and not even supported by Fuji. There is an adaptor you can purchase from Fuji which lets you attach a filter to the wide end of the optional lens hood. Unfortunately this allows dust to get in through the hood vents. I really hope Fuji has addressed this problem for the X20.

    Also, have they improved the X10 and X100 cases so they can actually fit the camera WITH a filter lens and a standard lens cap?

  12. Really nice upgrade, glad I waited 😀 X Trans sensor means much better low light performance, I’d imagine at the level of a Canon 5D MI + ( about equiv DxOmark 2000 ) rather than the APS/C sensors ( DxOMark about 1000). My guess is AF will be better but not in DSLR territory (considering what Sony has done)

    The only minor nit for me is .. no tilting LCD screen.

  13. As I still like the X100 that I have, will stick to my X100 “classic” for now 😀 Thank You. But its all the good news for the faster AF folks 🙂
    Hope it still fits the 28mm(eqviv.) adapter and so on.
    The X20 looks the same, only more silverish. And the X10 is allready an awesome camera.
    So the 20% more low light also wont change that much for me. Af is allready sweet.
    so yeah, hope my cameras are still working til the 3d generation is coming out or something.

    Right now the X-E1 looks awesome with the 14mm lens.

  14. The X20 looks perfect for my carry everywhere camera.

    As I already have a Nikon D80 I’m not looking to get into another “system” because I know where that will lead me!

  15. If the AF is dependable in dodgy light or if the MF is usable, I will absolutely pick up the X100S. C’mon Fuji, I am totally cheering for you because both these cameras are drop dead sexy.

  16. The market is starting to get oversaturated with digital cameras. One year is all the time it take to obsolete a camera. People are indeed very greedy, asking for useless things , prestige cameras and lenses, you name it. It’s getting worse than the cosmetic industry.

    • Yeah I agree. It is mostly due to the growth of the mirrorless market combined with a maturing DSLR market. Digital photography has created a whole new realm of enthusiast photographers so partly justified. But it does seem a bit overcome imo for the moment.

  17. Read the disclaimers. Fastest AF of the aps-c sensor, fixed lens category. Which inlcudes Leica’s X2, Sigma’s Merrills and the X100S. The RX1 is FF, so not in that group. Special Olympic Games. And the last won the bronze medal LOL.
    Jokes aside, the upgrades are looking good, though the current X00 is still a great camera imho producing files competing with the best.

  18. Yes, as someone who bought a RX100 just a few weeks ago, and did so as a replacement for my X100 (who’s slow autofocus and non-existant manual focus made me slowly fall out of love with it), I’m curious to see how you think the X20 compares to the RX100 (Its not too late to return it!).
    But I doubt it can compare with the RX100’s 20mp, but part of me is hoping I’m wrong, I really do want to love these Fuji’s…

    • If you slip your RX100 in your pocket and take it everywhere, the X20 is no competition. It’s a big chunk of camera with the protruding lens. It’s more a competitor for the G15, P7700, and LX7. The RX100 sensor has twice the area of the Fuji sensor, too, with better low light performance. I’m looking forward to seeing the X20 viewfinder, as the X10’s was bigger and brighter than expected, if not very accurate. I hope the overlays don’t reduce the brightness. They look very handy, though I wonder why they don’t just go to a simple evf.

      For a pocket camera with the same size sensor Fuji makes the XF1. What a pretty little camera that is, though I worry about the sturdiness of thr manually retracting lens mechanism. It doesn’t feel very strong, though the fit and finish is impeccable. It’s the camera I’d give my sister to carry in her purse. I think that’s what they had in mind. Fuji makes such fun cameras, don’t they?

  19. Okay so there’s all this talk about why upgrade? why upgrade!? Well, I love my x100, BUT a slight boost in auto-focus speed would drastically boost my usable shots by at least 50%. That to me is a WORTHY upgrade. We all know its incredibly annoying to rely on its slow manual focus. We’re not shooting analog here so lets be real; we need all the help we can get in the focus region. Now, unless we receive one more good firmware update, then I will be selling my buddy, but just for the sake of having a better shooting experience.

    • Supposedly, not till next year – though there may be an announcement about one later this year.

      What I HOPE Fuji does is offer focus peaking functionality on the XP1. It is there flagship, and yet now, after only a short lifecycle, the oldest camera in the lineup, with focus performance greatly lagging behind its younger siblings.

      Unless Fuji wants to see their flagship plunge in sales, I have a sneaking suspicions that a new firmware update may be announced soon.

