The Leica Monochrom is IN STOCK


The Leica Monochrom is IN STOCK

The Leica Monochrom is a special camera, plain and simple. It is the only camera in the world that is dedicated to B&W photography. Simplicity, Beauty and that CCD sensor that resolves with insane detail and medium format like qualities. Much has been written about the camera here on this site in my own reviews and others who have written about it (see Leica reviews here). There are many passionate users of this camera who love it to death and see it as a “desert island” camera. Most who own it never want to lose it. With that said, it is $7995 and in today’s world that is a ton of cash to lay out for a camera that only shoots B&W. But if that is what you are all about, the MM is fantastic. A work of art really. While the new M can do convincing B&W, it can not resolve the detail of the MM nor can it give you the same tonality or “look”.

It is a controversial camera but I think most agree it is a wonderful tool, perhaps Leica’s best digital camera ever.

The good news is that I found out today that many dealers received new batches of the MM and they are in stock at the links below 🙂 All of them are site supporters so I help support them when I can!

Ken Hansen – Email him at – He has two, even a used “like new’ one at a discount

The Pro Shop – They have them as well. Website here or you can call them at 561-253-2606

Dale PhotoDale has one HERE

some of my fave Mono shots. New ones coming soon 🙂










  1. I am loving my MM and I am incredibly grateful I was able to find a good dealer to purchase one through this site. It is truly a unique animal, which is a good thing of course.

    The only downside to the MM? I’ve been ignoring my wife editing too many pictures!!

  2. Hi Steve,

    Love my MM. I’m doing good with it, and i can see a lot of fast progress in my work…
    BUT i miss a bit color, yes, that’s hard not doing anymore.
    So, after trying and not being enough convinced with the new M, i decided to go a very different way.
    I bought myself a great and wonderful Hasseblad C503 cw, with medium format films (Kodak Portra 160).
    I’m getting my first shoots soon from the lab and hope to get awesome results 🙂

  3. I love my Leica Monochrom. With cameras we all want to produce great photographs, colour or monochrome, I never knew how much I missed taking mono shots. Sure all colours images can be converted but that is an extra process that takes away the immediacy of your image. Once you have learnt to “see” with that kind of process you realise that colour isn’t so necessary. I use an “old” M9P as well, but I use the MM more.

  4. Steve, some of my favorite images you have shown on this site have been the ones you have taken with this camera.

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