Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Video & Samples!


Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Video & Samples!

**B&H Photo has a few of these left, blowing them out at 70% off at $999**

Many of you e-mailed me asking for an update once I had the Hasselblad Stellar SE in hand. Well, mine did arrive and it is a beautiful little camera. If course we all know it is a Sony RX100 V1 in a Hasselblad disguise but the cameras high end extras, design, wooden grip and sturdier controls as well as offering Adobe Lightroom software makes it stand out from the standard (now $500) RX100 V1. Much like the Leica D-Lux is the same camera as the LX100 yet $400 more expensive. Same concept.

My quick look video is below!

It has become the “thing to do” in the photo world to trash this Hasselblad, but this was well deserved as Hasselblad went insane with the pricing out of the gate at $3500 for this SE model. I will tell you now that this camera is in no way worth $3500. So since its launch it was laughed at, trash talked and made fun of (though not as much as the LUNAR which is even more insane with pricing and has an ugly design) ONLY due to price and the fact that it is an RX100 with some new cosmetics and sturdier dials, etc.

Leica has been doing this for years with Panasonic cameras and raising the price, but they kept it in check, sticking with a $400-$600 price premium, not a $3000 price premium as Hasselblad attempted. Now that we can obtain one for $999 instead of $4000, it makes it MUCH easier to swallow and the reality is that this camera is nothing to balk at , laugh at or out down. It is a VER capable and beautiful camera.


After snapping some images with it I was reminded how lovely the original RX100 renders an image (slightly different and more organic than the II and III) and while the III has the most nag for the buck with the pop up EVF, the Stellar SE, now that it is 70% off ($2300 OFF) it makes for a special buy. B&H Photo have sold out of one color but have a few left of the others and once they are gone they are gone for good. Other shops did not reduce the cost of this camera so stores like Amazon are still selling it for $3500-$4200. Other shops who carry this camera are sticking with the $3500- price tag which means when B&H Sells out, there could be a possible resale on eBay profit so I will buy a couple more to do just that ๐Ÿ˜‰


In the flesh the camera looks killer (IMO) and I bought the orange as for me, it sticks out and screams “what the hell is that”?!?!? The main thing I prefer over the standard version is the wooden grip, it is perfectly placed for maximum gripe and comfort.

To those who say “you are buying old tech, and it is just GAS” well..I say those who chase the latest tech are the most guilty of gas! This camera, the RX100 V1 is highly capable of gorgeous and stunning results. Just see this post here for proof of that.


It will take gorgeous images today and in 5 years it will as well. Cameras made in trees last 2-3 years are mostly all fantastic today just as they were years ago. Look at the Nikon DF using the old D4 sensor. Amazing camera.

Differences of the Stellar SE over the standard Sony RX100?

  • Different cosmetics
  • Hasselblad name
  • Italian Leather Strap & Wrist Strap included
  • Wooden Storage/Display box Included
  • Exotic Wooden Grip
  • Metal parts and sturdier dials
  • Adobe Lightroom Included

Now 2X the cost instead of 8X the cost of the RX100 V1 ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

In any case, I recommend either the RX100 V1 for under $500 or this Hasselblad version of it for $999. Either would make an awesome X-Mas gift for the special photo enthusiast in your life. ย Other great options are the new Panasonic LX100 or even Fuji X100T.ย 

PS – Oh! Before I forget...For those of you who are angry, bitter, full of negativity and hate about me posting the deal on this camera, get over it. Your negative remarks will not be approved if that is what you decide to leave. Cameras are PERSONAL CHOICE and we buy what we enjoy, like, use and cameras that can be fun, inspirational and ones that get the job done. If someone wants to buy a Leica M for $8000, so be it! If someone wants a Canon Rebel, then good for them. If someone wants a Leica D-Lux over an LX100, more power to them. If someone wants a 70% off Stellar over an RX100 then that is cool as well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to me this camera is gorgeous. It was just insanely priced before and that is what made it the laughing stock that it was. At $999 it is a great buy, and again, one that can be resold later for more (mark my words), so nothing to lose ๐Ÿ™‚ I may buy 3 more just to sell later!