      Some assert that focus peaking cannot be added to the XP1 on account of hardware limitations. I strongly disagree with this. Given that Sony added peaking to the NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras through a firmware update, I see no reason why Fuji cannot do the same thing with the XP1.

    • I did not want to afford the X2 as it represents very poor value in my opinion, because of a slow lens and outdated technology with a sensor found in USD 500 cameras, and went for the RX1 instead ;). I still have an X1 which set the truly compact aps-c sensor camera standard when it was released, but technology has marched on since.

    • I could afford an X2, but it doesn’t do what I want a camera to do. The silly price is the last nail in its coffin, as far as I’m concerned.

      If it had a viewfinder and was priced at, say, $1500, I’d be first in line. As it is, it’s a non-starter, regardless of how good the image quality is.

  20. So when will we see an X-Pro2 appear?
    I doubt Fuji is going to go full frame, and with the way their X-Trans CMOS performs, I don’t think they really need to…

    • X-Pro successor probably won’t happen until next year, and my guess is it will be a killer camera.

      What I hope – and Fuji probably realize this – is that they will introduce some powerful new firmware updates to the X-Pro 1 early this year. If they don’t, the XP1 may lose significant sales given that it’s new stablemates are offering better autofocus, focus aides and processing.

      Focus peaking and another bump in autofocus speed – if either are possible – would help a lot.

  21. Nice internal upgrade 🙂 The body looks the same on the front. Any news if the body has been changed on the back. Does it have a Q menu?

  22. I know that we’ve already said this a million times but everytime I read such comments, it make my eyes bleed :

    “Oh great !!! Another bunch of new cameras !!!
    I can’t control my GAS again !!!”

    Errr… Will I buy the new X100s as I already got the excellent X100 in Black ? It’s a big, a fat and a bold N-O !!!
    Will the IQ be drastically different or better ? Say it with me : N-O !!!

    What for ??? Do you all think that you’ll get better photos with the latest technology ??? Really ???
    If you think so, then I have to say bravo to Sony, Fuji and Leica because their marketting team are second to none : these guy can seel you something you don’t need.

    I got some cameras but I stick to them and I try to get the best of them instead of changing my gear as I’m told by Sony, Fuji or whatever.

    I’ll kill my Leica on the field ! Same goes for my X100. The day they’ll be broken, THEN I’ll buy a new camera because I N-E-E-D one, not because I pretend that I can’t control my credit card and that I H-A-V-E to.

    Think about it guys : do you have to or do you need ?

    • Apple make them all look like a bunch of losers 🙂 Their marketing team must be the best ever, making people (often very strange people) panic, queue and fight over any slight upgrade launched, even when the products have massive bugs and faults! The problem is now generally the manufacturers get to make much less from recurring revenues then they did in the film camera era and thus they have to promote and launch new models at an alarming speed hoping people with upgrade regularly!

    • Well, I reckon I WILL take better pictures with the X100s than the X100 – given that I miss far too many shots where there are people in, either due to AF issues or shutter lag when shooting in the EVF (you think you’ve got a great expression, but it turns out that was half a second ago).

      If the AF on the X100s is anything near as good as Fuji claims, then I will feel far more confident that I have got the shot using the OVF, which should solve both problems.

    • The answer is simple…what would a creative artist pay for improvements on a tool he uses….a tool that he finds very useful and which he is very satisfied with the results he is getting. It has a few niggles he has learned to deal with but overall he thinks it is a brilliant tool.
      How much would he pay for an improved version of this tool…one that also fixes some of the issues that irked him a bit?
      I would bet they would pay anything…because they are serious about thier art.
      I know I will be per-ordering mine tomorrow,if I can…

      • What about asking Van Gogh or Monet about a new brush… ?
        What about asking Orson Wells or Charlie Chaplin about 4K ?

        A artist, a real one I mean, doesn’t need technology. The technology serves the artist, not the opposite.

        If Brassaï or Capa were waiting for the New-Turbo-II-low-light-X-Trans-high-contrast-full-frame camera, I guess they’d all be dead before taking a single photo, don’t you ?

        But if people are convincing themselves that a new camera full of gadgets will, by magic, turn them into a Nachtwey…

        I’m going to Ethiopia next month with… a Canon 1 V and a bunch of Tri-X, Velvia and Hilford 3200 rolls. I don’t need to be destracted by a function hidden under the third menu after the roundabout or desperately searching for an AC plug because my always-on AF ruined my battery.

