New video on the Panasonic GX7!

New video on the Panasonic GX7!

I am looking forward to this one and my pre-order is in. It appears to be a real “poor mans Leica” from the design to the usability to the size. Also, Micro 4/3 has the BEST and  largest choice of lenses available for any mirrorless system. I just wonder of Olympus will have an answer for this GX7? With this new tiltable EVF (which I LOVE) this may end up being the new king of micro 4/3 for a while 🙂 – but it all depends on the image quality and color. Looking forward to this one.

You can pre-order the GX7 at Amazon or B&H Photo and IMO, the perfect lens compliment to the camera will be the small Panasonic 20 1.7 II, which is also available at Amazon and B&H Photo. The new lens has the same IQ as  the old one but with a much better all metal build and metal mount.

As soon as mine arrives, I will give it the full real world treatment and then some. Until then, check out this video where Photographer Bernie DeChant takes the GX7 for a quick spin.


  1. If anyones interested I filmed this video with Bernie. The GX7 was a great little camera IMO, evf was great from what I saw.
    The video was filmed on the GH3 which is absolutely amazing for video 75mbs at 25p and 50mbs at 50p – a truly creat camera for video.

    • Beautifully shot video Benjamin. How do you rate the video on the GX7 compared to the GH3? I know that it doesn’t have the higher data rates but how does the 50p look? Detailed? Mostly moiré free?

      I’m interested in this camera as a small b-cam for video use if the 50p is good. Sadly I’ve read that the image stabilising doesn’t work in video mode. Can you confirm this also?

      Again, really lovely video! Thanks, james

  2. It seems that the image stabilizer does’t work in video mode. Can you confirm. Many thanks.

    • This is where you can clearly see how ugly that grip is . Compared to the GX1 it is a real monster and GX1’s really looks good. Compared to the XE1 is also really ugly! They could have come up with a better looking grip…

  3. The 20mm F1.7 II appears to have new coating that does a better job against flares than first version (if blunty’s compare video is any indication)

  4. I would love to see ur review on panasonic 20mm II. My question is beside the better look, does it focus faster than last gen?

  5. It looks like the image freezes on the LCD during capture. Does it freeze in the viewfinder, too? I hate this about my Nikon V1, too, and every other digital point and shoot I’ve used and a major reason to prefer real image optical viewfinders such as an SLR or the fuji X100s.
    BTW, do the Sony NEX camera function similarly?

  6. The camera version in the video has an all black body which looks really sharp. The links show only silver and black body versions. Anyone have any information on whether this all black version will be available?

    • Silver and black only for US with body only or with the 14-42 PZ. Canada is getting the black version, also shipping with the 20mm f/1.7 MII.

  7. I read the viewfinder is 16:9. so if shooting 4:3 you end up with small image surrounded by black border.Unlike EVF4. If true lost all interest.

  8. I want to like m43 but Olympus and Panasonic continue to play their games. First Olympus wouldn’t give us black lenses (and you still cannot get the 12mm in black), now Panasonic won’t give us a black GX7. The silver is pretty, but… not discrete. Great camera but why on earth does Panasonic think that we in the US don’t wan’t black. Oh, it’s because they DON’T BOTHER TO READ THE FORUMS AND FOLLOW THE BLOGS. “HELLO!”

  9. I am looking forward to your impressions, especially to how you like GX7’s JPEGs — has anything changed since you did GX1 vs E-P3 comparison ( I also much prefer JPEGs from my sweetie’s EP-3.

    I was about to jump ship and trade my GX1 for an X-E1 (for its looks, viewfinder, old-fashioned controls, and its neat JPEG engine), but maybe I’ll give GX7 a closer look. 😉

    Thank you for all your great reviews!

  10. I REALLY want this badboy! What’s annoying is that I already have a 20mm 1.7, but it’s stuck to my E-P2 and just won’t come off….

  11. The GX7 would be a perfect successor to my OMB were it not for the fact that is is not splash-resistant. I’ve done extensive shooting in both Iceland and Patagonia this year, and I would never be without at least one splash-resistant camera/lens combo. Right now, whenever the weather turns really awful, I turn to my OMB with the 12-50mm lens. I also love the digital 2X feature which, without any loss of resolution if you frame the photo correctly, let’s you go out to an effective focal length of 20mm. I delay love my Nikon V1, especially with the 30-110mm zoom and the f1.2 28mm lenses, but when the weather is bad the OMD is by far my best choice. I hope that the new OMB will retain the weather-risistant and focal length doubling capabilities; as to my mind those are the two features that comparably sized and priced EVIL cameras can’t match.

  12. Like the looks of it. Hope Pana can match the jpeg iq of oly and fuji this time, getting tired of dealing with raw files after enjoying perfect ooc jpegs from ny X100. Got the Nex6 as my milc now, but it does not make usable jpegs. Too much time goes by fiddling with the computer post.. 🙂

  13. This is the camera M43 was made to make, it finally happened, unfortunately 1 year too late, I was into M43 from the start with my trust E-P2, since I got it and the VF2 I dreamed of this exact camera, I even thought of the tiltable EVF in the body! I sold all my gear last year..

    It’s literally exactly what I want, but why they didn’t head in this direction 2 years ago i’ll never know. I hope it’s a great success, currently only shooting the RX100 and medium format film so it’s possible i’ll dig deep for it but it’d be a bummer taking the hit on all the lenses I bought and sold.

  14. Japan is not the only country they are testing cameras. I know that in Colombia and Peru are also testing new full frame cameras 🙂

  15. This looks to be a very interesting camera, if this was out a year ago I might not have got my NEX-7. Although, to be fair it does look to be, in a lot of ways, m4/3 copy of NEX-6/7 design with the exception of that tilting EVF, now if Sony could just do that…

  16. G.A.S.! Love it! I can’t wait to see real world/user images and final cost for a complete system -camera, fast fixed lens, moderate telephoto lens, and flash.

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