Mixing Music & Photography by Eliot Lewis

Mixing Music & Photography

by Eliot Lewis

My name is Eliot Lewis of the Daryl Hall & John Oates band and the “Live From Daryl’s House” TV show and Independent artist.

I first discovered Steve from his awesome shots of Seal who I was lucky to cross paths with several years ago and since then I’ve been following this fantastic website almost on a daily basis. I’ve also been shooting for many years while on tour as I’m always inspired to document my travels.

I like to travel pretty light so recently I’ve been shooting with a Sony A6000 with two lenses and a Panasonic LX100. I’ve been very fortunate to mix music and photography and have even done some photos and record covers for Daryl and John.
We recently finished a tour of Japan and returned to the legendary Budokan arena.

Here’s a few from this tour and many thanks for looking. You can see more of my photography at www.eliotlewis.com

“My View” taken with Sony A6000 and the Sony 10-18mm

My View

“Osaka Girl” taken with Sony A6000 and the Sony FE 28

Osaka Girl

“Osaka Girl” taken with Sony A6000 and the Sony FE 28

The Amp


  1. Good to see another musician/photographer out there!
    I’m always trying to get candid shots of my colleagues in action – sometimes while I’m up onstage myself, playing bass. It’s a challenge but fun. (Nice to get some “live” promo material that’s not shot on a smartphone…)

  2. Hello Eliot,

    Great photos, my man.

    I saw you perform with Hall and Oates back in February 2012 at The Plenary in Melbourne. You guys were spectacular. 🙂
    I really wish I was into photography then and had a decent kit to capture you in action. Hoping you guys will return. I’ll be ready. 🙂

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