        Think about it guys, what is photography about ?
        Light, framing and sensivity or new split focusing area with full HD video ?
        Ask yourselves… and go out to take photos !

  23. Hmmm. I’m looking for a camera with fast AF to replace my wife’s current point-n-shoot. I was leaning towards the Nikon 1 J2 for her, but if the AF is pretty good on this new X20 it may be the way to go with the faster glass compared to the Nikon 10-30mm. If Fuji keeps the price similar to the X10’s price, the X20 might be the one. If it would be available before mid-March, it would be a nice birthday gift for her.

    • If you’re looking to replace a point and shoot, I’d seriously consider a Nikon V1 at the current $350 close out price.

      At $1000, it was a rip-off. At $350, it’s a steal.

      • It was $299 for a whole month, now back to $349. Yes, a steal. I bought one at $299. They still have the $799 deal as well with the V1, 10-30, 10-100, flash, Nikon lens adapter and bag.

  24. While I am ecstatic with my new X-E1 and the image quality I’m getting (just the jpeg’s so far, still waiting for Aperture raw support), I have to scratch my head at the logic of Fujifilm’s marketing strategy. I just received my X-E1 three weeks ago and today Fujifilm announces their new and improved X-trans sensor.

    Seriously Fuji??? My X-E1 is barely three weeks old and already old, dated technology. I have yet to see a raw photo from my camera and you’ve already released it replacement sensor. Whatever.

    At least my M9 has stayed current for almost four years – and if the new M240 sample shots posted yesterday are any indication – it may still have a nice run of a few more years.

    • Do you value your gear based on whether or not it is current, or based on its inherent qualities? Because the latter doesn’t change with new announcements, regardless of their timing.

      • c0ldc0ne and Zlatko, I appreciate your comments and agree that new technology is a good thing.

        But I just spent $1,400- on a brand new camera that already has an obsolete sensor; had this happened a year or even six months after I purchased the X-E1 … no worries. In fact great news.

        My X-E1 purchase hasn’t even appeared up on my credit card statement yet, and todays’ sensor news has already devalued my camera’s resale price.

        I’m willing to bet tens of thousands of customers just purchased an X-E1 on or around Christmas (that’s roughly when they first came available) … Fujifilm’s churn and burn product development isn’t going to leave any of us feeling warm and fuzzy.

        • Introducing improved products is exactly what we expect and hope for. Better products are a wish come true — they do indeed makes us feel warm and fuzzy. But your response is to accuse them of doing something wrong, “churn and burn product development”. Sorry, but I don’t understand the bad feelings. As I said, the only alternative is to stop introducing new cameras. Or to never buy a camera.

          There is no way to perfectly time a product introduction so that no one has just bought an older product. Fuji does not have your personal purchase date on their calendar, and cannot wait until a certain number of days has passed. “It’s only 3 weeks since Gen bought his X-E1; we better wait until it’s on his credit card statement before introducing the X100S”. I don’t think any company works that way.

          There is no way to simultaneously introduce a new sensor into every camera in the product line. No company does that. Take, for example, Canon. They sell about eleven DSLR models. When a new sensor is introduced in one model, it means about ten models will still be sold with the old sensor. Does that mean that every new sensor devalues the rest of the product line? If so, how to avoid it?

          Besides, the new sensor is likely very slightly better, not something that instantly devalues your camera or makes its pictures any less appealing.

        • “But I just spent $1,400- on a brand new camera that already has an obsolete sensor; had this happened a year or even six months after I purchased the X-E1 … no worries. In fact great news.

          My X-E1 purchase hasn’t even appeared up on my credit card statement yet, and todays’ sensor news has already devalued my camera’s resale price.”

          This is only relevant if you were planning to sell your X-E1 within said six months. After all, if a new model were introduced then, it would devalue your model just the same and you would have to sell it before the announcement is made. And that is a feat in and of itself, because you never know when the next upgrade will be introduced.

          Apart from that, camera gear is generally a very poor investment commodity, so it’s best not to value it as such. An M may do better relatively, but absolutely? Regardless, that too is irrelevant unless you’re in the market for one.

          • I bought my X-E1 from HK/ebay in October, and I think it is fantastic what Fuji is doing. It really shows that they are taking their camera development seriously and is in this for the long haul. That makes me a very happy photographer. I can buy my lenses knowing that their cameras will keep getting better. What’s not to like about that?

          • I don’t disagree with c0ldc0ne, and am happy with the results I get from my X-Pro1 (when it focuses correctly). This does not change knowing that there is an improved sensor for a pro aimed overpriced camera less than 1 year later. I don’t intend to sell it so I don’t worry about the loss of value.