UPDATE Dec 3rd 2014: Some stats..over the past three days nearly 30 of these have been sold from my link to B&H Photo here. This means that 30 of you bought one after reading this. The interesting thing? Orange has been the top color with over 22 sold! White sold 5 and black sold 3. I figured most would go for the classic black but it appears many of you have the same taste as me ย and went for the orange! My guess is that B&H has about 20 of each color and it started with two orange combos, one sold out. For those who asked, I will be doing a just for fun crazy compare between this camera,ย the X100T andย the Lx100 soon!ย 

UPDATE Dec 5th 2014: I just re-read an article I wrote about the Stellar SE when it was announced and it is funny as I said “I would pay $1000 for one” and here we are, at $999. Priced just right. You can see that article here.ย 


You can buy the RX100 V1 HERE or the Hasselblad Stellar SE HERE.ย 

My 1st three snaps with the Hasselblad Stellar SE at home!





For reference, Amazon has one listed for $4,250 as of December 2nd 2014 – $999 at BH is a great buy.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 9.36.35 PM



  1. Don’t cameras have negative points? Everybody exiting (including me) about the looks of this Hasselblad STELLAR, aka Sony 100. Yes, I have one. The worst of the camera is the video. NOT the result, but the video BUTTON. As one can see in the demo video from Steve, he also has a quit big thumb, like me, with as a result may unwanted videos, because unintended pressing of the video button. -Now I’m waiting for the A7 version of Hasselblad; plain, ‘R’ or ‘S’?- I loved my Hasselblad 1600…[I also had a ‘Kyiv’ and a ‘Saljut’]

  2. I purchased the Lunar on sale at Willoughbys and just love it. Says “Made in Switzerland” on the bottom. I read it takes 3 hours to to make the body out of titanium. Anyway, I have used it and just love it. What a deal for a fraction of the original list price. Goes well with my Stellar pocket camera.

  3. just to be clear: is there anyhing dfifferent from sony, besides wooden grip (which does looks nice), shiny packing and coloured body shell? any sotftware tweaking of jpeg/raw files, sensor etc?
    but don’t get me wrong, i do understand the need to have something differnt and eye catching, just i den’t get why poppin hasselblad name on it (or any other similiar thing) or sorry, i do (it’s branding and looking for potential future costumers), but stil..
    makes me feel drafting some wood for grip now..

    • Yes, body construction, dials are much more solid and metal, grip make step camera fit perfect in the hand, different firmware, etc. 99% of it is the body build and materials.

  4. I will never understand why so many Hasselblad haters. My wife has the black carbon fiber combo with the wonderful leather case and love it dearly. A very handsome camera with great IQ. If Hassel blows away the $7000 Lunars at 70% off, letยดs say anything in the 2000-2500 range, I would buy one in a minute. I have seen a few in $3500 but is just too much!

  5. New firmware update for RX100 is now available (Jan23rd 2015), I wonder if this is applicable for the Stellar as well ?

  6. Never compare camera’s to women…
    Never ever!
    But… you can tell a friend about your wife: she’s ideal she loves you, you love her, she cares for you, she’s educated, wise, funny, helps you, can cook like a chef…. bla bla bla actually she’s like a Sony RX100.
    Fine. Perfect.
    Just add: “she’s breathtakingly beautiful” and you’ll have his attention.
    That’s why I now have a stellar special edition.

    • Great Post! I’m really enjoying my new RX100. I’m perfectly fine with calling it a Sony and what a bonus its wrapped in a perfect looking body

  7. Steve does your Stellar come with Lightroom DVD software like the Instruction Manual said? I bought the White Stellar but couldn’t convert the RAW files with existing LR4.4, so I looked through my box but couldn’t find the software that’s supposed to come with the camera.

    • I just read the comments above and find the answers. No biggie this camera is a keeper for me, compact and beautifully made with dependable IQ. I’m going to upgrade my LR as we speak.

    • LR 4 will process the files, sounds like you 4 needs an update. It’s basically RX100 RAW files. Any RAW developer that processes the old RX100 can process the Stellar. I haven issues with LR or Camera Raw working with the RAW files. B&H mistakenly posted early on that the camera came with LR 4, they removed it after many of us noticed it did not. To those who were unhappy about it, I recommend returning the camera (which you can do 100%) for a refund. Me, I have LR already so it was biggie but to others it was an issue. Thanks!

      • Steven my existing LR4.4 is apparently up to date (what it says when I check for updates…) but for odd reasons wouldn’t process the Raw files straight from Stellar. No previews and won’t import the files, error message says: “These files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lighroom.” I could only use the Image Data Converter software that came with the Stellar to convert the Raw files for now…until I could figure out whats wrong.

