ONE Leica Monochrom in stock, tons of Leica lenses in stock and an LHSA Hammertone!


ONE Leica Monochrom in stock, tons of Leica lenses in stock and an LHSA Hammertone!

Just a FYI for anyone looking for a Monochrom, Leica lenses, A rare MP or a great deal on a Leica M-E 🙂 All from site sponsors, meaning..the best in the USA for Leica 🙂

Hello everyone! I know these Leica Monochrom’s have been few and far between but the Pro Shop has ONE in stock and if you want it you must call them at 561-253-2606. I expect it to sell quickly.

Also, Ken Hansen shot me an email saying he has just about EVERY single Leica lens in stock and LOADS of silver 50 Summilux ASPH. You know, the lens that used to be impossible to find. He has 35 Lux’s, 75’s, 90’s, etc. he has them all even Noctilux. So give him an e-mail if you are looking for a Leica lens at

Dale Photo has a used LHSA Leica MP Hammertone and leicavit set HERE for all of those looking for a killer film setup. This one is a bit rare.

PopFlash has loads of Leica as well including a Leica M-E for $4577 with less than 100 shots taken. As new. 


  1. At Robert white in England the monochrom is reduced in price,still probably costs more than you can get it for in america but even so.

  2. Nice but my Fuji X-Pro 1 has turned me away from Leica. Cannot afford this stuff with a family! My Fuji is blowing away my M8, that is a fact! the proof is in the photos, and that rules out ANY M9 or M240 or MM for me!!!

    • I’d hope your 2012 camera performs better than your 2006 M8…you can always use M-glass on the Fuji!

      • Actually Jonny….you can use ‘some’ M glass on the Fuji….as long as it isn’t wide angle. To my great disappointment I found major smearing in the outer third of the frame with my 25mm Biogon….one of the sharper M lenses you can buy. On the other hand my 50mm Summicron works pretty nicely.

    • No, not really. The LHSA sold within minutes. The Leica M-E sold within minutes and I am guessing the Mono probably sold as well. Leica lenses are in stock because not as many are buying Leica right now. Why? Well, many have bought what they needed over the past three years and now everyone is waiting for the new M 240. When the M9 was selling like crazy everyone was buying lenses for it. The M9 is gone and the M-E is selling very very slowly. Thus, lens sales have slowed. Once the new M hits, lens sales will be right back up. This is giving Leica a good chance to catch up though.

    • yep it’s a waiting game in the world of leica at the moment. And also a bit of competition in RX1 in particular for the FF crowd.

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