            The point is Fuji’s strategy / attitude towards customers who spend over 1500$ on a new line of cameras, not knowing what Fuji had in mind (or in their bags). Releasing the X-E1 just 8 months after creating the hype with the hard to get X-Pro (which obviously was not “ready” when it was released) makes me feel Fuji is clearly telling people “we make a camera that gives unique results and if you want this quality, that’s what it costs – but actually we could have released it with flash and even lighter body (as the OVF is for decoration) for 60% of what you paid right from the start”.
            I think releasing a new version of the sensor 1 month after launching the X-E1 shows the same 1. lack of strategy (if that’s the way they would like people to see it) 2. bad, short term marketing cynism, as they did not create this new sensor in one month and could thus have implemented it in the X-E1 (but in that case XPro owners would really have felt cheated on).

            This does not mean that I am unsatisfied with the xpro results, or want to change it, or regret the loss of value, or think my photos would be better with a new sensor – just that my image of Fuji as a company went from good to very poor, as unless they really don’t have a guide map, they play with hidden cards.

        • I totally agree. I was considering an X-E1 but why buy an out of date model? I waited ages for the iPad 3 then it was replaced by iPad 4 almost immediately. Don’t manufacturers realise that we find that ANNOYING!!

          I accept that a new product doesn’t stop the old one working but even so, this is just taking the you know what.

    • The only way to prevent this from happening would be to stop introducing new cameras. I don’t think any of us would be happy with that.

      • I don’t think any of us want that, we just want a reasonable time to pass between one introduction and the news of its replacement. Six months would be a reasonable amount, six weeks isn’t.

    • I’m with you on this one and might have to change my buying habits and wait for 6 months after new gear hit the market and pick it up at a huge discount (see the Nikon V1). Considering the pace of the industry in releasing improved versions of existing products, being an early adopter is very expensive.
      I said it before, but an M system is the real deal in not loosing money, as the lenses appreciate in value and (over-)compensate for the depreciation of the digital bodies.

  25. I just hope the X100S does not suffer from SAB problem, I guess not as hopefully it’s a new lens design to go with the new sensor? I was tempted by the X100 Black Edition (now £680 new) but SAB put me off and I stuck with my X10 (never had a white orb problem – ever). Like someone else said already on this thread my Yashica Electro GSN outperforms every digital camera I have ever owned (my Sigma DP1 Merrill has the edge with regard IQ but I can manually focus the GSN quicker than the AF on the Merrill – ha ha ). Fuji seem to making the best non-pro cameras now bar none, noticed that Nikon are now giving away the V1 with kit lens for £249.99 – must have bee a massive flop. The Sony RX1 looks good but its not without its problems and the acc’s pricing is stupid, really stupid. Cheers Paul

  26. This looks great, it also means the current X100’s will start to sell for peanuts used =o] Which will make me most likely grab another one to sit aside my XP-1.

  27. Just ordered the X10, for travel photography, should I cancel and wait for the X20, can’t make up my mind. When will these two cameras hit the shelves?

    BTW great work Steve, your blog is very nice!

    • I have the same dilemma. I bought a Black Special Edition X100 for 699 GBP, and it is supposed to be delivered today. I will likely return it and wait for the revamped version. I guess the changes in sensor (both for the X100 and X10) would be enough reason to wait…

  28. X100s looks good but not enough to upgrade from the already excellent X100 (I do not find the af too slow). The start up and re-awaken times and the poor battery life are my gripes.

    The X20 doesn’t address the main negatives with the X10. The fact that it is a manual zoom is negated by your hand and part of the zoom blocking the view through the viewfinder. This relegates it to a mainly LCD shooter. This camera is crying out for an EVF a la the X-E1. Then I would buy. A slightly longer zoom would be good too.

  29. X100s: Hope it still syncs at the crazy high shutter speeds. Also wish for it to release in black, none of this ” Limited Edition” crap where it’s just an excuse to charge an extra $300… Both of these and I’ll preorder

    • Really, has anyone heard of the sync? I love it in the classic x100 and hope it will stay. But then again, why wouldn’t..?

  30. am i the only person who have near 0 problem with the fuji’s AF performance? 1.3 firmware, point focus (so i control where it goes)… unless the subject is dead black its accurate and fast. rarely use EVF unless for macro so thats a non-issue either.

    anyone who’s been holding for the x100s due to perceived lack of performance owe it to actually try one and hunt on the used market

  31. Can ANYONE tell me if the X100S will have a microphone jack for an external microphone? If so I’ll be first in line to snatch it up. I’ve been wishing that my X100 would have better video and better sound. It does everything else to my needs.