    • Leo,

      If you don’t want to return the camera and until you get your version of Lightroom sorted out, you could convert to DNG and process as usual.

      • Thanks for chiming in Terry, I tried converting to DNG but got the same error message: “These files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lighroom.” Not sure why my LR4.4 doesn’t recognize the files.

        • Leo,

          I gave up using LR at V3.6, but I do recall having issues downloading the correct version of DNG. So whilst I can’t directly help, I am intrigued by your problem.

          I checked out Adobe’s site for the list of supported cameras and the Stellar isn’t among them, only the consumer Lunar, and this requires LR4.4, that you have. I suspect you’ve already gone down this route. I find it odd that not even DNG can recognise the Stellar RAW image. On the face of it, this would indicate that Adobe have yet to support the Stellar, or for some inexplicable reason, your LR has become corrupted. If the former, it doesn’t explain why Steve says his LR4 works, unless he is using the disc that comes with the camera. This could make sense as the version of LR supplied by Hasselblad could be an exclusive edition just for that camera.

          For example, Panasonic does this with the version of Silkypix supplied with their cameras. This is a fully specified version of Silkypix, but will work only with Panasonic RAW files, and is even limited to only jpegs shot with Panasonic cameras. Could this be the problem with the Hassy version of LR?

          I’m sure you will want to keep the camera, as it is an excellent buy (wish it was available at this price in the UK) even without the LR disc, but if you can’t use its RAW files, it isn’t much use to you, is it?

          When I dropped LR I moved to Zoner Photo Studio Pro. It isn’t as fully spec’d as LR, but it suits my lesser requirements very well. It is now in V.17 and the full Pro version can be downloaded for a 30 day trial. I works with DNG, so you could try it out. I’m not suggesting that you could move to it, but simply to try and find out if it will work with the Stellar files, either native or converted to RAW. You’ve nothing to lose at this stage.

          • Great news Terry, Zoner works with Stellar files!

            Initially I could only view the files under Manager, Viewer and Editor Mode, but after a few clicking between the tabs all of sudden I was able to view and edit under RAW as well.

            I’m trying to familiarize the Zoner workflow as it’s a little different from LR, but I’m really excited now that I could develop and edit Stellar ARW files.

            Thank you so much again for your help. I’m going to purchase the PRO once its expired.



          • Hello, Leo. This is great news indeed. Glad to have been of some help.

            Seasons Greetings,


  8. Steve,
    You said: “True, B&H fixed that after a few complaints. They originally said it came with the case and software.
    So for those of us that did not get those two items, should we call B&H and complain?

  9. It seems that this sales version of the Special Edition lacks the leather case and the Lightroom software that are included in the SE when you pay the foolish regular price.
    Still it’s anyway al deal, and this is the moment to order Christmas presents, I’ll go for it.

    • True, B&H fixed that after a few complaints. They originally said it came with the case and software. In any case, fantastic camera. Used it last night along with the A7II and it did wonderful. Stayed in my pocket while the A7II was strapped up. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It seems to give a more shallow DOF that one would think as well. Very capable little camera.

    • MUCH different cameras. The RX1 is 4X as large, full frame, 35mm f.2 lens. The Stellar is a 1″ sensor camera, TEENY TINY and with a variable zoom lens. Much different and the RX1 will offer much richer IQ with shallow DOF.

      • Thanks Steve. Your sample shots in the article are great and got me thinking… the RX100s and Stellar look like really great cameras. If you haven’t done it before, a real world comparison of the results between these compacts with mid-range Micro 4/3rd cameras and some full-framers would be cool to see. I often use my iPhone as a backup to my main camera, but am thinking something like the Stellar might be a better option. It is about the same size – sort of ๐Ÿ™‚

        P.S. big fan of the site, visit every day and when brave enough will send though some photos.

  10. Steve,
    I totally agree that camera choice is personal, and that we should not criticize someone for buying what we may personally consider an overpriced piece of gear. If the buyer has the money, then more power to them. But to call it a great buy at $999 is a little silly. Given that the RX100 goes for $350-$400, the Sony Hassle is just as good a buy at $999 as it was at $3500. In other words, if you are looking for technologic value, it’s not there with this camera, but that doesn’t mean no one should buy it.

