Faces of the World Cup by Caesar Lima

Faces of the World Cup

By Caesar Lima – His website is HERE

Every 4 years the World Cup hosts 32 countries and an amazing soccer tournament in a different country. Since it was hosted in Brazil this time and being from Brazil and a photographer, I couldn’t resist making my 6 week trip down there into a project of capturing some of the excitement of this unique event. I decided to take mirrorless cameras because of their smaller size. I took a Sony RX-1, a Leica T with a 23mm and 5 M lenses plus a Sony A7r with 50mm and the new 70-200mm. I was able to take all this gear into the stadiums with no problem.

The games were held in different cities and I also ventured out into the streets and bars to capture the faces of the fans. There were amazing crowds of people from different countries, like a huge party. The Brazilian people are amazing hosts and they love to party. They were very proud to have all these visitors, the combination of great soccer games, 12 brand new stadiums, great food and lots of beer made it the best World Cup ever.

I feel very lucky to have been there and to have been part of such cool event.











    • The Leica T has the best design, color and sharpness are very good but the Rx-1 is the best in my opinion, first of all bc is a full frame camera and the 35mm f2 lens is amazing the DOF is awesome, and the camera is very small plus most of the controls are real buttons like the +/- and the f stop ring

  1. Some great shots thanks for sharing .i just want to say though and this is in no way directed at Caesar it would be really great if when people posted 3 different cameras or lenses to just put a heading above Each shot with camera and lens and maybe some settings . This is a site about gear and the photos so that’s that just thought it would be nice to see the difference if any thanks

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