    • There is an external microphone accessory announced as well, so yes? Not sure if it is standard though. All will be revealed tomorrow.

      • You can see the external Mic attached to hotshue and connected via USB in the Fujiguys video. Just google it…

  32. Of all the camera’s that should have interchangeable lenses, this is it…
    And I don’t mean for photography – the whole ‘everything on the dials’ before you turn it on is something familiar to Broadcast Video Production, so being able to outfit a range-finder with PMFT Primes, and know it’s ready to go the moment you turn it on, for Short Films, Music Video, Commercials, the X100 and X100s would be almost perfect.
    Imagine the shots you could pull off if you could hang a Voightlander f.95 lens out front…

    • The beauty of the x100 is that it only has 1 focal length. If you want to change lenses go for the XE1 or XPRO 1. The X100 doesnt even have a mic jack even though there are other ways to get external audio. For pro video the new Lumix GH3 would be a better option.

      • Hmmm, I have to agree with Pidicus Rex. This would be the ultimate digital camera if it had intererchangeable lenses. For some reason I am guessing Fuji will release the X100S and, shortly after, the X200 with interchangeable lenses.

        • The unique selling point of the X100 is that it has a fixed lens. This makes it smaller and simpler than it would be otherwise. It makes it lovable. And similarly, the point and the reason for the existence of the other X cameras is that they have variable focal length or interchangeable lenses. Fuji offer a range of X branded cameras, with different features. It’s very likely that the split image focussing feature will spread throughout the range.

        • There’s already an X100 with interchangeable lenses. It’s called the XE-1.

          The X100 is a unique product with it’s own niche. I don’t think there’s any way Fuji would market 3 interchangeable APS-C “rangefinder” cameras.

      • JeffP is right. The beauty of this camera is that it only has one focal length. That one feature is what contributes to its small size and quiet operation (thanks to the in-lens shutter). Fortunately, we don’t have to wish for an interchangeable lens version because Fuji already makes an two interchangeable lens versions of this camera. They are called the X-Pro1 and the X-E1.

  33. Nice preview, Steve, but I am still a bit leary about the new Fuji’s IF there is no mention of a correction to reported edge artifacts form all the X-sensor Fujis. I’ve read on several review sites about artifacts smearing fine detail on the Fuji X-Pro1 and X-E1, even at base ISO, so this news caused me to consider the Olympus OM-D as a great “travel” system instead of the Fuji X-E1, which I got a chance to handle, and liked its ergonomics! However, the OM-D has superb ergonomics as well as their deliciously sharp Primes (12, 45, 75, and 60mm macro)!

    • I think the edge smearing on the Fuji is an overblown issue and not apparent in most photos. Being said, Capture One has apparently solved the issue and is expected to release 7.02 any day. I have shot JPG mode because of the raw conversion issue, so even though I say it’s an overblown issue, I believe there is merit to the issue or I would be using LR4 to convert the files. As far as manual focus, I prefer “M” mount lenses and with the correct diopter +1 for me, I am quite fast with MF. This is just another tradeoff we all make for one reason or another.

  34. My X10 is a delight to use, but the X20 spec is truly mouth watering! A remarkable revision by Fuji. Bring on the review, and my credit card…

  35. Nice. But I’m still liking my full frame Yashica Electro 35 GSN rangefinder with 45mm f/1.7 lens at $130 fully CLA’d and refurbished… LoL.

      • According to the press release it looks like a brand new X-trans sensor which includes phase-detect af pixels.This will probably be the test bed sensor for the next mirrorless cameras like x-pro2/xe-2.

      • I have been considering buying an X-E1 (DP Review hasn’t even tested it fully yet, it’s that new), but if the X-Trans CMOS II sensor improves on the one in the X-E1, then it will make its way into that model before the newness has worn off the X-E1. This is bad news – why buy an X-E1 if the sensor is already out of date?

        Don’t they think like this in Fujiland?

        • I totally agree…Fuji should have put these features in the X-E1, especially if they work efficiently and accurately. I was planning on buying the X-E1, but now I am definitely going to wait for the X-Pro 2/X-E2…

          That said, I am really impressed with Fuji’s innovation and effort…they are definitely listening, and for someone that just needs 35mm and 28mm (with adapter), the X100s should be a fantastic camera ~ if the AF is truly fast.