    • Incorrect, it is a great buy at $999 for the reasons I listed already. Mainly it is a no lose buy..I can sell this camera in 6 months for a little more than I paid for it, and that, is a great buy. Cant do that with the RX100. Buy one at $450 (current cost) and in 6 months sell it for $250. Instead of losing $250 I can profit $250 or a little more. It’s uniqueness adds to the value as well..the rarity adds to the value. Same reason people buy the Leica D-Lux over the Panasonic LX100, paying $400+ more for the Leica even though its the same camera. IN fact I know more who bought the Leica than the Panasonic…why? Because they wants something a little more unique, and the Leica Panasonic’s always hold their value much more than the Panasonic versions. It’s about owning something unique, a little special, and having much better resale value if you decide to sell down the road.

      At $999, this is a great buy for what you are getting. If I wanted an RX100 I could have saved $550, but I wanted THIS camera and I enjoy the hell out of it. I wrote a piece on inspiration a few years back, and when using a camera that inspires you will get out more and use it. Cameras such as this, a Leica M, or even a Sony A7s do just that. So there is MUCH more to buying a camera then what it is going to cost you. Cheaper is not always better, but its all personal pref and while you agree you contradict yourself immediately.

      Over 80 have been sold through my links in about a week, so many others have agreed with me on the deal aspect, because it is. That would be like me saying a house down the street that was $200k, now selling for $60k is a great deal and someone else saying it isn’t because a few miles down the road in a sketchy neighborhood you can get the same house for $40k. A deal is a deal, anyway you slice it.

      • You kind of made my point. Value is subjective, and we have different definitions. The house example, FWIW, is inapt. A better example would be two houses, right next to each other, same square footage, same school zone, but one has premium materials in the kitchen and bathroom and is priced for twice as much.

  11. Stellar Rx100 mk1
    F4.9 100mm.

    RX100 Mk 3
    + F2.8 70mm & ND filter = shoot wide open in good light.
    + improved steadyshot.
    + WiFi & NFC
    + tilt screen
    + EVF

    I like the look of the Stellar.
    I suppose I could place orange skin &
    Richard Franiec grip on MK3
    And coverup Sony logo …

  12. Hi Steve,

    You had me, thanks for the temptation!

    A black one is on its way to Switzerland. Officially for my wife to take family photos, but I’ll sure give it a try.

    I love the carbon grip, preferred it to the wooden one .


    Sebastien Bey-Haut

  13. Hi Steve,

    I received the White/Padouk model from B&H. Awesome camera, a little smaller than I would like, but then it does fit easily into the pocket. Everything included seems to be just top notch and quality. My problem is the same as JL.Hinte’s above, NO ADOBE LIGHTROOM was included. What is B&H doing, removing it from the package? I feel cheated if some got this, I paid the same price and did not get it. Any comment?

  14. Mine didn’t arrive on time, gotta wait for Monday. Your pocket shot amazes me, I can’t believe how small it looks. It will be a nice option for when the phone isn’t enough quality, but the D810 and 24-70 won’t fit. Can’t wait to take it to China next month.

  15. I find it peculiar. Some feel the more you use something the less it’s worth. I beg to differ. Particularly with photography. The more you use a tool to capture a moment, the more valuable it becomes. Or the more value you extract from the object. Sure the absolute dollar amount may diminish. But why buy a tool to sit on a shelf. In my opinion, that would be the biggest waste of value. This is a (relatively) modern camera. It’s not an antique collectible and most likely won’t become one.

  16. I like the camera and the price is not so bad. However I am uncomfortable about using it and seeing the value plummet like Leica with special edition status

  17. I agree with what you said in your original Stellar post more than a year ago: “RX100โ€™s no matter what shell you throw over them” so, I guess 1K still making Hasselblad a joke in the photographic community.

  18. Hi Steve, ok, you got me going and I got (just one) of these in black, its funny I sold my RX100 on ebay 2 days ago and was shaping up new ideas, and came across your review. It’s a fun (and acceptable) pocket tool for a dedicated Hassy film shooter. Any suggestions for a small carry-on case, came across this: Hasselblad Stellar Camera Case – Black Leather 3012429. Its a bit steep priced at 300 bucks….

    • I feel that the orange stellar is like like orange vinyl pans, it goes for a party or so to pull some jokes, but i fear i would get seriously tired of it, so i went the boring black, i feel its far more subtle and will happily sit as a puppy amongst my with my gear….

