1. I picked up my (Black) EM-5 Mk II at Samy’s on Wednesday. I’ve been using my E-PL1 and SZ31 for the past several years. I am looking forward to using the new Mk II after I recover from surgery next week.
    I have been happy with my older micro 4/3rds PEN. But the AF was too slow for Aviation photography, and since I have several nice lenses, the logical choice was to get the EM-1 or EM-5 Mk II. I really liked the video features, 5 axis IS and the accessories for the Mk II. I’ve ordered the battery grip and will add some pro lenses later this year. This is my 6th Olympus camera.

  2. Steve, assuming that I would stick to the 12-40mm 2.8 as my primary lens, would you suggest the EM1 due to increased bulk? Or, would you suggest the EM5 II with the extra grip? This will be my everyday take everywhere do anything setup. My D810 will be reserved for when I need uber resolution; so I don’t really care about the hi-res feature of the EM5. Also, I am not really into video.

    (I reserve the right to sell my D810 if the Olympus takes over!)

  3. My order has been shipped from B&H as of yesterday. I own the EM10 and it has one crazy sensor. I purchased the model for the weather sealing and 5 axis mainly.

    • Eugene, you must like to print posters right? Most people buying higher megapixel cameras and full frame sensors never print and just downsize for web use. What a waste of sensor size and pixels! Plus, the sensor on this OM-D camera is only a fraction of the size of an aps-c sensor. Hardly any difference in final results.

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