          If they were smart, they would put the new sensor and features in an upgraded X-E1 immediately, as it would be easy to do and they profit immensely by doing so…No one wants to wait another half a year or year to see these features in an interchangeable lens body…Hurry up Fuji!

  36. Digital Split Image Function..hmmmm..are we expecting a digital range finder here?

    I hope fuji will improve the manual focusing as well.

  37. I still love my x100 up to this day. I really can’t complain

    based on specs, the x100s should be a worthy successor. I’ll get one in a heartbeat it lives up to its specs sheet.

    • And I’m perfectly happy with my first generation Nikon 1. It has a tiny ten megapixel CX sensor! A3 prints look just fine and all of my gear fits in just two coat pockets. It seems new camera’s come out every month. You can spend your whole salary on it. I tried the X100 for a while. files look great, but I feel the fixed 35mm lens limits me too much and the AF is too slow. I think Nikon hit the sweet spot with the 1 system.

      • I have both the X100 and the V1 (10mm and 30-110mm) and I can’t give up either. The IQ and shooting experience from the Fuji is great but the versatility and AF speed of the V1 makes it just as valuable. I agree with you on the upgrade thing, I like following new cameras but there’s no way I would (or could afford to) buy a new one every time something is announced.

        • i have an x100 and v1 as well. these cameras complement each other very nicely. the ‘s’ sounds great, but my wallet and i are fairly content as is.

          • Uh-oh. Sounds like I need an X100S to keep my V1 company. I’ve played with the X10 and liked it. I do wish Fuji would get the lack of RAW support fixed with the software companies. The JPEGs may be nice, but I’m not willing to give up shooting in RAW or using inferior software. Now that they have a bunch of cameras using the same quirky array there may be more incentive to finally solve this problem. I hope so, with Fuji turning out such interesting cameras.

  38. Looks promising 🙂 The way Fuji ,Olympus and ,Sony are going Nikon and Canon are gonna have a hard time for non professional products.

    • I dont think nikon and Canon would give a shit until they actually lose alot of market shares. They dont really care to be number 1 in the market of mirrorless table scraps. Mirrorless cameras have only one advantage, and that is their smaller sie. Once any one starts making bigger mirrorless cameras and lenses, it will lead them back tot he slr. Canon and Nikon both know this and are in no hurry to piss off their customer only to get them to run back to the dslr.

    • Yes, Sony raised the bar quite a bit, didn’t they? ; )

      In the meantime, I just may jump on the X100S bandwagon. Last April I shot a wedding in a low, evenly lit venue. A couple of weeks before the wedding I took my X100 to the venue and took some test shots and, boy, am I glad I did. With the X100’s contrast detection, shot after shot was missed. The auto focus sensor would hunt and focus on the edge of a window across the room instead of on the subject’s eye. It scared me. So for the wedding, I rented the Nikon D800 which uses phase detection auto focus and I shot the wedding with confidence.

      If the X100S indeed has fast auto focus, would I be able to use this as a back-up camera for weddings? Hmmm, it’s tempting. Street photography is still where this camera is at.

      • I wouldn’t count on the X100s performing fast in low light. This is why Fuji put up a disclaimer about “under certain conditions”. Then again, if the manual focus implementation works as they say it may be able to be used manually in low light with confidence. As for comparing it against the RX1, I plan to do just that but I have seen X100 shots next to RX1 shots and it was no contest for my eyes. RX1 all the way due to the richness, DR and overall look of the files. Especially in low light. But I will do a head on between both the X100s and RX1 as soon as I am able to get an X100s.

        • Oh, I can’t wait, Steve. A head-to-head between the RX1 and X100S will be another awesome review to look forward to!

          The advantage of the X100S is that the hotshoe can be used for external flashes and flash triggers while using the built-in viewfinder.

        • Yes but Steve there are a few problems which have me thinking of returning the rx1

          AF in low light still isn’t good – not good enough for A wedding to be sure. No idea why they left out the phase detection portion from nex 6, only if it helps a little, is beyond me.
          The focus box is too big IMO though flexible spot improves things. Hopefully a firmware fix.
          Color casts (I haven’t checked mine yet but plenty are seeing it)

          Aperture blade uneven issues which mine does have minorly

          Sony support is very questionable. A dpreview user has been waiting a month for repair.
          I have never sent a camera to Laredo for repair however my experience with warrantied Sony electronics has been bad. My rx100 has lived in a case in a drawer and been out 3 times and there’s dust on the sensor. So I will see first hand how things are handled

          Also in my usage I am extremely impressed with landscape shots and close shots but the in between seems weird.