  19. i saw it at B&H… i was on the fence and then pull the trigger on it next day on the black one. i have to say that for me a selling point is the grip. not only is it wood ok it could be something else, but it’s so ergonomically designed it really made a difference for me. i simply hate, yes i said that ‘hate’ a camera like so many out there for a lot of money /i won’t say who because we know, sell you a camera that literally slides off your hand…. so slick so designed, so beautiful yet you can’t hold…. really? i don’t get it beyond the marketing/profit driven answer to sell you a grip at $149 after you spend $2000 for an X2 something or other ๐Ÿ™‚ – to me it’s like buying a maserati for $175k and telling you have to buy the radio separately…. if a photographer can’t hold a camera comfortably then how can you do your task ? a camera without a grip is small thinking and even insulting to my intelligence when asked to spend extra for it….. i applaud hasselblad for a killer grip that sits beautifully in your hand !!! thank you, jc

  20. I was actually very tempted by the organge one. It is nice looking camera at a pretty good deal, but there are so many good deals out there on cameras these days. At the end, I convinced myself to save the money for lenses which are more useful to me and retains the value much better.

  21. I’m not going to lie, they are pretty cool looking. That and the cost makes it almost palatable… But you gave 3 reasons for this camera, 1) that you prefer the image quality of the V1, 2) it’s a conversation starter and 3) you can resell it maybe… IF you read between the lines I would still say it’s not worth keeping at $1000… 1) you can always buy the actual V1, 2) get a cool hat or some spiffy socks, and 3) (the big tell) your gut said buy it so you can resell it to someone else who has more money than they need and less sense than they should have. So I can go along with it as a possible investment, but it’s still not a keeper at $1000.

    • Actually, it is a keeper. Had it out last night and as I predicted, so many asked me about it. One wanted the exact color combo and web address to buy one for themselves. It appears both Orange models are now sold out. It’s a stunner in the flesh in looks, and the IQ as most know is superb. It’s pocketable, silent, quick AF, nice low light abilities, great feel and a very capable take anywhere camera. So for me it may just be a keeper (this orange model). I’d rather have this orange model than the Sony and some socks and a hat ๐Ÿ™‚ Resale on the Sony is around $240 right now so that would be a bad choice. Resale on this one would be more than I paid (soon), or at the worst, what I paid. I try to not make bad buy/sell choices, and have not lost any money doing so in the past 5 years. If I had no other cameras I would not buy this as my only camera…but since I have a few more serious shooters, this one was purchased for the fun, the color/style and the fact that it is a camera I really really love (RX100 V1) – if that doesn’t make it a keeper, not sure what would. I’d take this over an X100T (which I have here with me now) as a keeper.

      • For what it’s worth, if it were still available in orange I would probably get one (it’s my favorite color). Do you know of anyone willing to sell one for $1500? ๐Ÿ™‚

        However you still don’t have me convinced! You started with “Actually, it is a keeper” and followed with “So for me it may just be a keeper”. Either way I’m a little jealous and hope that it stays a keeper for you!

    • Problem is that Leica 109 is the Panasonic LX100 (same exact camera inside and out besides the Leica shell). I have that camera here and it is superb. Fast and quiet. The Stellar (RX100) holds its own with it and I prefer the color from the Stellar in every scenario I have tested them in. The D-Lux will give you SLIGHTLY more shallow DOF sue to the 4/3 sensor but the low light/high ISO is not better, it’s not faster, its much larger and thicker so not pocketable and the D-Lux is more expensive. So far I have not seen it do any better than the Stellar/RX100 besides offering slightly more shallow DOF. With the Leica you are paying $400 more for the red dot glued to the outside.

  22. I got mine a couple of days ago. However no Adobe Lightroom. I have been back and forth with B&H for two days. They said Hasselblad would have it but Hasselblad said no it was B&H. Today while talking to the sales rep they changed the website to delete the Lightroom included line. I sent the screen grab to prove it was there when they denied it. So the Orange SE is sold out. Look for one when I return mine…

    • Is that so? I got mine (carbon fiber black) with invoice date (12/03/14) and just opened & registered it today December 10. I noticed no LR. Then visited the B&H site again to verify, no LR included in the box. I plan on calling them, but if they already denied it, I might be wasting my time. Steve might want to correct his info too.

