Sony RX1R II NOW available for Pre-Order! Ships Nov 25th!

The Sony RX1R II Now Up For Pre-Order! Ships Nov 25th! 

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The LONG Awaited successor to the Sony RX1 and RX1R is now ready and available for pre order at B&H Photo HERE! The camera will start shipping November 25th (just a couple weeks) and as always with Pre Orders, 1st come, 1st serve. I always pre order cameras I am excited about because A: I can change my mind before it ships..B: I am not charged until it ships and C: I will be among the 1st to get it!

Even today there is not much that can reach the RX1R for beautiful image quality. The lens, the sensor..had something special about it, even today. The only issue today with the RX1 Mark 1 is the AF was slower than most had hoped for. With the RX1RII sony sped up the AF, added a nice pop up EVF, a new 42 MP sensor and believe me, this guy is SMALL, much smaller than an A7 series body.

In all honesty, probably my favorite Sony camera ever is the RX1 and RX1R for its amazing low light abilities, organic quality of the files and the small take anywhere size.

If YOU are one who has been waiting for this one, go get it now at B&H Photo HERE!


  1. I’ve been missing a light, premium-quality street shooter and was on B&H’s pre-order list for the RX1r, and actually listed my Fuji film X-T1 gear on eBay to pay for it; but when the Fujinon 35mm f2 weatherproof lens was announced, I pulled my listing off eBay and ordered the lens. B&H delivered it yesterday and its a keeper. For a tenth of the cost of the RX1r, my X-T1 is reborn! It’s light, fast-handling, and about the same size and weight. OK it’s not full-frame, but I have the option to use my zoom and telephoto lenses, or to shoot in the rain whenever I want!

  2. I was able to place my pre-order at exactly 11AM exactly as B&H announced when pre-orders would open. Hopefully I’m high enough on the order queue that I’d get one of the first batch of these things. Time to sell my original RX1… anyone know what a fair asking price should be for one in near-mint condition?

  3. I still don’t understand why it’s always reported that Achilles heel of the mark one is the slow auto-focus, rather than the inaccurate autofocus (where you get back or front focus about 15-20% of the time). I don’t think it’s slow; it’s just not that accurate (and I’ve got about 10,000 exposures on mine).

    • This, 100%. The Sigma DPM cameras had slow autofocus, but it was always accurate, and as such was sort of usable. The RX1 was sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always unpredictable in its accuracy, even with the EVF. I sold mine after a similar number of shots because I was tired of looking a gorgeous, out of focus photos back at the computer. A7 + VM 35/1.7 is its replacement and I love it.

      If they truly fix the AF issues, though, I’ll probably be back.

      • While I haven’t replaced the RX1r, I have bought an A7 MK11 and paired it with a Zeiss Loxia 50mm lens. Two things really strike me. First is that probably the 50mm perspective comes more naturally to me. Second though, is that I’m so much more aware of the A7 as a camera than I am of the RX1r. I feel like I am carrying a camera around and when I raise it to shoot the bulk, added to the noise it makes, means I am even more conscious of it being a camera.

        My RX1r is less like a camera and more like an extension of my arm. I’ve put a Fotodiox grip and Opt Tech wrist strap on it and I walk around with it in my hand, by my side and no one ever even notices it, not even when I riase my hand to shoot. That combined with the fact that because it’s so small and light, I can compose, point and shoot within seconds. It’s brilliant for that and when it hits its mark, it really is drop dead gorgeous.

        I like the results I’m getting from the A7 but it doesn’t feel anything like as good to use as the RX1r, the focus accuracy issues aside of course.

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