          I want to love the rx1. Sell a 35L for it (I have an extra for backup) but the Fuji x100s is certainly an attractive alternative at less than half the price for a
          Fixed lens Camera and the xtrans sensor yields some amazing results.

          Just some thoughts.

          • AF in low light is about equal to most mirrorless cameras and I will bet you that it is just as good as the new X100s. The X100s will be great in good light but not so hot in low, which is why Fuji had the disclaimer with the AF statement. In fact, out of all mirrorless cameras I have tested/owned the Olympus OM-D E-M5 has the best overall AF performance and is being used for weddings by many many photographers today with gorgeous results. I would choose the E-M5 over any mirrorless for wedding use, but then again, if I were a wedding pro I would stick with Leica M and Nikon D800.

            The RX1 focuses just as well/fast in low light as the NEX-6 and is faster than the NEX-7 in low light. The 6 is faster in decent light with lenses that work with their phase detect. The RX1 also focuses much faster and more reliably than any Fuji X to date (X-Pro 1, X-E1 in low light) and is just how it goes for 90% of cameras in low light.

            My RX1 has had no color casts or issues at all with the sensor or lens but I have seen a few who have had issues and I am not sure why that is. If mine had those issues the camera would be returned. But for me, after 3000 shots, nothing…No problems to speak of. The Aperture blade is normal and is with all RX1’s made. This is a non issue and does not affect the reliability or usability of the lens. It’s in ALL of them.

            I have compared the X-Pro 1 and E1 to the RX1 and for these eyes it was no contest. The RX1 wins easily but then again, there is no 35mm equivilant for the X series, only the X100 and the lens on the RX1 easily beats the lens on the X100. The X100 is soft at f/2 and sharpens up at 2.8. The RX1 is razor sharp at f/2 and again, the files are solid, rich and full of DR.

            But it is all personal preference as with any camera. If it doesn’t suit you it doesn’t suit you. For me, it’s my every day go to because it has never done me any wrong or failed me, even in lower light when the others have frustrated me beyond belief at times in lower light situations.

      • I also used a X100 on three real weddings. I cannot sing but praised for its amazing colour and skin tone and just how nice the files came out of this little thing. That was the good part.
        The AF speed wasn’t too great but that was not a problem for me. One can get used to a slightly slower AF.

        The only real problem i found with this camera is – I found the Manual Focusing to be absolutely rubbish and AF would miss a horse even if its a single horse in the Prairies …and it would do it more often than I could accept in the real world work situation. So i sold it ( i only lost 30 dollars on the resale even after using the camera for 3 months! )

        I will definitely buy the X100s if it has a accurate AF…. Fast auto-focus is irrelevant if it isn’t accurate. I hope the new phase detect AF makes it more accurate in addition to being fast.

        Wow…..this one has the XE sensor and world’s fastest AF? would be fun it could beat the OMD. Cant wait!

        I wish fuji came with a real rangefinder camera ( these arent bad but a real RF camera would be really something ).

        I still find it funny! camera makers have incorporated Rangefinders since 1930s and they were available on cheap Japanese fixed lens RF in the 1970’s like the Canonets and HiMatics . With today’s manufacturing techniques, materials and even with such great demand from photographers….I still cant understand why no Japanese makers can come up with a real rangefinder focusing system on something like x100 or RX1?

        Photographers are suckers for retro looks ( OMD and Fuji X series prove it ), things that work reliably and proven technologies. We don’t really want Androids and apps on our cameras!
        Personally, I would like to see Sigma come up with full time rangefinder Manual focusing on something like a Full frame DP2 Merrill. I would still not pay what they wanted initially for SD1 but I will pay RX1 kind of money in a heartbeat!

        Leica was bankrupt a few years ago… a 7000 dollar M9 is selling well enough to make them profitable company and a pride of Germany.

    • IMHO far too much emphasis is put upon “so called” full frame to begin with. Yes, sure I understand it can be important with shooting wides but other than that far too much emphasis is put on “so called” FF which is never real FF to begin with. Serious pros laughed at 35mm shooters back in the day so I cannot see how 35mm could ever be seriously classified as FF. Do Fuji really need to produce a FF X to be taken seriously? I wouldn’t have thought so personally. JMHO & 2C.