  23. Steve – You didn’t go through the entire box in the video. Did it come with a shoulder bag too? A lot of the brochures I have seen show a nice shoulder bag with the camera. Thanks!

  24. While it is kind’a cool looking (I would have gotten the black/titanium combo), it also kind’a defeats the whole idea of the RX cameras! “Pocket-ability”. That grip is freakin’ huge! Enjoy!

    • Fits easily into my front jeans pocket. Grip is small, nothing about this camera is large, huge or obnoxious. It’s tiny. With that said, 27 have sold from my links to B&H in the past 3 days. Majority of them Orange, then white, and two black ones. I assumed the black would be the best seller but it turned out to be the orange, which IMO, is the most unique. But no, the grip is tiny.

      • Steve,
        i think i might have been the first of those 27 sales…i got white (of course)…i wanted it from the first second i saw them but who (as in WHO) can pay the original price?…i’m a succor for a bargain so the second i saw it i jumped…i love love love this tiny guy!!!! Happy belated birthday!

        • HEY SORI!!!! So nice to hear from you here! Glad to see you still stop by! Been so long! I remember your White M8 (still have it?) – congrats! I think there have now been almost 40 sold and I also really enjoy this little guy. Thanks and congrats!

  25. I was told by a Hassy repair engineer that these cameras were top sliced off the RX production process for component quality and batch assembled. If true then they should hold there specifications for longer as well as perform a little better than the vanilla RX version. I do not have either and I have never used them but it seems reasonable.

  26. As long as I see these cheap holding screws on the outside of this grip, it is for me an design NO GO, even as I would get this camera as an freebee!

    • An ‘all or nothing’ comment. It it was free I am sure you would easily accept those screws. Have you ever seen a camera without screws? Not me.

    • I like the screws. It provides a rugged elegance in my opinion, and provides a peace of mind that the grip isn’t just stuck on there with some double-sided tape like a lot of the 3rd party grips for the RX100 series. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on this camera. I’m wrestling with this and the RX100M-III. I’d probably do the black color combination.

  27. After contemplating for past 2 days, I finally ordered mine. Guys, who are outside USA, you can still get this deal. B&H is doing international shipping for an additional cost of 77USD. I believe it might still be worth it. Thanks for the guidance, Steve.

    • Suri,

      Yes, this would be a possibility but it then doesn’t become the bargain it is in the US. After adding shipping and UK Customs duty, it would work out at $1,375. This is nothing to Leica 50 APO owners, but to mere mortals this is a sum to consider. And then, there is the question of warranty, should this ever be needed. Who provides this under the B&H deal? International shipping toing and frowing can work out a nightmare.

      I haven’t been able to find ANY UK seller via a google search for the Stellar, which is odd, not even on Hasselblad’s own UK web page can one find it listed as a promotion. Indeed, it is listed but no prices are quoted. Perhaps talking money is to sully their hands?

  28. Steve – Another question… The latest Sony RX100M-III for $200 less, or this camera? As much as I like the looks, and the way this would feel in the hand, I can’t help but think the RX100M-III would provide better results and offer more features. Well, I’d probably get the Gariz case for the RX100M-III too, so that’s another $100.

    • I prefer the IQ slightly from the RX100 V1 (stellar) but I do enjoy the EVF pop up from the III. It is a tiny EVF though, so all depends on personal pref. IQ wise though, I give the nod slightly to the V1 (stellar).

      • Thanks Steve! One more quick question, if you don’t mind. How functional is the EVF on the RX100M-III for a left eye shooter?

        • Its functional, just very small. I like it though as it gives you the choice between eye finder or LCD screen. For a left eye shooter you will have the back screen on your nose a bit.

          • The EVF on the RX100iii is excellent. IMHO it is much better and more functional than looking at a rear screen, especially in bright light and especially for those whose eyesight isn’t what it used to be – over 50% of the population? For an excellent and unbiased comparison, I suggest you look at the Ming Thein website where you will see, as borne out by DxO, that the image quality between the mark 1 and mark 3 is indistinguishable, the mark 3 being slightly better.

