A Pic a Day & Shooting the Sony RX1, by Caesar Lima

A Pic a Day & Shooting the Sony RX1

by Caesar Lima

Hello Steve!

Last year I’ve decided to start a Project 365, one picture a day every day. I didn’t know that was such an effort coming up with a new image everyday, it became a great exercise I’m more aware visually and I carry a couple of cameras with me 24/7. Shooting this project with a mirrorless system was an easy decision but I was surprised that the RX-1 became the best option, the small size the full frame quality and the fast built-in lens makes this camera almost unbeatable for street and travel photography. Here are few images from my project, I hope you’ll enjoy.





Cheshire Cat











For more info please go to: www.365proj.com

Thank you

Caesar Lima



Project 365


  1. These are excellent! The color rendering is perhaps what stands out to me the most! What brilliant IQ

  2. Hi ! Nice pics Caesar… 🙂 Just a question about the silhouette one which seems strange on some details… Is it a Photoshop collage ? Indeed the cloud seems to “overlap” the shoulders of the ladies (on the top right part) which is is hard to explain.
    I imported it in photoshop to “play” with the cursors and it seems that the legs have a “problem” as well when you rise the dark tones.
    Nice renders anyway 😉

  3. Very nice photos. I tell you, stick with your camera, because I went to NYC to the PDN expo to check out the Mark II version and was totally disappointed with the EVF. For a second I thought there was something wrong with it, but was measured that what I was seeing was the real thing. Unless you you need the megapixel increase for some reason, I would hold on to what you have. From your work here it is obviously that you are doing quite well with the RX1.

  4. A pic a day – for a professional photographer would you not aim for a few more 😉

    Always interesting to see the results from the RX1, that pool reflection shot is just stunning, love the low light evening shots too – that lens, the zeiss colours – beautiful

  5. Not sure who the model is…but she’s your significant other I wouldn’t have any shortage of inspiration if I were in your shoes.
    Nice pics…I like the processing to them.

  6. Great photos. I had a scroll through the project 365 album and would be curious to hear your thoughts between the rx1 and the leica q. (being a rx1r owner myself)

  7. Excellent project Caesar. I have many cameras at any one time, but I always seem to reach for the RX1R whenever I go somewhere – especially overseas. IQ is simply excellent and the raw files are so flexible and easy to recover dark shadow detail from. The lens/sensor arrangement is a very brave step by Sony, and one that they carried off superbly. Those that don’t or can’t understand why this non-interchangable setup is a great design are really missing out on a most wonderful, even “cult” camera. Love the work – keep it up 🙂 Cheers – Chris Malikoff, admin@ https://www.facebook.com/groups/sonyrx1shooters/

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