      If they get the AF right on the new X100s I will be one of the first in the queue as it was what let the original camera down in the first place, sure the excellent Sony RX1 might still produce better files OOC but what price a decent inbuilt VF which the X100 has and the Sony does not? 🙂

      • You can sing all the praises you want of the Fuji if you’re the one paying for the wedding shoot. The client comes FIRST and that’s why doing these gigs you gotta play it with the best, best AF, best IQ you can possibly afford. Canon and Nikon top range is what is needed. Sure you may look cool using something esle and lok like youre some kind of rebel, but when your clients disapporve of your pics…it’s going to be a long day for you…and a shorter career.

        • This is, of course, rubbish. There are already wedding photographers shooting quite stunning stuff using camera like the Fuji. Some exclusively. Others use Leica.

          Weddings aren’t all the same. Nor are the people that shoot them. In some churches, countries, environments cameras like the fuji are perfectly suited. In others not so. It’s up to the photographer to get the best gear for what they shoot and where they shoot. That includes choosing gear that allows then to work the way they want and helps them to express their vision.

          Certainly the vast majority will stick with a DSLR (and don’t forget Sony) but that doesn’t mean that photographers who travel a different path will make poor images.


        • Image quality from the X100 was easily good enough for weddings. And with the X-Trans sensor, you can shoot with confidence. Agreed on the autofocus, though. Needs a big shot in the arm.

          On the other hand, using a Zeiss 18mm f/4 ZM lens on an X-Pro 1, setting the aperture to f8 and pre-focusing allows one to shoot from about four feet to infinity with everything in focus. Set the camera to Auto-ISO, and provided the light’s reasonable, you’re golden. For non-isolated portrait shots and reportage coverage of weddings, it’s a great way to shoot. Damn near set-and-forget!

          Wait till the successor to the X-Pro 1 comes out. It will almost certainly incorporate all the advances of this new X100s, and others as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fuji move to a 24 megapixel X-Trans sensor, too … though who knows if full-frame could be in the cards as well. That will make the XP series unbeatable, IMO.

          Fuji is listening to its customers like no other manufacturer right now.

          They’re dead serious about being a contender, folks.

        • Cant stand this type of thinking….
          Of course the client comes first…and that’s why It is important that you inform them of how to properly discern what makes a good photograph, and why you would be the ideal photographer for them. It has NOTHING to do with the gear being the latest and greatest…people have been shooting pro weddings since there were 5mp slr’s where the ‘iq’ is sub par to today’s p and s cameras. There are also ( I personally know one locally) that shoot film slr. It’s her style,technique and presentation she sells….not the bling hanging from her shoulder.
          I personally can’t wait for this camera to shoot weddings with. I love my x100 but for some of the issues that now seem addressed….and I would STILL use the x100 confidentily. If this is the same as the x100 …but improved as they say…a truly great camera for PRO use as well as anything else. I think most x100 users would agree.

      • Full frame would be very nice, but I would rather that they made the X100S with great (fast & accurate) autofocus. I hope they’ve done it. The press release sounds very promising. I agree about the built-in viewfinder. That (and the price) is what makes the X100S more interesting than the Sony RX1.

      • I’ve heard that some commercial clients insist on full frame, or some other equipment that tickles their fancy. It never happened to me.

        Wedding clients generally don’t know the difference, and don’t care, and the output is (mostly) 8×10 or smaller prints. In my experience “Full frame” makes more difference to the photographer than the customer.

        I just did a set of engagement photos with my OMD and the clients were thrilled.

    • There are many reasons why wedding photographers run around with Canons or Nikons. You’ve discovered one of those many reasons.

    • When can we expect a full-frame Fuji? Simple. Never.

      There are 4 companies who market full-frame cameras. Three (Nikon, Canon, Leica) are old line companies who started out with complete ranges of full-frame lenses. The fourth (Sony) is a technology company. They build sensors, and buy their lenses from Zeiss. Sony is a huge industrial power, and can afford to lose money on a prestige product (for a while).

      Nobody else is likely to make the very large investment required to bring out a full-frame niche product.

      • You know Scott, I just bought a Fuji X pro 1. Its files make my 5D with Canon 50mm f1.4, look terrible. The fuji 35mm 1.4 is RIDICULOUSLY sharper than the Canon lens at 1.4 with just perfect Bokeh. A full frame sensor in my opinion just got outclassed.

        • In my experience, the Canon 50mm f1.4 was just kind of OK, not great.
          Sold it because it didn’t really add to my kit.
          Maybe I got a bad one.

          The Fuji 35mm f1.4 ( on XE-1) is outstanding.

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