FYI: I-SHOT-IT B&W Premium Contest ending in 19 days! Win a Leica Monochrom!

FYI: I-SHOT-IT B&W Premium Contest ending in 19 days! Win a Leica Monochrom!


I posted about the last two premium contests at I SHOT IT and they went on to reach over $20k in cash plus a Leica Monochrom as the grand prize. Guess what? Both winners from those two contests who each won over $20k and the camera came from THIS WEBSITE! Yes, they read about it here, entered and WON. Amazing and I am happy that I helped inform those who eventually entered and won. I just checked the I SHOT IT website and noticed the next Premium B&W contest is up in 19 days, and not nearly as many entries this time (maybe because I have not yet posted about it, lol). The cash prize is up to $3,640 and it grows with each entry. There is still a Leica M Monochrom attached as a prize as well.

To enter, just go to the I SHOT IT Premium Contest page HERE. This is a B&W photo contest and the prizes they give are simply amazing.


  1. ” it is a photo competition so your skill level determines the outcome for you” – no, what determines the outcome is the opinion of someone passing judgement on your work.

    • The same thing 🙂 … AND the “someone” determining your skill level is a renowned photo judge. If you believe it or not, without any other persons around you in your life YOU would never be able to determine any skill level.


    • No, it is NOT a scam. I would not post a “SCAM” on my website. They have given $20-25k cash prizes and cameras to MY readers who won the last two contests. That my friend is far from a scam. Is the Lotto or powerball a scam? Are scratcher lottery tickets a scam? Are raffles a scam? This is not quite the same as it is a photo competition so your skill level determines the outcome for you. Like many competitions that give out huge prizes or cash, it costs to enter. If you have what it takes, and a chance to win, it could be amazing 🙂 Also keep in mind this is for the premium contest. There are free competitions as well as less expensive contests you can enter. You can see their facebook here:

      263k likes – not a scam 🙂

      • My point is that if the contributors pay to enter then they are in effect putting up the prize money themselves… Its a pyramid scheme by another name. The majority put up the cash and the people running it make $$$$. In this case you have a couple of “winners” but that is the sleight of hand… My opinion of course.

  2. It’s a great contest, but the judges are biased towards human interest/photojournalistic images. If your entry is a landscape, still life, abstract or anything devoid of people, you have a chance of winning a “Mark of Excellence”, but to date no such image has won the grand prize.

    • I agree. Looking at the past competitions’ results, the judging appearsr to show a bias towards “exotic” — from a Westerner’s point of view — human scenes.
      Such a bias towards “exotic interestingness” probably comes from the two judges’ cultural background, and was maybe normal or inevitable a few decades ago — say, in Life magazine’s heyday — but seems quite trite today in what’s supposed to be an increasingly global world…

  3. Maybe people started to realize that due to the very significant prize you’re up against very stiff competition. I’m simply not on the level to be able to compete with professionals and most likely never will be, so I better save my 20$ for other occasions. I’m not complaining, I’m just realistic about my non-existent chances to win.


      I don’t think that it’s just about the winner or the winning picture of the contest. It’s also about taking part in the exciting process and inspiring oneself and other photographers to get better and submit and show those photos to the global I Shot It photo community. Getting one of the 25 *Mark of Excellence* awards is an equally renowned honor many photographers can refer to on their website helping them in their career. – Thinking the New York Marathon with thousands of athletes … if you just go running for the chance of “Gold” you’d better stay at home in the first place.

      There IS more to it!



      • I agree with Matthias. It is about a community of people sharing their images that they are proud of. It should inspire to get you out there and not only take photos but to stimulate the mind and make you want to do better. It’s a place to see what others are doing and it helps me learn just by looking at the entries. Winning would be a huge bonus of course but it is more than that. I think it is the best online competition site around. Yes, they are a sponsor of this site but I would say that regardless. Just the fact that so many from here have participated and WON makes me proud 🙂

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