Shooting Shanghai with a Sony RX1 by Hawk

Shooting Shanghai with a Sony RX1 by Hawk

Hi Steve,

My name is Hawk, I’m a Chinese guy living in Shanghai, I visit your website twice a day since last year, I’m a huge mirrorless camera fan. and your review let me made final decision to buy the amazing RX1, thank you! I was hesitated for a long time that days, I told my wife and my dad about this camera and the price, they just think I am crazy and stupid. But after I get this camera and take some photo showed them, they feeled amazing too, understand why this tiny camera are so expensive. I think I made the right decision to choose the RX1,thanks again for your review and inspire.

I used to have a NEX3 and adapted a CONTAX G45 lens, which is also quite amazing, I’m looking forward to use this lens on the coming soon full frame NEX. But now I carrying just the RX1 for my daily use (Street Photography). The RX1 is quite good for streetshot, it won’t get noticed or made people annoyed. You can take your photo easily and silently , but the result is really amazing .

Here are some photo of my strreetshot in Shanghai and my trip to a Chinese ancient town“Xi Tang”, I only shot in RAW files, use lightroom to convert some to B&W and make little adjustment .

















  1. Com’on bro! This is Xitang which belongs to Zhejiang Province, which is not Shanghai at all. And the church in Xu Jia Hui is in Shanghai downtown but as someone mentioned above, it is a but funny to take that for SH…

    Good pictures though.


  2. Thanks Hawk, Every photos of yours are great. I especially like the ones of church over a steel fence, lamps hung at the old house and all b&w’s. I also love the color of a man in the church. I think Xi Tang is the place to go someday. Thank you again for your great photos.

    • thank you, and there are many ancient town like Xi Tang in china, like Zhou Zhuang, Wu Zhen,Nan Xun, there all beautiful and special, and you can learn many defferent folkways and culture there.

  3. Having never been to Shanghai, I loved the photo of the houses along the river with the ripples in the water. I couldn’t work out whether it was taken at dawn or sunset, but the colours were beautiful. I also liked the natural look of the street cleaners taking a break. What does the writing on the wall say?

    • It was taken at dawn.It’s just a home adress the local residenter whiting on an ancient brick wall, which I found it’s quite extraordinary make it looks like a cover of an old book.

  4. Love almost all the shots…..we should meet during my visit to Shanghai next year so we can do Street Photo together Hawk….

    • I suggest you go there earily in the morning or late in the night, otherwise there are too many people!! the best time for photography is 12pm-6am

  5. I love your article and the broken English made it really enjoyable and interesting to read. Your photographs are lovely and I’d happily see more.
    Thanks for sharing, and good luck for the future.

    • thanks you all, and sorry about my awful english,this is my chinese photography, if you’d like to see more of them.~!~

  6. I particularly like the pictures in the alleys and on the river. Looks like a great place to do street photograohy!

  7. I enjoyed these, also the b&w with a little more adjustment to see them properly – lighten the shadows and heighten the contrast. Particularly the woman on the plastic stool in her surroundings becomes a marvellous composition with a little more detail – which this camera clearly has.
    (Just treat this as my hobby-horse if you disagree!)

  8. haha “little” adjustments indeed 🙂 but anyway,

    Nice shots and tastefully post processed. Good job!

  9. I really like your photos. The woman on the plastic stool really stood out, same goes for the next to the last image. The colors were delicious.

    Both color and Black and White are outstanding.

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