The Mitakon 50 f/0.95 Lens is up for Pre-Order!


The Mitakon 50 f/0.95 Lens is up for Pre-Order!

I promised that I would post the order info for the Mitakon 50 0.95 lens as soon as it went up, so here you go! You can see my 1st look of the Mitakon HERE if you missed it. This is a full frame 50mm 0.95 lens with super high build quality, sharp performance even wider open with some very interesting and unique bokeh that you may love or you may hate but one thing is for sure, at $799 this lens is priced right.

You can now pre-order the lens HERE for a June delivery. This lens works well on the Sony A7, A7r and I assume it will be an amazing match to teh new A7s. It also works well on APS-C Sony E- Mount cameras such as the is or with the lens turbo attachment (giving a full frame look).

Official Announcement:

Today, Mitakon is pleased to introduce the SpeedMaster Series FE 50mm f/0.95 Ultra-fast standard lens. Operate with Sony A7 full frame mirror-less camera;
all the A7 family users can enjoy the extreme performance from f/0.95. Step-less aperture control and Silence Manual focus design, perfect for cinema and video shooting.

More detail:

We are now accepting pre-orders  and the date of shipment will be the 1st week of June 2014
Thank you so much.

Best regards
MX Camera


  1. Hi, is this lens an autofocus lens, or can you get an autofocus version? I only ask because DXOmark website clearly says it is an autofocus lens.

  2. Looks like the Mikaton is generating a ton of interest and overloading their web server. I’m now getting this when I try to go to MX Camera’s site:

    “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.”

    • This lens works perfect with A6000 as it is the Sony E-Mount. The E-Mount is the same on the A6000 and A7 and NEX series. All the same mount.

  3. Steve – web site says this is both an auto focus and manual focus lens – was that your experience?

    • The Mitakon is MANUAl focus only! It is not in any way, shape or form an auto focus lens! It is much like the Voigtlander lenses made for Leica M mount. Solid, smooth and manual focus 😉 It is very very easy to focus on the A7 or the A6000.

    • Yes.

      By the way, after you take the ratio, since we often think in term of stops, you can translate that to stops. A factor of Sqrt(2) is one stop, so F0.95 is 0.15 stop faster than F1, 0.42 stop faster than F1.1, 0.67 stop faster than F1.2, 1.12 stop faster than F1.4.
      You can use the formula 2* log2 (ratio) where log2 is the log in base 2.

    • It’s about ratio. e.g. the difference between F1.4 to F2 is the same as F1 to F1.4 since their ratio is Sqrt(2).
      to see how fast F0.95 compare to F1 you need to calculate the ratio 1/0.95. From Math, since 0.95 is close to 1, you can Taylor Expand (or Binomial Expand) it and you get a ratio roughly 1.05.

      However, if you have F0.5, comparing this to F1, the ratio is 2. So F0.5 is faster than F1 in the same way a F1 lens is faster than F2.

  4. Hi, Steve,
    I wonder if you will make a quick comparison of this lens vs CV 50/1.1?
    Both are at similar speed and price. In terms of aperture they are not the most direct comparison but in terms of price they are close. I wonder if I should put the money to a slower but a better brand, perhaps better build quality, or to buy this one which is faster.
    I am looking forward to your review anyway.

    By the way, thanks for your review, I bought A7R and CV 35/1.2 II and CV 21/1.8. The whole reason for me to buy the A7R was because of your review on CV 35/1.2II.

    • The Mitakon has better build quality than the Nokton..feels much more solid, smooth and substantial. The Nokton is nice but so is the Mitakon. What it comes down to is Bokeh. The Mitakon is sharper and has more 3D pop but the Bokeh is different. Also, the Mitakon is an E mount, the Nokton needs an adapter and is a little soft on the A7.

  5. I must have missed it but who ARE / IS Mitakon? Are Minolta / Konica secretly back in business?

  6. I don’t understand how it would work with a lens turbo. There is no FE to E mount lens turbo.

    • You know, you are correct! They sent me a lens Turbo with this lens – I assumed it was for use on the APS-C cameras but no go. Not sure what model it is or what it is for. But FE mount is the same mount as E mount.

      • Can you see if that is the new Lens Turbo II? Maybe you’ll have to contact them to check. I’d be curious to see what you think of its performance. I would guess it’s canon mount probably.

  7. Hi Steve, (sorry this comment is totally unrelated)
    When do you plan to release your review of the SONY A6000 ? I’m kinda waiting for you insights to make up my mind 🙂 Thank you in advance. Cheers

  8. Uh, won’t work with a speed booster if its a native E-mount lens. Focal reducers need a larger flange back distance in order to work their magic.

    Will you be doing a full review Steve? I’ve got mixed feelings after the first look—certainly seems like a good value and adequately sharp wide open but with distracting bokeh IMHO.

    • Please read its Sony FE series E-Mount , FULL Frame ,,,,,, There is no ultra fast lens that doesn’t have distracting Bokeh, I have tested many, I owned Nikon, Leica’s and Canon’s all around 0.95 aperture. The Canon is far better when Focused on a A7r @ 7x DMF that it ever was on a poorly collimated rangefinder linkage design. Nothing beats DSLM cameras, NOT even the highest professional DSLR cameras made today. TTL focus to the chip direct is the KING of all photo science!
      The need for monster 9 lbs. digital DSLR cameras is OVER! DSLM rules, at 36 MEG it rules. Take your time with DMF @7x and the focus will hold sharp blown up to at least 15x a Full Frame Chip. In the 1960’s I use to develop Plus-X in rodinal at 40:1 and get 15x blow ups, that process took me 2.5 hrs. Today i can do it in 2.5 minutes in digital DSLM. As a species our technology in Photo science has improved vastly, Unfortunately the communication gets squeegeed within a capitalistic corporate system for political and competitiveness reasons, information is biased towards those in existing power and control who simply will NOT give up the reins of marketing and sales. This lens delivers at a fair market price. If you want Zeiss, Leitz, Nikon, Canon, mortgage your house! Regards, Don@Eastwestphoto

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