The I-SHOT-IT Competition heats up again!

The I-SHOT-IT Competition heats up again!


Over the past year or so I have been telling everyone here about these great photo competitions over at . The last few premium contests have all produced winners who found out about it from this very website, which is amazingly cool. Prizes have been $25,000 cash and a Leica Monochrom as well as other huge cash prizes and Leica cameras. offers competitions across a wide range of subjects and prize levels.

Imagine entering a B&W photo to the premium competition and winning a Leica Monochrom WITH a load of cash. I have gotten thank you letters from previous winners who found out about the competitions from me, so I want to make sure I pass along the next one which is ending in about 2 weeks in hopes that another winner from HERE can take home the cash and prize.

The Premium B&W competition has a prize including the Leica Monochrom camera and the cash amount. As of this writing it is just over $5600 but it always climbs during the last few days of the competition. The entry fee for the PREMIUM contest is $20 so I would make sure you have a superb photo before entering this one. If you win, the prize is quite special though. It only takes one to win.

They also offer free competitions with lesser prizes. 

So be sure to check out all of the ways you can enter over at I feel they are providing a great service to those who want to get out and shoot as THIS WILL motivate you to get out and get the best shots of your life. For me, that is what it is all about. If I could enter I would pay my $20 and go out to find the best B&W shot I could possibly take and then submit it. I can not enter as is a site sponsor but I know many of you here do enter, so I can live vicariously through some of you, lol.

Whoever wins this next one, if you come from here again let me know as it would be amazing to help deliver another winner from this community!

Go to the I-SHOT-IT home page HERE.

Check out their Facebook HERE. 

Check out and enter the B&W Premium Competition HERE

The FREE competition is HERE.


    • Hi Steve,
      I’m not a food/still life photographer and I haven’t had a look through any of those images so I can’t really offer an opinion on the judging of that section…I’ll have a look when I’ve got some time.
      One thing they could do is rotate the judges, at the moment it’s the same judges in every section…changing the judges would offer a different perspective.
      The other thing that’s been mentioned is the fact that it’s sponsored by Leica and that a lot of Leica users are winning or placing high. I might be being too cynical, but there are a lot of Leica taken images appearing as winners considering so few use Leicas.
      As I said, some of the submissions are great…the judging suspicious.
      But no one forces anyone to enter so people can make up their own minds I guess.

  1. There are some stunning images submited to the ishotit competition, although I’m unsure about much of the judging and how it’s done. In one section they asked for “Photos of any city in the world. For example, city skylines, buildings, street scenes, or famous city landmarks.” yet the winning entry was of people under umbrellas protecting themselves from rain
    I think more people would enter if they had a spread of smaller prizes for the first three, rather than one big prize for the winner.
    Anyways…just my thoughts about it.

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