The original Leica 50 Summicron on the Leica SL (for sale)

The original Leica 50 Summicron on the Leica SL (for sale)

A week or so ago a friend of mine sent me a couple of his M lenses to check out as he is selling them and I figured I would take a look, try them out and show some images here using them, and then offer it for sale here in case anyone is looking for a great buy on a Leica 50 Summicron or 90 Elmarit! Optically, this 50 Cron is the latest version before the new APO. It has the slide out hood but is NOT 6 Bit Coded. I simply set the SL up for this lens in the menu before using it. I shot a few images late night while out with family and was very impressed with how this lens renders on the SL. Same as I remember it from the M9.

I find the older 50 cron to be gorgeous with B&W conversions. It’s a classic design and a small fast 50 that does not break the bank. If anyone is interested in this lens, it is being sold for $1250. I have it in hand and its in beautiful condition with leather case. No box. But the lens is a legend. If interested e-mail me HERE. I also have a 90 2.8 Elmarit for sale for $1250 (this version). This was the last version before being discontinued, and I sold my copy 4 years ago for $2500. Today they are going for much less. My fave Leica 90 next to the APO cron. 😉

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Most images below are all at high ISO of 6400 and up on the Leica SL. Some have had film filters added which in turn, added more grain. I also underexposed many of these and had to bring out the deep shadows, so more noise than usual. Other than that, the 50 Cron rendering is as it always has been. Very “Leica”.

















  1. In 1973 the Lamborghini Espada was thought to be beautiful as well. Indeed it may still be to some. But by todays standards it neither looks nor handles like a modern supercar.

    I think you are all being overly emmotional about a lens. People have opinions. Because they are contrary does not make them unhappy.

    I am a very happy person and can happily say that the bokeh from this lens looks like shit.

  2. I’m so tired of this bokeh nonsense. When what is probably the finest 50 ever made until a few years ago is not good enough you really have to check your priorities.

    There are no bad summicron 50’s…just unhappy people.

  3. Some weird comments. You’re posting these lenses for sale and some are criticizing the merits of the pics?
    Anyway, these are fantastic lenses and will be snapped up.

      • Steve
        You’re completely wrong and in fact it is you are constantly encouraging everyone and especially yourself say their truth.
        The criticism was for the result displayed, in this case, you admit that the lens is not big on beautiful Bokha ….

        • I am wrong about what?!?!? There are no statements here besides the fact that the 50 Summicron is a classic and a legendary lens. Especially for portraits or B&W work. The Mandler design is timeless. If you read my review of this lens from many years ago you will see I mention the busy bokeh. In reality, the 50 Lux also has busy bokeh. All lenses can and do exhibit this behavior, especially with foliage in the BG. Not sure what your problem is but I just post facts and images after extensive use with these lenses. I have used the 50 Cron for 15 years on and off, and it always delivers wonderful results wether it is from this version, the older version (rigid) or the new APO. Is the APO worth $6500 more than the old version? HELL NO. It’s a better lens but this one holds its own with any 50 out there. With 50’s I go for character over anything else. If I like the way it renders, then I can get into it. If I do not, then I can not. This 50, the APO, the LUX, the Sonnar, the Planar, the Noct..all wonderful 50mm lenses with different character traits. All are wonderful, and that I am in no way wrong about my friend.

  4. I must say that the background in the last picture, unflattering the lens is shown in this post.
    Or the processing did not succeed , or it just not that good ….
    She is very sharp, but in this picture Boke is terrible …..

    • THat shot was taken to show the Bokeh character of the lens – which is no secret. At times it can be busy, which is a drawback of the lens. But at $6800 less than an APO (used) it’s nothing to complain about 😉

  5. The first shots look very noisy… Isn’t it too much noise for ISO 6400? I mean my a6000 has about the same level of noise in such settings (WITHOUT Noise Reduction), I’d expect the super expensive Leica SL to be Wayyy better.

    • Three reasons for this, and to be clear, my SL stands toe to toe with my A7RII for high ISO, but gives better detail between 12,500 and 50,000.

      1. It was DARK. As in, no light where we were sitting due to the power going out in half of the building. So we had a drink in the dark. Anytime you crank ISO in the dark it will be MUCH MUCH more noisy than cranking it with some light. This is why I find it pointless when big sites do ISO tests with studio lighting, a situation you would never use high ISO in. Low light/High ISO=MUCH more noise than GOOD light/High ISO.

      2. I underexposed these GREATLY. The original is very underexposed (my mistake), so bringing out the shadows (the people) will result in much more noise than normal.

      3. I added film filters which in turn, added grain 😉

      You can shoot the SL at 6400 and have almost no visible noise (if you expose correctly). But photos like these are about the moment and memories, not the grain or darkness.

  6. The old crons are great lenses. Everybody knows that- what everybody may not know however is that they are superb for black and white ! I know I have two and have done comparisons with more modern lenses.

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