          • “indistinguishable” and then “slightly” – key word is slightly and IQ is subjective. Many thing the X100 S and T have better IQ than the V1, but I think that is nonsense as to my eye, the V1 X100 is better in IQ, color, depth, etc. More organic and Leica like compared to the X-Trans look (which is flatter). So everyone will have a different opinion on IQ. I prefer the IQ from the V1 but the features of the VIII. Even so, buying this was a no lose situation for anyone who bought it for several reasons:

            1st: Resale value will be at or more than paid within 3 months
            2nd: 30 day return policy for anyone who hates it
            3rd: Superb IQ and color that competes with any compact today
            4th: Fits an my front jeans pocket with ease, so take anywhere
            5th: Superb low light performance
            6th: Fast, silent and great video as well

            It’s a no lose situation and anytime you have a buy like this (firesale) the values always go up a bit when they are all gone. The Stellar II SE will be $3800. Those who want one will pay $1500 for the V1 SE without a problem. Same thing happened with the Nikon V1 firesale. Many bought them with two lenses at $230. I bought three kits. Six months later I sold the kits for almost triple of what I paid. Today a V1 body is $500+ if you can find one new. Another fantastic camera (that I still own) with film like IQ and blazing fast performance.

          • You’ve lost me Steve. I thought we were discussing the merits of the Sony RX100 mark 1, aka Hasselblad Stellar, versus the real Sony RX100 mark 3, not Fuji X100 S and T and Nikon V1. The point I was trying to make is that an extremely respected camera reviewer and professional photographer, Ming Thein, who has relevant experience of the Sony mark 1 and mark 3 and has performed a side by side comparison, agrees with DxO that the IQ from the two is, in real terms, indistinguishable but that the lens of the mark 3 is noticeably better at the wide end. Having owned and used both, I would agree with his findings and add that the mark 3 is a much easier camera to use, mainly because of its very good EVF – and it is some $200 cheaper.
            However, if we’re really talking about making a future gain on resale, that brings a whole new and different perspective into play and one that has nothing to do with image quality or ease of use.

      • Hi Steve,
        I owned the RX100 and now the RX100III.
        The lens on the III to me is much better. Faster, wider, sharper, less CA, better out of focus transitions, nicer creamy bokeh specially at close ups. Better low light due to better sensor (backside illuminated). Add to that the tilt screen, EVF and WIFI, the RX100III is the much better camera overall for me, though of course I was amazed when I got the RX100 back 2 years ago

        Can you explain why you prefer the RX100 in IQ?

        • I prefer the color, high ISO performance, tonality… it is smoother, more organic. Just my pref. I also prefer the X100 to the S or T for IQ as I feel it has better color, more pop, better depth without the flatness of the S and T. The V1 sensor is fantastic and I never liked the II which is why I never reviewed it even though I had one for a month. The III is the best of the lot technically but the V1 has more character in my opinion. Both are superb, just comes down to personal pref. I prefer the lens on the V1 as well (more reach) though I do like the 24 of the III over the 28 or the I. Either will get the job done and 99.8% of people shooting these are using them for web images, email images, Facebook images, photo site sharing…no one is really printing 20X30’s with these cameras looking for the best detail, etc. So either will do the job and for me, I like special things..rare things..I collect certain things such as rare cameras, rare guitars, oddities that would scare some people and even audio gear. The bonus is that this one will do double duty..look and feel great, as well as give me fantastic results with superb resale value if that day ever comes. No lose situation.

  29. Mike L.
    Just ordered the same one you show tonight , will have it in a couple days and cant wait to hold it! Thanks for the heads up on pricing, I actually logged on to your site to check out another camera and instead purchased the stellar !

  30. Steve – Do you still have your RX100 from a couple of years ago? Has it got much use? If not, why? I have one guess if you haven’t used it much. Too hard to hold on to? Of course that problem is solved with the SE. Thanks!

    • No, I have not had the RX100 in a long time now. Being a reviewer and full time blogger, things come and go here every few months..part of the job. The A7s is my main camera since its release..what I used to shoot the video of the stellar with ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Great deal, but I’ve already got too many cameras. Next thing I need to upgrade is my creativity. Hmmm, can probably get a pretty good couple of workshops in for $999.

  32. Great looks, nothing like the ugly Lunar, which is on sale in the UK at ยฃ5,300. You’re lucky in the US to get this at a great price, it isn’t available, even from Hasselblad here. :D(

  33. Beautiful, you got me, mine will be here Friday and I think it’s the same one, orange with Wenge and black with orange stitching for the leather?

    Thanks for the temptation! Darn you, darn you to heck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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